Can I Use A Walker In The Shower

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Bathrooms are filled with hard surfaces and floors and space is often cramped. Learning proper transfer technique can also help prevent many falls that occur in the bathroom.

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The following are techniques for safe transfer on and off the toilet, as well as in and out of the tub and shower. Make sure the senior is in position so that the backs of both legs touch the toilet.

The senior's arms reach back to grasp the toilet, grab bar, or sturdy vanity for support. If you are assisting a senior or anyone who has difficulty with mobility and transfers, an adjustable-height shower chair or stool is recommended.

It is recommended that several “dry runs” be completed prior to the actual shower. Position the senior so that the backs of her legs are touching the tub, and she is in line with the chair inside.

One hand grabs the bar while the other holds the cane, walker, or side of the tub. Position the clamp bar to the rear side of the tub behind the seat or stool.

A walk-in shower provides a difficult challenge to caregivers in safely assisting a senior. Scoot the person to the opposite side of the bench until there is enough room to swing the legs into the shower.

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Another option is to install a vertical grab bar positioned near the shower entrance and a horizontal one under the controls at a height of 36 inches. Often homes are outfitted with fiberglass or plastic prefabricated shower stalls where grab bars cannot be installed.

Once in the shower stall, the caregiver can position a seat for the senior and remove the walker. Once again, as with all transfers, make sure to explain each step of the procedure clearly in advance, and give plenty of time for response and completion.

Finally, there are a few general guidelines that apply when assisting in the completion of any transfer: Give physical assistance and verbal cues to the senior during the transfer.

The techniques listed below are recommended during early healing and are generally in place for six to eight weeks following your surgery. Grab bars and non-slip mats should be installed where possible, to make getting in/out of the shower easier and safer.

When bars cannot be installed and if space allows, you cause your walking aid (walker, crutches or cane) for more support. Stand close to and face the shower door, and move your walker behind you.

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Then step into the shower stall with your operated leg, by using your walking aid and grab bars for support. Then step down with your non-operated leg, using your walking aid and or grab bars for support.

To watch a video clip on how to safely get in and out of a walk-in shower stall, please see below. Note: These instructions for getting in and out of a standard bathtub are for patients who are allowed to weight bear as tolerated (WHAT) following surgery.

If you have any concerns at all, you can sponge bath in the early days after your surgery. Grab bars and non-slip mats should be in place where possible, to maker getting in/out of the bathtub easier and safer.

If you do not have, or are unable to install, grab bars in your tub enclosure, it is strongly recommended that you get an add-on-tub rail. To watch a video clip on how to safely get in and out of a standard bathtub, please see below.

A bathtub transfer bench lets you sit while bathing for more safety and comfort. If you have any concerns at all, you can sponge bath in the early days after your surgery.

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Place your hand on the back of the chair or use the add-on tub rail for support. Instead, you should use a hand held shower hose, and have someone turn on/off the water.

Place a towel around your neck to catch excess water. To watch a video clip on how to safely wash your hair at the sink, please see below.

I don't want to write a criticism longer than the idea, especially when I'm grateful for the brevity & clarity of your exposition. I maintain this idea is only suitable for very spacious showers / tubs, and that it would be unworkable, or even counterproductive, for standard walkers in standard bathrooms.

Borrow a walker, and experiment a little (I have).// semi collapsible //i.e. Perfectly strong, rigid and waterproof, right up to the point the user leans their weight onto it.

The ones I've seen are just bent-and-bolted aluminum tubing, with a couple of plastic grips and some rubber feet. Maybe they would rust in time, . If they were made in a rubbery style for showering, maybe then they would squish in.//If they were made in a rubbery style for showering, maybe then they would squish in.//Obviously, folks, if the thing described here is necessarily too big to be used as described, then that's what makes this Idea half-baked. A watertight walker sounds like a reasonable idea regardless, if they aren't already, but taking one into a space where there's a slick wet soapy floor and expecting it to work... that doesn't sound too bright.

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H an l f b a k e r add, search, annotate, link, view, overview, recent, by name, random Many older adults use a folding walker to help them move around more safely and independently.

Your older adult may need many gentle reminders, but their safety and ability to get around independently is worth the extra effort. First, it’s essential that the walker correctly fits your older adult’s height.

If a physical therapist or healthcare professional is available to adjust the walker to fit your older adult, that’s the best option because they’re experts. With shoulders relaxed and hands on the grips, their elbows bend slightly at a comfortable angle (about 15 degrees).

With arms hanging relaxed at their sides, the top of the walker lines up with the crease on the inside of their wrist. Next, it’s critical to learn the correct movements so that using a walker will increase your older adult’s mobility and safety.

Take the weight off your hands and gently push the walker forward. Safety tip: Don’t push forward because that can cause the walker to slide unexpectedly.

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Another important skill is to learn to sit and stand correctly when using a walker so there won’t be unexpected slips and falls. It’s critical that your older adult does NOT use the walker to help them sit or stand.

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