Can Lay Z Spas Be Used In Winter

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
• 11 min read

Rudimentary plumbing and electrical skills are required, and we encourage those who are concerned to contact a professional. There’s a certain magic to stepping out on a cold winter’s day, with the snow around, and slipping into a bubbling spa filled with soothing hot water.

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Seeing your breath when you exhale mingling with the steam coming off of the tub is beautiful, and it feels so nice on weary limbs. But, most inflatable spas (as well as plug and play hot tubs) made by companies like Lay Spa, Index, Salsa, and Coleman are not designed to work in the winter cold.

Virtually all the common models have a caveat in their instructions stating that they are not to be used when the temperature is below 40 F. That’s not even freezing, and if you follow the instructions to the letter, many who live in colder climates will not be able to use their inflatable spa for the portion of the year when it is the most rewarding.

We note that none of the manufacturers recommend this hack, so follow this guide at your own risk! Some rudimentary plumbing and electrical skills are required to assemble these items.

Once assembled, however, as you will see, there is little risk of damage that can be done to your spa if this guide is followed properly. The main issue of concern is the motor mechanism, not the tub’s materials or insulation.

Control Panel of a Coleman LayZSpaIn the vast majority of units sold on the market today by companies like Index, Lays, etc., the motor unit runs all the functions, but cannot accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously. In the majority of units, the heater cannot run at the same time the bubbles are being expelled.

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This design helps to keep costs down, and allows inflatable hot tubs to be inexpensive. In times of cold, this creates a problem: when you take off the hot tub cover off the spa, it will start to cool down pretty rapidly.

Additionally, this hack will also allow you to heat your tub faster, and for much less cost, than the usual system! If you recall from math class, that’s the distance from the edge of the tub to the center.

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Last update on 2021-01-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API You may need an extra propane tank hose if you don’t have a spare from a grill or fire pit.

It’s usually a disk or mat that sits between the ground and the spa and creates a thermal barrier between the two. Make the string taut, and use a razor knife or Xacto-knife to cut the foam insulation in a nice circle.

Slip Foam Board Under Tub This is much easier to do if your spa is empty, so you may want to get this done when you’re replacing your water, anyway. Place the propane tank inside the housing, and run the hose to the Eco tank L5 tankless water heater.

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For a clean look, you can attach the Eco tank L5 to the exterior of the propane tank housing. In some ways, the above system is susceptible to the same temperature issues as the main heater for the inflatable hot tub.

This way, any cold snaps will not harm the system, and once the freezing period is over, you can continue to use as normal. Remember to drain the system if the hot tub is not in use and freezing temperatures are imminent (or keep warm water flowing).

We spent a lot of time researching inflatable hot tubs (and we update this guide all the time to keep it fresh), so before going into details, let us show you our top pick which won’t let you down: The heating system adjusts to fit your personal temperate preference to use the control panel and the high-powered jets that give you the ultimate spa experience.

Although it is small but mighty; it sports a sturdy frame, heats up quickly, and produces effective bubbles. Durable, strong, and comfortable, the Beltway Salsa Miami Aired is an excellent deal for a reasonable price.

Heat loss in cold weather cannot be quickly compensated for by the heater Although it is small but mighty; it sports a sturdy frame, heats up quickly, and produces effective bubbles.

Heats up quickly for many, bubbles effective in massaging, cozy, sturdy Durable, strong, and comfortable, the Beltway Salsa Miami Aired is an excellent deal for a reasonable price.

Powerful jets for bubbles, hard-water treatment system, easy assembly Yes, You are bound to love relaxing in a hot tub during the winter months.

You’ll enjoy relaxing in the warm water while watching the beautiful snow-capped surroundings around your hot tub. You won’t struggle to invite friends over to your property during the holidays either, what with a hot tub being such a great crowd-pleaser.

Start your search for an inflatable hot tub by seeing what this Index model has to offer. The jets produce a gentle massage that every user will love to feel.

The filtration system captures any metals or other items in the water that might make it uncomfortable. A chemical dispenser is also included for when you need extra help with fixing up the hard water in your hot tub.

The control panel on the end provides you with a convenient design for adjusting the hot tub. The panel offers a full display that includes details on the specific temperature of the hot tub.

Pros Easy to use the control panel The hard water treatment works throughout the entire tub Simple access point for the filtration cartridge Index also offers a larger 85-inch hot tub that holds up to 290 gallons of water.

The tub works with a dedicated pump that is placed on the outside part of the setup. The I-beam design of the hot tub produces a firm body that does not crumple or wear out when used.

Pros The filtration cartridge is easy to reach The pump also works as an inflation The inside contains a simulated tile layout A unique part of the Salsa Paris hot tub is that this 77-inch round model features some LED lights.

A large LED strip on the inside of the hot tub produces the brilliant light display. These lights cycle between seven colors, creating a beautiful appearance inside the tub.

Coleman makes this inflatable hot tub with the Salsa massage system included. The setup allows water to move out of various jets at certain points with different pressure levels all around.

The ground mat also retains the heat produced by the hot tub rather well. The floor also has a port that allows the hot tub to drain in moments when it is not needed.

The three-layer body of the spa includes an I-beam construction to keep the walls intact while not bending or crumpling from any added weight. The control panel offers a timer system that activates the spa for a certain bit.

The user can get the timer set with a certain temperature in mind or with specific jets working for a bit. The 28-inch walls add enough room for plenty of people to enjoy the hot tub in.

The tub uses 87 jets to produce gentle water bubbles and vibrations. The remote lets you control how intense the lights are and what specific colors are produced.

The bright lights on this 77-inch round tub are produced alongside an I-beam design around the body. A bubble mat floor is also included for a better grip on the bottom part.

Be careful and follow the instructions on the basis of the operating manuals of the hot tub especially in cold temperatures. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your hot tub even in winter, you need to keep it clean and to prep it well.

If you follow these simple precautions, you can enjoy using the inflatable tub in winter. But remember that the hot tub may have a tight fit added to it depending on its layout.

The hot tub you order may be designed with a circular or square shape. The tub can also be at least 25 inches in height, thus allowing for a little more room for people to relax in.

You can find some heater models that heat the water in the tub to up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The pump in your hot tub is a material that is needed for allowing water to move around.

The pump will circulate heated and filtered water around your hot tub. The moving water will produce the comfortable sensation you expect to get out of the hot tub.

The filter should be designed to collect more particles while also being easy to clean out and replace as necessary. The jets around the hot tub are the spots that the streams of water will shoot out of.

You can add a seat attached to the hot tub if desired, but you must inflate the spa first. A small solid backing may go on the bottom part of the hot tub if you desire.

Can you use an inflatable hot tub in basement spots or other indoor areas? The tub should be placed away from other items in a home, so the heat produced does not both any surfaces or pose a fire risk.

Our overall choice for the best inflatable hot tub for winter needs is the Index 85-Inch Purest Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set. This model adds more room for you and your friends while also using more jets for massaging needs.

You need to find a quality model that is not only comfortable and adds enough room for people but also heats up well and is easy to control. Good luck in your effort in finding the best possible inflatable hot tub for winter.

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