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In this article, you can read about the discussions held in the ‘Big Picture’ episode on Security : Status Symbol or Protection” for the IAS exam. The SPG Act was introduced in the wake of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination in 1985.


“An Act to provide for the constitution and regulation of an armed force of the Union for providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and former Prime Ministers of India and members of their immediate families and for matters connected therewith.” The Act was amended again in 2003 to bring the period of automatic protection from 10 years to “a period of one year from the date on which the former prime minister ceased to hold office” and thereafter based on the level of threat as decided by the government.

They largely give a subjective measure of threat to life or injury to a person from terrorists or any other group, based on information from their sources. Hence, the inputs from all sources are incorporated, assessed and the decision is made in a very precise and transparent manner based on the logical need and the threat faced by the individual.

The commandos and personnel with RPF (Central Reserve Police Force) and NSW (National Security Guard) go on deputations to make up the SPG. There are a few minor differences in weaponry and scale of ammunition between each category including slight variations in the armor and bulletproof racketing of SPG.

The weapons, armors, ammunition and interpersonal communication devices are of the highest order and constitute state-of-the-art equipment. Status Symbol: The SPG security protocol makes the person seem very distinct.

The SPG is in close coordination with the other concerned agencies and follows a mechanism to pass on the intelligence input in the fastest possible way while keeping the nodal offices in the loop. The SPG is at par with the best in the field, and they’re based in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The frivolous allotment of security causes a huge drain on the resources of the state. The allotment has to be on the basis of actual need and requirement instead of on the whimsical imagination and ambition of a person.

It is the job of the state to analyze and give protection to a person who needs it, as security is a matter of utmost importance. We have to move towards a more politically mature system of allotment of security for an individual instead of setting it as a parameter for social status.

SPG is a distinctive force that is made for a specialized role and shouldn’t deviate from that. On the basis of information given by the intelligence department, different persons are provided with different categories of security.

The security system in India is divided into four categories: Z + (the highest level); Z, Y, and X. The decision to provide VIP security to a political leader or a specific person depends upon the level of threat perception.

After the assessment of danger by intelligence departments, it is decided what kind of security category will be provided to the person. The security system in India is divided into four categories: Z + (the highest level), Z, Y, and X.

Source:www.i.ytimg.com If there is any threat perception to VIPs then it is the responsibility of the government to provide security. A person facing a threat files an application at the police station nearest to his/her residence.

Then, the case is forwarded to the intelligence agencies to find out the threat posed to the person. When the threat is confirmed, a committee comprising the Home Secretary, Director General, and the Chief Secretary in the state decides which category of security is to be given to that person. Different agencies are responsible for providing different categories of security to VIPs like SPG (Special Protection Group), NSW (National Security Guards), IBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and RPF (Central Reserve Police Force.

NSW extends the Z Plus' category security to VIPs and VIPs on a large scale. NSW is the nation's most advanced security force which provides protection to the individual with high threat perception.

But the number of people seeking Z -plus category security is increasing since the past several years; owing to this CSF personnel have also been roped in to reduce the burden of NSW. This includes PM Narendra Modi, BJP President Amit Shah, UP CM Yogi Adityanath and few others.

Again, a considerable number of people get this category of protection in India. On the other hand Special Protection Group (SPG) security is provided to the Prime Minister, former Prime Minister and members of their immediate families. In fact, many NSW personnel are seconded to the Special Protection Group (SPG) which guards the Prime Minister.

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Banana Renault has been given a Y plus security cover by the Mode government in light of her claims about fearing Mumbai Police, which followed her statements about the presence of an alleged drug nexus in Bollywood, and her ensuing spat with the Shiv Sent and the Maharashtra government. The Y+ security cover constitutes the third rung of a multi-level framework that oversees the assignment of protection to people who are believed to be facing a certain level of threat.

It will place Renault under the watch of elite commandos of the Central Reserve Police Force (RPF) round the clock, reportedly making her the first Bollywood actor to court this privilege. She is one of only 15 people around the country who currently enjoy a Y+ security cover, including Chief Justice of India (CGI) S.A. Bode and Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Six personal security officers (SOS) are deployed with the protected on a rotational basis in three shifts. This means that two SOS are with the protected at all times, a source in the Ministry of Home Affairs told Theorist.

In India, security details are provided to some high-risk individuals by the police and local government. Depending on the threat perception to the person, the category is divided into four tiers: Z+ (the highest level), Z, Y and X.

SPG category is a security detail whose strength is classified (only provided to the Prime Minister of India). They are armed with Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine guns and modern communication equipment, and each member of the team is adept in martial arts and unarmed combat skills.

The Z category entails protection by the Delhi police or the IBP or RPF personnel and one escort car. Rabbi Singh, a famous encounter specialist was killed in March 2008 despite a Z -level security detail.

While under protection from the security detail, former Union Minister Framed Malayan was shot dead by his brother. Hi I'm handling the SmartThings motion sensor and I know this is an IAS Zone device.

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With IaaS there’s no need to maintain and upgrade software and hardware or troubleshoot equipment problems. With the appropriate agreement in place, the service provider assures that your infrastructure is reliable and meets SLAs.

They know that these systems are critical to their organization, hold the most sensitive data, and that do more processing than most other platforms combined. With constricting budgets and increasing compliance workloads on other systems, it's easy to choose the second option.

With far more users, administrators, applications and databases, the risk of an internal security incident is higher. Companies that have outsourced some or all of their mainframe operations and support are even more at risk, having surrendered control to a third party.

Original features that were essential 40 years ago are still supported today, and have been added to with functionality like UNIX Systems Services (a POSIT shell for z /OS), cryptographic features, TCPIP, and new languages such as Java, C, PHP and Perl. Software like RACE, IMS and CICS are very different to what they were twenty years ago to make them relevant to the needs of today.

Business units have been reformed again and again, constantly changing security access requirements, and how they are administered and monitored. Z /OS provides remarkable recording features requiring minimal processor overhead, based on the System Management Facility (SMF).

SMF can record every logon, file and application access, rule change, and security failure. All of this adds up to an incredibly complex mixture of features, functionality and administrative tools that is difficult for a subject-matter expert to keep track of, far less someone new to the z /OS world.

Although a security audit of z /OS is a large project, it is not impossible to do it in-house, even for an auditor new to the platform. Identify reports required, and work with decision support software to prepare them.

Analyze reports and systems, identifying true security exposures, and find sustainable ways to eliminate them. Setup procedures and utilities to periodically perform relevant security checks in the future.

However, auditors will prefer an external consulting systems' programmer that is independent of the groups being audited. An in-house audit with such a consultant will cost far less than hiring an external company to do the whole project.

Additional advantages include keeping control, and retaining mainframe-related skills gained during the project. As z /OS is so complex, the number of parameters, rules and records to analyze in an audit can quickly get out of control.

System setup, including parameter libraries, key system files and z /OS program libraries security databases historical records (including SMF records) From this, the software can identify potential security exposures, and even recommend how to eliminate them.

A big advantage of Cats is that they can ease the pain of creating a work program. For example, they won't check the security of ISV products that provide powerful system utilities and features like operator commands.

Resist any urge to rely blindly on the reports generated from this software. Most will break the problem up into easier pieces: audit the base z /OS systems one year, DB2 databases the next.

Its important not to underestimate the work involved in a z /OS audit, and bite off more than you can chew. Most z /OS audits are one-off projects, however it's no surprise to any auditor that ongoing, regular checks are far more effective.

A systems' programmer can quickly prepare regular, automatically submitted batch jobs to prepare audit reports for review by auditors and security administrators. An easy-to-read book providing an independent introduction to mainframes, z /OS and related systems like CICS, IMS and DB2.

Not only does it give comprehensive coverage of security implications of all relevant z /OS features, but includes a sample work program.

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