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Watch free for 7 days WaterlooRoad is a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name, broadcast on BBC One and later also on BBC Three. Reruns previously aired on CBS Drama in the UK.

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20/20 It's consultation day, the final chance to stop the school merging with Havelock High. 14/20 A science trip to the coast sees McKenzie stuck with Bonnie, Scott and Justin.

12/20 Vaughan hopes the new bike bank scheme will show the school off to the community. The aftermath of the crash affects the whole school, and a lynch mob is out to get Done....

Its despondent teachers have given up trying to make a difference as they struggle to cope with their own personal problems on top of their nightmare jobs. He's very aware that WaterlooRoad has hit rock bottom, and he feels the pressure to make improvements -- fast.

The school is in mourning after the fatal car crash that killed one pupil and left another, Holly, in a coma. Meanwhile, Lizzie is reeling after Tom kisses her at his and Lorna's wedding reception, not daring to give in to her true feelings for him.

Also, a battle of wills develops between Andrew and Kim, who are polar opposites in terms of their backgrounds and teaching methods. A cocky, overconfident new transfer, Zoe, who is heavily pregnant, boasts about how well she knows Jack.

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The chaos continues with Andrew's house system, as the kids run homework scams and plot revenge upon their rivals. Lorna remains upbeat in the face of her separation from Tom, hoping that a sexy new look will rekindle his passion.

Meanwhile, sticking to her pact with Done, Chloe insists that she was driving on the night of the crash, but neither the police nor Lizzie believe her. Knowing that an inspector is coming to visit, Jack arranges a school trip to ensure that the worst teacher, Steph, and the most disruptive kids are well out of the way.

Andrew does not appreciate having to supervise the unruly students on the school trip to a museum, but his biggest headache is Steph. Jack is surprised to discover that the inspector, Heather Davenport, is attractive and sympathetic to the pressures that the school is under.

It's judgment day at WaterlooRoad as the staff members tensely wait to find out if the school will be closed. When the panel decides not to expel Lewis, Jack takes matters into his own hands and sends letters home with the students, hoping to rally the parents in support of Kim.

2:00pm Wednesday, April 03 2013, Series Synopsis In a failing inner-city comprehensive, every day is a battle for acting head teacher Jack Rimmed and his staff. A wide selection of free online movies are available on Movies123.

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Watch Waterloo Road Season 5 Online For Free On 123movies If you can 't see the video and only hear the sound, please switch to Firefox/Chrome/Safari for better performance. The teachers themselves are often far from perfect, but as any pupil with a problem soon discovers, a few motivated and inspiring individuals can make a massive difference.

Actor: Philip Martin Brown, Jason Done, Chelsea Healey, Denise Welch, Melanie Hill, Kane Tomlinson-Weaver, Darcy ISA, Reece Douglas, Laurie Brett, Georgie Glen, Rebecca Craven, William Rush, Victoria Bush Waterloo Road axed by BBC1 after 10 series : BritishTVPress J to jump to the feed.

They absorb language, learn to understand instructions and how to interact with the world around them. And as Christian parents, we can also help them soak up aspects of our faith.

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After the summer break, we will also be welcoming schools back for activity day trips. However, we continue to follow government guidance and are working to be ready to welcome groups back for a residential as soon as it is safe and the advice allows.

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