Can Lay Z Spa Be Left Out In Rain

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
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Requiring no professional installation or tools, they can be set up (using the included pump) in just 10 minutes! We have a dedicated UK based After sales Support Team to help with your inquiries.

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Please note this is ONLY an estimate and does not take into consideration specifics such as electricity supplier, increase in frequency of usage and outside ambient air temperature. If you use your spa less regularly, don't forget that all our new hot tubs include the Power Saving Timer which lets you control your heating up to 72 hours in advance.

The Leather exterior cover provides complete protection and additional insulation to the spas. The Rayon Coating offers supreme protection to the outer walls of the spas, making them resistant from punctures.

When the bubble function is selected the pump pushes very high pressure air through this tube. Hydrogen™ Massage System: The Hydrogen™ includes integrated jet nozzles in positions within the liner.

Simply screw on the stopper caps to the inside of the spa and remove the pump. The lifetime of a filter varies according to their maintenance regime and water conditions.

Using Clearwater 3 Way Dip Test Strips you are able to quickly and accurately assess your spas water conditions and make adjustments to the chemical levels as required: This refers to the amount of chlorine in your spa that can sanitize or disinfect the water, keeping it safe for users.

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Too little chlorine results in cloudy water and insufficient sanitization, providing a breeding ground for algae and bacteria which may be hazardous to health. This results in formation of scale, cloudy water, skin and eye irritation and causes chlorine to be lost through evaporation.

Alternatively the pH level of your spa water may drop below the recommended range, becoming too acidic. This may result in corrosion, skin and eye irritation and reduces the sanitizer efficiency of chlorine.

When the total alkalinity is within this recommended range, it prevents rapid changes in the pH of your water. If the TA is too low the pH will become unstable and increase or decrease rapidly.

The frequency of water changes should reflect the degree of use of the pool, as well as the results of chemical testing. If chemical levels have fallen far outside the normal ranges, it is recommended that the water is completely replaced and re-treated.

As a body of still water, a hot tub runs the risk of becoming stagnant and dangerous if not treated properly. Therefore, it is essential to use Clearwater Chemicals to help maintain the water health of your spa.

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Clearwater Dip Test Strips are a quick, easy but essential way to check the chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels of your spa water, allowing you to provide it with the right treatment if necessary. Untested water can develop a chemical imbalance which may result in an unhygienic swimming environment or skin irritations.

Simply dip a test strip into your hot tub water, quickly remove it and allow the color to develop. Checking these levels allows you to identify what chemical treatment your spa water requires to bring it back within the recommended range.

For more information, please visit the product pages below, which include dip test strips: Clearwater Mini Multifunctional Tablets are an effective and hassle-free way of maintaining clear and healthy spa water.

The Beltway 5 Inch Chemical Floater slowly releases Clearwater Mini Multifunctional Tablets or Chlorine Tablets, making it the perfect accessory for busy spa users who want a hassle-free way of maintaining clear and healthy spa water. The dispenser has an adjustable dial which controls the release of the 20g tablets, ensuring that the sanitizer level of your spa water is consistently and efficiently maintained.

Even if you have treated your spa for algae using Clearwater Algaecide, it is recommended that you use the Water Clarifier to remove any residual debris. Clearwater Algaecide is the quickest and most effective way to eliminate and prevent the build-up of algae, which provides an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

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Regular application is recommended to control growth and maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Clearwater Foam Remover is designed to control and prevent foaming in your hot tub, which is typically caused by the reaction of water with shampoos, deodorants and natural body oils present on the user.

However, a hot tub in the winter is every bit as enjoyable if not better on a cold crisp starry evening. So if you wish to use your hot tub in winter always make sure it is protected either on a raised platform in a sheltered or covered area and remember ambient temperature should be regularly checked so that it does not fall below 4 °C (40F) as water could freeze within the pump and cause irreparable pump failure.

Constant adverse weather conditions could damage the spa and pump, and they should not be used in temperatures below 4 °C. Simply drain, deflate, clean thoroughly with a mild non-abrasive cleaner, rinse thoroughly, dry and all should go back into the box for storage.

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