Can Lay Z Spa Go On Decking

James Smith
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
• 8 min read

We have just brought a house with a raised decking around the conservatory. The house is split-level so the rear decked area is raised above ground level on the roof of what is used as a shed.

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We have a lay spa and would like to put it on this part of the decking. The joist spacing look generous and the fact that they have been notched reduces their strength significantly.

Bear in mind 1000L capacity plus occupants will take it comfortably over a ton. If you repost this in the building forum there are some engineers on there who could give you a proper idea of loads and suitable structure.

The first thing is that the fixings of the wall plate are puny, and so they should be boosted to 12 mm diameter at 300 mm centers around the load point. As once this thing is placed on the deck, it is not likely to be moved, so I would just sister up all the joists underneath it plus an extra one each side.

I believe that the spa holds just under 1000 liters when filled to maximum water line.if I put it half over the existing wall underneath would that make any difference? Select the supplier or trade you require, enter your location to begin your search.

You can create your listing free at DIY not Local Published By Hot Tub Reviewer | 13th May 2016 *Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links, and at no additional cost, this site may earn a commission if you buy.

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These are great for putting your hot tub on, not only does it raise it off the cold ground slightly, it also gives a flat solid surface to put the spa on as well as creating a nice safe path to and from your hot tub. They are quick and easy to lay, as they lock into place there is no need for special tools and knowledge to do this. The quality finish will make your patio look great and also give a spa feel around your hot tub.

It will also be nicer to walk across when getting in and out of the spa, with the gaps between the wooden slats water can also easily drain through. The foam will protect the underside of the spa and also help insulate it prevent lose of heat through the ground.

Summary: The Vegas model has been available since early 2012 and is still amongst the most popular products in the Lays range. Much of the enduring success of the product is a result of its simple yet effective design and popular features.

One downside is that the tub does have a slightly lower water capacity than others in the range, meaning that it can be a squeeze to fit 6 people as the guidelines suggest. Top Tip: if you’re looking for a more advanced model, the Lazy Spa Paris was introduced in 2016 as an upgrade to the Vegas tub.

Cons Doesn’t have LED lights like Saint-Tropez tub Can take up to 10 hours for water to reach optimal temperature The tub needs regular cleaning and maintenance Filters need replacing every few weeks (depending on intensity of use) Upon delivery, you’ll receive with your parts a set-up DVD that clearly explains how to install your tub.

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Product Specifications Capacity: 4-6 people Shape: Round Air Jets: 87 Maximum Heat: 40 °C Inflated Dimensions: 196 × 196 × 61 cm Top Tip: try installing the tub on decking or artificial grass to prevent dirt finding its way into the water.

Providing you have plenty of space in your yard or near your patio for a hot tub, they are easy to set up and run. We’ve done our homework and have found six fantastic coverings and tub shelters for you to choose between.

Whether you’re looking for simple privacy screens or a structure which is a little more advanced, we think these picks are great places for you to start looking from. Therefore, we’ve chosen six hot tubs covers we think are well worth your attention.

For long term use, and for protection against water and weather, you should consider looking at treated wood. The sturdiest and most resilient of structures are likely to need some assembly and some maintenance, but in the long run, the hard work will be worth it.

It’s worth taking a look at what other people set up for your size, style and make of hot spa. This Lays Dome enclosure is a great choice if you don’t want to set up anything permanent.

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This simple, pop-up structure benefits from PVC coating, meaning it’s completely impervious to a great deal of water and precipitation. It comes in a massive variety of different colors and styles, too, meaning you don’t have to go with the beige option unless you really, really want to.

You can adjust it to different heights, meaning it will likely be a good fit for tubs and hot spas of various sizes. As a simple gazebo structure, it should give you a fair amount of protection in the wind and rain.

Suitable for virtually all ground types, including soft ground such as grass and sand Very quick to put up, simple to get up and moving in less than a minute Scores of different colors and styles, and adaptable to various heights PVC coated for fantastic weather protection This pop up hot tub shelter is very affordable and carries a classic style.

In high winds, and if you’re going to use your hot tub in all weathers, you’re going to need a shelter that is going to withstand just about everything that gets thrown at it. This Kingfisher system shouldn’t take up too much space, and it has plenty of sturdy bracketing to help it maintain its composure.

A hot tub enclosure with sides is always going to be a good choice if you want privacy and weather protection. This hot tub gazebo has full privacy screens which are easy to set up and take down again.

This covering comes in a variety of different colors and styles, meaning you can easily pick a look that suits your tastes. The awning also comes with a storage bag that is completely waterproof, making it one of the most portable choices in our list.

Very flexible, at 3×3m should be a very good size for most hot spas Available in more colors and styles than any other covering on our list Private and walled as standard, great for privacy Fantastic for a wide variety of other uses, too, as an all-seasons tent This pergola for hot tubs is a great option for decking styles in various aesthetics, and at 3×4.8, it’s likely to cover a fair amount of ground.

You’re going to need a weather-resistant hot tub gazebo which is likely to withstand years of use, and which isn’t ever likely to be a pain to put back down and up again. Use our buying guide as a good platform to launch from, and take a careful look at what other hot tub owners have to say.

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