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• Monday, 11 January, 2021
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SEE MORE Save on your next vacation by visiting a capital city featuring monumental free attractions. SEE MORE Explore what you can do, enjoy virtual activities and read up on the latest safety information.

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The latter is a city made up of neighborhoods, where people live and visit, where restaurants and pubs buzz, where cabs are hailed, hotels are busy and friends laugh. You’ll find historic row houses around 18th Street, including the Adam's Inn B&B, as well as a variety of independently owned stores.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so make sure to share your favorite moments in the District with #MyDCcool, from moon-lit monument tours to decadent meals to museum marvels. Safety Index: A world-class metropolis that is only fitting for the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. is the seat of America’s three branches of government, as well as the federal district of the U.S.

The city has an unmatched amount of free, public museums you canvisit, and it’s the base of the nation’s most loved memorials and monuments, like the Washington Monument or the famous Lincoln Memorial. No, it has everything a tourist might want to experience: a bunch of shopping, dining, and nightlife opportunities of a class you’d expect in the American capital.

Washington D.C. is overall very safe to travel to, with some dangerous areas and spots where you might feel uneasy. However, the criminal activities that occur only apply to dangerous parts of the city, which are rarely frequented by tourists.

Be extremely vigilant while on public transport and don't linger around the bus, railway and metro stations. Pickpockets and purse snatching can be an issue in crowded places and public transport, as well as in some dangerous neighborhoods.

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Muggings can be a problem in the neighborhoods of Shaw, Adams Morgan, and Near Northeast and the area around the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station. Be wary of anyone trying to distract you, flashing large signs in front of you or ATMs that look like they've been tampered with.

Back in 1991, Washington was known as the “murder capital”, with an extremely high number of homicides annually. However, these numbers have dropped significantly, and as a tourist, you are highly unlikely to experience anything similar to a violent crime.

The crime that goes on in Washington D.C. is usually confined to certain dangerous neighborhoods and individuals that know each other from the streets. As for crimes of property theft, they are an issue in the nightlife-centered neighborhoods of Shaw, Adams Morgan, and Near Northeast and the area around the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station.

Bear in mind to not use your mobile phones as liberally as you would someplace else because they are a very popular snatch-and-grab item around the Metro stations and on the trains. The northerly subtropical climate results in cool breezes and moderate temperatures and, of course, the cherry blossoms.

The twice-yearly guide is packed with all you need to plan your next trip to the nation's capital, including information on free things to do, neighborhoods, attractions, tours, restaurants and hotels. Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to ship.

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Once you know the dates you’ll be in D.C., it’s a good idea to put plans in motion if you hope to get inside the White House. On the other hand, if you book a guided tour, you’ll be in air-conditioned comfort for much of the adventure, which a great bonus for summer travelers.

The good news is, you can save a lot by spending your time doing all the free things. And you can spend hours enjoying the gorgeous parks and green spaces that dot the city.

Pack a picnic lunch and plenty of water, and you really can enjoy an entire day in D.C. without spending a dime! Besides saving lots of money, you’re also helping to control the plastic pollution that plagues major cities.

D.C. has a Tacit program that partners with over 750 businesses and attractions around the District to provide free tap water to residents and visitors. Treat your family to a ride on the National Wheel for spectacular views of the city.

If you want to ruin a pleasant afternoon in the city, spend it behind the wheel of a car all tangled up in traffic or searching for a parking spot. Honestly, it’s such a great city for pedestrians, and public transportation is so good, there’s really no reason to bother with a car.

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And if you want to see areas of interest outside D.C., like Old Town Alexandria or George Washington’s estate, Mount Vernon, you can book a guided tour to take you there in comfort and style without ever needing your own car. But you can find some quality hotels in the areas around D.C. for around $100 a night or so, pretty significant savings if you’re watching your budget.

Look for hotels near a metro station in places like Roslyn, Crystal City, or Falls Church. Washington, DC’s rich food scene has every kind of ethnic cuisine and options to suit every budget.

A better way is to schedule just one activity per day (a walking tour, exploring the U.S. Library of Congress or a Smithsonian museum, for example) and leaving plenty of time for magic to happen. If you’re not quite ready to plan your trip, sign up for our free email course with lots of useful information about visiting our nation’s capital.

First, businesses may require employees or customers to confirm compliance with the order before providing service or allowing entry. The order also states the city reserves the right to exercise provisions of the Communicable and Preventable Diseases Act.

If a person is coming from a place the state deems a COVID-19 hotspot, they may get a phone call, text, or random check-ins to make sure they are complying. There is no indication that D.C. will do anything like New York, but it was one of the few states WUSA9 reached out to that could give detailed specifics about how it was enforcing travel restrictions.

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Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that a recent pause during Phase Two has ended, which allows for indoor dining at restaurants to resume at 25% capacity (or no more than 250 people) and museums to reopen with no more than 250 people allowed per floor and no guided tours. The coronavirus pandemic has affected events, attractions and other businesses throughout the Washington, DC area.

Make sure to check out our list of reopened businesses and read below for more details on restaurants, attractions and museums, including helpful safety information. Current Travel Requirements The DC government currently requires visitors to test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of traveling (and to show results if asked by a business, hotel or restaurant); to avoid visiting if you are a close contact of a confirmed positive case; and to get tested within 3-5 days of arrival if you are visiting for more than three days.

The city already requires individuals to socially distance and wear face coverings. Read more up-to-date information about traveling to the city to ensure the health and safety of visitors.

While many in-person gatherings have been impacted, local businesses, museums and festivals are hosting virtual events, which we're tracking on weekdays and weekends. Employees and patrons should socially distance and wear face coverings at all times.

Food service cafés and retail are allowed to open in line with industry standards. Recreation centers, bowling alleys, climbing gyms, squash or racquetball clubs, skating rinks and skateboard parks may open with a 50-person capacity or at 50 percent capacity in Phase Two.

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You can also learn more about DC's parks and gardens and read details of currently reopened sites below. The outdoor campus at THE REACH is accessible, including pop-up wine garden and café Victory Park, which will take a short break from Dec. 25 through Jan. 9, 2021.

Access includes the playground, fitness area and tables, but note occupancy is limited, visitors are asked to sanitize hands upon entry of the playground and all organized activities require a permit. These venues can open if granted a waiver to ensure social distance measures, contact tracing and other safety protocols by Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HS EMA) to hold an arts, entertainment or cultural event.

Phase Two allows for personal services to open including hair and nail salons, massage and spas by appointment only and with strong safeguards and physical distancing in place. Barbershops and hair salons opened in Phase One with select services, Phase Two allows the reopening of tanning, tattoo, waxing, threading, electrolysis, cryotherapy, facial and other skin services and nail salons, requiring one client per employee, face coverings at all times and social distancing.

Read more about the city's requirements for retailers and check out ways that you can support some of these local businesses in the District. WHAT's enhanced cleaning measures include daily disinfecting of trains, buses and stations with mopping, wiping down high-touch surfaces or using electrostatic loggers.

Virtual, live, interactive and on-demand distance-learning programs continue at Ford's Theater's website. The museum grounds, including Temper Fidel is Memorial Park and the playground, will remain open.

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