Can Lil Wayne Actually Sing

Carole Stephens
• Friday, 04 December, 2020
• 10 min read

Yes. Look up the CBS interview with Lil Wayne and compare it to his voice in a song like Hustle Music, Tie My Hands, Something You Forgot. He uses an autotune in Saga Like Us, Got Money, Lollipop, and Turning me On. He's only good for his “WHAT'S” and “OKAY'S”, and he really should just stick with that.

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But I mean some Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Queen, Journey.... Pick up some D×MN ELVIS PRESLEY AND THE BEETLES. Video via MTV Lil Wayne was a special guest who was revealed during the Season 3 premiere of TheM asked Singer.

Fans were shocked when they heard Wayne's voice crooning out a rendition of Lenny Gravity's “Are You Going to Go My Way” through a robot costume. Wayne told MTV's Jamila Mustafa that he's been a fan of the show since his close friend and creative partner T-Pain made an appearance in the first episode.

As a result, Weezy thought the show would be a good space for Nicki to showcase her singing ability. Due to his collaborative nature, Mustafa wondered if Weezy was interested in working with any new artist that is currently on the rise.

Wayne's intense work ethic has taken on a life of its own, sparking stories about his recording process. The rapper scoffed at the idea of only possessing 80 unreleased songs, revealing he's actually recorded more than 50 tracks in one night.

Wayne is a superstar, a multi-platinum artist who has dropped some amazing records and over the course of his career has made music and business decisions that have changed Hip Hop. In addition to putting out amazing records and building himself up as one of the best rappers alive, he has also played a big role in co-signing future legends Nicki Minaj, 2 Chain and Drake.

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He has appeared alongside new school rappers and veterans alike and whether he’s performing a dope chorus or spitting some of the most quotable bars in Hip Hop, Lil Wayne brings it. When Lil Wayne is on his A game he can make amazing music with almost anyone Fat Joe, Jay-Z, Eminem, DJ Khaled, Drake, TI, Judaism, T-Pain or Tyler The Creator.

This track is a straight up club banger, the type of song that makes you want to pop a bottle and get twisted. Back in 2008 before TDE was a household name, Jay Rock was just getting started in the industry while Lil Wayne was on top of the game.

Chance and Wayne got back together on this joint and the result was impressive yet again, another high energy, fun track. Tyler The Creator and Lil Wayne were previously featured on The Game’s Martians Vs Goblins, but that track lacked a verse from Wayne verse, so this song was the “real” Wayne /Tyler collab fans wanted to hear and the Kanye West feature was a plus adding even more interest.

SUCKERS is a dream track where three of Hip Hop’s biggest personalities get to showcase their rap skills. Lil Wayne with Cash Money and Tyler’s with Odd Future but in the end all three of these artist make GOOD music.

Last ASAP has a track list filled with some phenomenal artists, Schoolboy Q, Mos Def, UK and Juicy J but even with all of those features Wayne stole the show. Wayne and Rocky both kept it trill on this track dropping some smooth verses over a booming beat by The Honorable C.N.O.T.E.

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Lil Wayne and Cam’Ron are two innovators whose work helped to define the sound of Rap music in the mid 200’s. This Steve Morales produced track is kicked off with a dope hook and nice beat drop… This 07 banger is fueled by sharp synths and a heavy bass.

The relationship between Lil Wayne and Bird man has grown sour in recent years but this is one of their best collaborations. Backed by a sick beat, Lil Wayne spit one of his most memorable and catchy verses.

All four of these rappers put on for their cities, they went in on this beat and helped make this song a huge hit. Lil Wayne showed he could stand next to the best of the best on this track not being outdone by Jay-Z, TI or Kanye West, New Orleans’s Finest brought that southern smoke.

Dark, moody and soulful, 808’s & Heartbreak is one of Kanye West’s most experimental albums to date. On this project Kanye West forged rapping to express himself in a way that no other Hip Hop artist had before and the results were interesting.

808’s has gone on to be one of the most influential albums for rappers today inspiring Drake, Lil Uzi Vert and many other popular Hip Hop artists. On this sing Drake does his things with some good raps and a hell of a chorus, but Wayne holds it down on his verse.

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On this track he held his own with two of the greatest rappers to come out of the south, two men with incredible flows and vivid lyrics. Forever is a mega hit were everybody on the track brings there A game, Drake lays down a catch smooth chorus and an infectious verse, Kanye does Kanye, Eminem rips the track with a tremendous verse and Lil Wayne spit a mean sixteen.

Every single Little Wayne line must contain some sort of relatively obvious simile. So maybe you can “duck like Scrooge.” “Run like a bloody nose.” Or even “Dodge like Kansas.” You can do metaphors but try to steer away from doing this too often, lest people think that you are a different ghost-writer.

Little Wayne loves talking about being sweet like a Tahitian Treat or some other delicacy high in sucrose. Mention “Slanging Keys.” This is crucial to establish street cred.

Don’t pay attention to the fact that Little Wayne’s been famous since 12 and the only thing he knows about slang in’ is that he speaks with it. After all, if you don’t talk drugs how else can you impress the translucent Dairy Queen-white music critics.

(Just remember to connect all that “slanging keys” talk with a simile). Sure, they probably already know, but adding The “F” in the middle of the name uncertainly adds to Wayne’s level of class.

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And whatever you do, don’t think about what the “F” stands for while looking at a picture of Wayne and Baby making out. Presumably, they are devotees to the energetic style of basketball popularized by players like Ben Wallace, Kurt Rabbis and Mark Madsen.

Forget the fact that the majority of people that call other men “father” are prostitutes. Ignore the fact that you call a man named “Baby,” “Father.” Let’s just chalk that up to being a New Orleans thing.

Make some sort of obvious pop culture technology reference. It will show that Wayne is not completely retarded (just partially) and might have actually read a newspaper once or twice.

Talk about how poorly you treat women. This will definitely do much to steer people away from those nasty “gay” rumors.

Apropos to nothing, make some sort of remark about Hurricane Katrina. After all, never underestimate white liberal guilt.

Any sort of name-dropping will make white liberals feel bad, and they will forget the fact that Wayne is a multi-millionaire and anoint him the voice of the people. Also, be sure to make wild ridiculous conspiracy theories like claiming that you heard George Bush blew up the levees.

Proclaim yourself the “Greatest Rapper Alive.” Forget the Fact that Wayne would be lucky to be included in a list of the Top 20 rappers working right now. Most music critics haven’t listened to Hip Hop Made Before 1999 anyway (other than Public Enemy).

But I am a reasonable human being and have to concede that this is all pretty accurate and entertaining. Funny stuff yeah Lil Wayne .dude's just a joke.

Reply to post by Anonymous ATS I didn't make that up, it's all over the internet, I just figured I'd share it here. And yes, there is a little hypocrisy as I do hip hop music myself, but at the same time, I realize the ridiculousness of hip hop and can laugh at myself about tit.

When Lil Wayne played a show here in London a little while ago the crowd were so disappointed with his performance that they tried robbing him. Originally posted by Peace When Lil Wayne played a show here in London a little while ago the crowd were so disappointed with his performance that they tried robbing him.

The dances that these rap artists come out with, I don't even know where to start. Originally posted by jca2005 That was stupid, that's basically how to be any rapper.

The dances that these rap artists come out with, I don't even know where to start. And BTW, I work in the rap industry for a living and there is nothing easy about it.

It is obvious you know nothing of what you speak about pertaining to this subject. You might want to go pop in your Tool CD and continue trying to conform with the non conformists.

Reply to post by _Phoenix_ Nah lol they tried robbing him for all the chains and other junk he had on. Reply to post by Mad_Hatter I wouldn't really say that calling rap music easy is ignorance Mad_Hatter, it's just an opinion.

You guys get so hung up on this website accusing people of being ignorant, fascists, TWO agents etc. If it was, then every wannabe band you see in a garage somewhere would be rich and famous.

The truth is, it takes a certain type of person to make it in this business. I work very hard to do what I do, so forgive me if I take offense to the mindless slander of some 16-year-old teen gangster telling me that rap music takes no talent.

It just so happens that Lil Wayne is self-centered and ego driven and makes the whole genre of rap look bad. The people that insult the genre usually have no knowledge of the history of rap, how it started and usually haven't listened to any rap made before 1999.

I like some of his songs, I wouldn't buy any of his CDs.... That whole kissing baby thing kinda HHH well... yes... I suppose you could dub his music as “Weenie Copper” because it is extremely popular amongst the school kids...

Reply to post by Mad_Hatter what the hell LI Wayne is the swizz. Reply to post by jca2005 I'm sorry, but you do not know what your talking about, Yes RAP sucks i.e. Little Wayne, Nelly, (insert really lame commercial 'artist') but REAL hip hop is an art form.

Try listening to Sage Francis, Atmosphere, Illogic and WTH even Immortal Technique.......Oh, wait you've never heard of these artists? That's because you don't know what real hip hop artists are all about.

These 'music' channels are corrupting youth into thinking that stuff like Rims, Bling and disrespecting women are cool, when its just dubbing down are youth. Real hip hop makes you think and feel good about yourself positively.

He started calling himself the greatest rapper alive, and he will never be that. He fails to realize that he's mediocre at best.

I # in a bitches eye after we # I don't say goodbye Hurricane Katrina was bad and made me very sad George Bush had sex with a goat on top of the twin towers as they were fallen' balllliinnnnn I'm the best rapper alive Originally posted by Anonymous ATS Ok...

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