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Corona Zero is a member of the Worst Generation, a notorious group of pirates who are prominent figures in the new age of piracy. These blades are all highly rated swords and, with Zoro's Heidi, he can cut through most things.

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Zero is a strong character and one day he will achieve his dream of becoming the world's strongest swordsman. Zero would definitely put up a solid fight and, with his new sword, Emma, he might even stand a chance of grabbing a victory.

Despite these things, she was easily defeated by Corona Zero in the Punk Hazard arc. Before the time-skip, Rayleigh fought on equal terms against Admiral Lizard, a logic user and one of the strongest marines.

During his time in Roger's crew, Rayleigh was one of the strongest swordsmen in the world and, even though he's gotten weaker at this point, he is still stronger than Zero. Zoro's sword, Emma is the only weapon known to have wounded Died, meaning, he might be able to deal damage to the Yoko, but it is still too soon for him to defeat him.

Former officer of the Quixote Family, Pica is a pirate that consumed the Stone-Stone fruit and, with its power, he made a name for himself. Pica's fruit allows him to control, turn into and create large amounts of stone, which means he can launch city-sized attacks.

Despite this, Zero was easily able to cut through these large chunks of stone before getting to Pica's real body. Zero cut through Pica's reinforced skin using his search technique, Three Thousand Worlds.

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Shanks has wonderful pedigree, having been a member of the pirate king, Go D Roger's crew. Baku is a member of the World Government's secret organization, Cipher Pol Aegis Zero.

This is an organization dedicated to carrying out the will of the Celestial Dragon's and Goose in a covert manner. Baku is a strong swordsman and former member of Cipher Pol Nine, where he went up against Zero and lost.

At the Judicial Island, Denies Lobby, Zero and Baku did battle in a building that was falling apart. Zero dug in deep and used his Nine Sword Style Technique Aura: One Mist Silver to win the fight.

Despite being a fairly calm man, Mohawk always yearns for great battles, like where we him go up against the future Yoko, “Red Hair” Shanks. Despite this growth, it is still too early for Zero defeat Mohawk and become the world's strongest swordsman.

Zero does that and defeats Day and has since risen even further since the Straw Hats have entered the New World. Zero is a man destined to be the strongest swordsman, meaning, he is out of Day Bone league.

Ever since his ghastly defeat in East Blue, Zero has been profusely training in order to become the greatest swordsman in the world. Zero has the potential to become the best swordsman no doubt, but he still has to improve before he reaches the peak.

Dracula Mohawk currently holds the title of the “Strongest Swordsman in the World.” Asked's popularity soared after Vinland Saga received its anime adaptation.

He was a master tactician and his tactics enabled him to win countless fights throughout his entire life. Killer Bee can also use chakra cloak to further enhance the power of his attacks.

Jin traveled with Mu gen and Fun throughout Japan with the sole intention of finding the “samurai who smelled like sunflowers.” Aka me possessed the Murasaki, which was a cursed sword that was capable of killing anyone with just one cut.

Aka me proved her skills with the sword when she fought against Esdeath, and it was a gargantuan task. Santa Into is one of the biggest names in the history of shnen manga.

Not many characters come close to Into's skill with the sword, but Zero easily has the upper hand in the fight. Guts used to be a regular mercenary until he met Griffith and his Band of Hawks.

His sword is abnormally large and no one would like to face Guts when he starts swinging it. He has managed to fight against a hundred men and not to mention the countless number of apostles.

Guts' skill at handling his sword is quite brilliant, and he has managed to adapt to use it in any situation. With the Berserker Armour added into the mix, Guts gains more speed, strength, and endurance.

Hyakkimaru was the star of Door, which received another anime adaptation last year. In order to beat the demons, Hyakkimaru's had to go through many ordeals to gain his body back.

Hyakkimaru is pretty reckless, and he lost his artificial limbs several times. Zero would easily beat Hyakkimaru due to his superior strength and speed.

The only problem that Flash will face in this fight is that Zoro's endurance will allow him to tank many of his attacks. Zero has nonchalantly cut through Pica's giant statue and if Akihito is with the same attack, he would be in trouble.

Next Hero Academia: 10 Ways DEU Has Grown Stronger Since He Was Introduced About The Author Suzie Ahmad (279 Articles Published) I started reading manga five years ago.

With the Want arc finally reaching its climax, fans are incredibly excited for what’s to come. After all, Want is the arc where we would witness the Straw Hats in their final forms.

By now, a few years have passed since the time skip, yet the only Straw Hat that we truly know the limits of is Buffy; everyone else’s capabilities are partially in the dark. We may have a general idea of his strength, but where his limits lie is completely unknown to use.

Vice admiral Sure is a veteran marine from the golden age of Roger. She never once showcased her full powers, but it’s widely speculated that she is insanely strong due to the immense respect she garners from the younger generation.

Though his success could partially be attributed to Gap’s tutoring, Coby can not be denied of his own credit for surviving such a wild training. However, as talented as he is, it would be unrealistic if Coby caught up and overcame Zero in terms of strength.

Zero is a swordsman at his core, it’s only natural that he would pick a fight against Fujiwara sooner or later. Huge props to Tahiti for becoming a captain and learning rudimentary Heidi relatively quickly, but she is just not on the same league as Zero ; their capabilities are worlds apart.

Tahiti’s battle against Monet proves the wide gap between her and Zero. She was almost killed during the process, but Zero stepped in and ended the fight in a single cut.

Again is the current fleet admiral of the marines and one of the series’ main antagonists. Vice admiral Smoker is one of the Straw Hats’ oldest rivals.

As he ate a logic devil fruit, Smoker was the bane of the PRE time skip Straw Hats. But now that the monster trio are fairly proficient in Heidi, Smoker won’t have his way as easily as before.

Gap’s strength was always a mystery; he was praised as Roger’s rival, but the fans always faced that statement with pessimism. After the latest reveals about the Rocks pirates though, the last bits of remaining pessimism all vanished to naught.

In all likelihood, those who can defeat Gap in the current world could be counted in one hand. No other powers may be used that would aid said fighter that is outside their own training/skill with a sword (i.e. if superman where to be picked for some strange reason he would only have his sword proficiency and anything as a result of his own training, no solar absorption or any powers that were a result of solar absorption) .

@buttersdaman000: zero is a beast and I wonder what would happen if he went aura against Mohawk Go read the war again and look how weak Buffy was compared to them, add in speculative increase from the time skip, and Buffy still wouldn't be as powerful as vista and some of the whitebeards other captains.

Seriously zero is not in his league, yet his dream is to beat Mohawk, why would odd already make him that powerful halfway through the series? @buttersdaman000: first off u have to factor in all the oh!t that Buffy went through prior to the war, he was not at his full power by far.

@Shikarenji said: @buttersdaman000: first off u have to factor in all the oh!t that Buffy went through prior to the war, he was not at his full power by far. And in that Mohawk got stronger to but the two of them trained together so that would be one hell of a fight.

@Shikarenji said: decoy Elite: lol show me what he can do I've only seen a few things from your other posts but this is a straight sword fight, now blowing up dragons or chain saw lol What's the point of making a thread if you're going to shoot down everyone? midnight: it's not, the point of the thread is to see who is superior in sword skill.

@Shikarenji said: decoy Elite: lol show me what he can do I've only seen a few things from your other posts but this is a straight sword fight, now blowing up dragons or chain saw lol In a strait up sword fight, Fighter is able to wield 4 swords at the same time with perfect precision. He can literally block anything(including the Earth itself), magical attacks, and other such things.

He's stalemated Kari before his upgrade, and afterwords he was able to hold back Black Mage(who had previously killed all the 4 fiends and absorbed their power). And mind you, Fighter is a normal human and thus follows the rules of this thread.

midnight: ok I fail to see how talking to the reader helps him in this fight lol. sexy Mere said: midnight said: sexy Mere said: midnight: Deadpool's sword skills are no where close to Zoro's from the first few chapters, let alone current.

@Shikarenji said: @buttersdaman000: first off u have to factor in all the oh!t that Buffy went through prior to the war, he was not at his full power by far. And in that Mohawk got stronger to but the two of them trained together so that would be one hell of a fight.

Killer, drake, law and others are most like just as strong or stronger than the straw hats. @ Star kin: I thought of zero vs killer bee before, 8 blades vs 9.

Also some supernovas might serve as a threat to Mohawk, like if kid took his sword, i don't know how that would play out tho @Shikarenji said: @ Star kin: I thought of zero vs killer bee before, 8 blades vs 9.

@Silver2467: He's not on any of their levels in unarmed combat, but he would one-shoot people like Ra's and Batman in a sword fight. He lost 5 liters of blood and lived, so he has massive endurance.

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