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Kilo serves as Zatch's assistant, helping Match to win the tournament in order to achieve his goal of gaining enough power to stop the Millennial Mambo tournaments for good. As Match and Kilo continue to excel in the tournament, a Mambo named Louis awakens several imprisoned Mambo; this imperils the entire world after the titanic Audio is awakened.

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“ Satchell !,” the anime adaptation of the Dakota Haiku's 33 volume manga “Golden Gash! Is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons.

Cartoon Network 4 Seasons, 240 Episodes March 5, 2005 Anime 7.1/10Cast: Jason Speak, Debt Dewberry, Dave Wittenberg, Colleen O'Shaughnessey All Sourceforge SourcesCustom Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide.

Fol gore volunteers to bring Nicholas to Italy to rid his sadness. Once there, Fol gore shows Nicholas the merry town in Italy and tells him he must remember the good times he had with Majuro.

Nicholas becomes upset and plays his bagpipes, causing people around him to cry in sorrow. Next, Fol gore takes Nicholas to a forest and tells him to let nature wash away his grief but also fails.

Fol gore starts to dance his famous song with his cheerful spirit but is overcome by the depression. This cancels the depression he caused in Italy, and he decides to continue playing to keeping Majuro's memory alive.

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Once there, the teacher Obama tries to give Kilo a failing grade by asking him what is his cat's name. Miss Wriggle asks the class to make a poem that expresses their love sickness.

Kilo however was unable to make a poem to express his love sickness and fails. December 3rd, 2013 Sherry and Bragg continue their attack on Maestro's barrier in order to test the limits of the coil.

Kilo casts “Zagreb” and combined with “Ion Bravura” breaks through Maestro's barrier. Match uses “Bad Zakeruga” and Bragg uses “Baker Gravid on” to attack Maestro.

Maestro manages to hold the spells back until they combine to make a black “Bad Zakeruga” which causes his defeat. Kilo attempts to destroy the magnetic coils with “Zakeruga”, but he runs out of energy to cast spells.

Sherry arrives and reveals that Bragg told her to go to her room, so she could reserve her energy for the battle against Maestro. Sherry and Bragg are able to push Maestro back but are unable to break his barrier spell.

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Kilo tells Bragg that to open the door of the human portal, they would need the spells “Bad Zakeruga” and “Dog Gravid on”. They begin infiltrating the castle forcefully by attacking the guards in their way.

Maestro tells Bragg that to open the human portal, he must burn Zatch's book. Kilo, Match, and Polygon meet Bragg while infiltrating the castle.

When Bragg is about to deliver the finishing blow, they are saved by Maestro's shield spell. Match uses “Bad Zakeruga” to counter Bragg's “Dog Gravid on” which causes the portal to open.

December 3rd, 2013 Maestro tells his servant to call Bragg in to talk. Elsewhere, Kilo, Match, and Polygon search for a way to return home, when they come upon an army.

During the battle, Kilo realizes the Mambo army are unable to cast spells and that they all have iron armor. Arrogance manages to resist the magnetic pull of “Jikerdor” and continues the battle.

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They learn that Maestro lives in the castle at the North, and they decide to head there. Realizing it to be true, Bragg takes the book and leaves Sherry.

In a flashback, Bragg calls Nicholas and Majuro weak and leaves, but counters when they attempt to attack him. Kilo, Match, and Polygon elsewhere also learn where they are, from a Mambo in a nearby village.

Maestro reveals a way for Sherry and Bragg to return to the Human world and asks them to follow him. The next day, Match builds a weird structure out of rocks which Kilo recognizes to be the same as those found in Asoka.

Riddle calls Kilo and tells him to investigate a structure in Asoka that emitted light the night before. There, they meet a Mambo named “Majuro” and his partner Nicholas whom they befriend.

That night, light emits from the ruins, and Sherry and Bragg are seen nearby. Nicholas and Majuro investigate the light, but they are attacked by Sherry and Bragg, who burns their book.

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Match asks why they burned Majuro's book and prepares to fight Bragg. December 3rd, 2013 Kilo and Match have at last returned from the fierce battle in the ruins.

December 3rd, 2013 Louis no longer has the upper hand and attempts to distract Sherry by tossing Yoko down a cliff. However, Sherry anticipates this and catches Yoko in midair averting a tragedy.

Louis is now at the end of his rope, he has his spell book taken way and is forced to surrender. But Louis is gloating because he's implemented a fail-safe in Yoko's mind control.

If that's removed, the memory of the evil deeds she did with Louis will remain with Yoko forever! Riddles and the rest, the combined forces of Kilo and the others overpower Louis with teamwork.

However, Louis attacks utilizing his mobility, he brings Sherry and Bragg to a standstill by destroying their footing and plans an escape taking Yoko with him. December 3rd, 2013 Louis had attained infinite power with a mask linked to the Stone of Moonlight in Dealt's chamber.

Louis loses his impregnable shield after the Stone of Moonlight is destroyed. But even so, Louis pulls out his trump card... Koko his partner, Sherry's former best friend and current enemy.

December 3rd, 2013 Penny & URI and Yoko & Alvin save Match and the others from a tight spot! At First, they participated in the battle as Louis' underlings, but they see the error in their ways.

They rebel against Louis in the same way as Leila did and appear once again before Match and the others as reinforcements. December 3rd, 2013 Leila tries to remember the secret passage to the room with the Moonstone.

Legume's team arrives to the moonstone room and are attacked by the Mambo there. December 3rd, 2013 The reunited team agree to leave Louis to Sherry and Bragg.

Kilo knows that Leila is betraying them out of fear, so he attempts to regain her trust! December 3rd, 2013 Louis summons his Ancient mambo army to take down Match and his team.

Lien's team is trying to defeat Salon a mambo skilled in his martial arts attacks and Legume realizes something odd about his partner Gen sou... December 3rd, 2013 The stairway collapses and the team is scattered, but they manage to split up into three groups and escape into separate paths into the ruin.

Little do they know that each path will lead to a powerful Ancient mambo lying in wait for them! They are able to proceed smoothly into the ruin but are stopped by Louis on a precarious stairway that spans over a lake of lava.

The team decides to withdraw, but two more ancient mambo, Almost and Leila stop them in their tracks! Kilo tells everyone else to escape and entrusts Zatch's spell book with Tia.

December 3rd, 2013 In the midst of their journey to the ruins, Match, Kilo, Legume, Tia, and Polygon run into Lancôme and Fol gore, who were also convinced by Dr. Together they proceed into the ruins where they encounter Helios and ALM, two ancient mambo.

December 3rd, 2013 Kilo is immersing himself in his father's archaeology texts and is closing in on the location of Milordo-Z's whereabouts. December 3rd, 2013 Match, Kilo, Tia and Legume chase off Penny and her remaining mambo warriors.

Nearing the end of the day, Match and Kilo build a sandcastle, but their peace is short-lived as Penny drops in! Observant Kilo realizes that the reason Penny is filled rage is because Match doesn't remember her from the mambo world.

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