Can I Leave A Wallflower Plugged In

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
• 7 min read

From cute to chic to whimsical to seasonal, our plugs come in all shapes, sizes, styles. And by always on, we mean up to 30 days of effortless scent that greets you and your guests with pure happiness.

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We’re talking fragrances like Gingham, A Thousand Wishes and Japanese Cherry Blossom. Bonus: Our nightlight plugs give off a continuous glow, so there’s no need to flip a switch.

Though thoroughly tested and completely safe to use, Wallflowers refills contain fragrance oils that may damage finished surfaces and some plastics, so always keep a 12-inch clearance above your plug to prevent damage to surrounding surfaces. In the infrequent event that this happens, simply return it to any Bath & Body Works store for a replacement.

That’s on the inside of the diffuser and needs to be cleaned off before we put a new wallflower bulb on. To clean it, you’ll need some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.

Starting from the under side, push the cotton swab through the hole and clean the underside of the grates. This will push any waxy build up through the holes up top, so you can wipe them away.

Once you flip it over and wipe the wax from the top, then push the swab through the holes and swirl it around to clean in between. It may seem silly to do this when you can just go out and buy another, but I fell in love with the style of mine and want to keep it running great as long as I can.

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Every year, you can find insanely low prices on Bath & Body Works candles on the first Saturday in December. In 2020, though, Bath & Body Works is hosting the sale exclusively online for three days instead of one, starting Saturday, Dec. 5.

Sign up for Bath & Body Works emails here, and you’ll receive a couple new coupons every month. “Stacking” is a term we use for combining multiple coupons together with sales in order to get an even bigger discount.

Black Friday is one exception to the “no stacking coupons” rule at Bath & Body Works. You can use these together in a single transaction as long as they’re valid during the same time frame. Call customer service (800) 756-5005 and ask them to add you to the mailing list.

It generally takes 60-90 days to get your first snail-mail coupons, but if you can channel all the patience, it’ll be worth it. But Bath & Body Works offers a free shipping trick you can use if you absolutely must shop online.

A few times a month, you’ll get an email with a Bath & Body Works free shipping promo code. The catch here is that you can ’t use other coupon codes along with the free shipping promo when you’re shopping BathandBodyWorks.com.

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For example, Bath & Body Works’ Gift coupon in August 2020 (click here) came in the form of the promo code: HARVEST, which you could apply after adding any merchandise to your cart and get a gift automatically added to your purchase. Then I found out I can bring my burned-out Wallflower plug back to the store and exchange it for a new one anytime for free.

Bath & Body Works’ Semi-Annual Sale (click here) runs in winter and spring. Also, Bath & Body Works doesn’t do traditional seasonal clearance markdowns.

When the Semi-Annual Sale starts, employees roll out that box of Sweater Weather candles, half a box of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin hand soap, and 53 Fresh Balsam Wallflowers refills they have on hand. Bath & Body Works offers a 14-day price adjustment period.

Stack multiple coupons for a single Aromatherapy product on Black Friday. Like most places, Bath & Body Works prints their manufacturing dates in code, but with a little know-how, you can learn to decipher them.

Hand soap: $2.50 or less Body lotion: $3.00 or less Shower gel: $5.00 or fewer Wallflowers: $3.00 or fewer Candles: $8.95 or less Bath & Body Works tracks your shopping habits in their system and offers rewards in the form of better coupons, unique to you.

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For example, here are two mailers from the same time period: the one on the left has better coupons because the recipient shops Bath & Body Works at least twice a year. Plus, if you’re a frequent shopper, and you tend to buy body care, you’ll get more coupons for lotion and shower gel.

If you tend to buy home fragrance, you’ll get more coupons for Wallflower refills and candles. Make sure you’re giving the cashier your phone number every time you shop, or sign in if you’re buying online, so you get credit for the money you spend.

My Bath & Body Works rewards program (click here) is technically only available in California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Virginia, but for the most part, anyone can join and earn points now. You can ’t redeem points in store if you don’t live in one of these states, so you’ll need to call customer service to redeem your rewards, and they’ll ship your free item to your house.

You’ll save an average of 4% when you buy a discounted Bath & Body Works gift card through Raise.com. PRO TIP: If you strike out on a high-value gift card, use Gotta to check out, and you can save 5%.

While you can use your Angel credit card at Bath & Body Works, you don’t earn Angel points, and you can ’t use Victoria’s Secret gift cards at Bath & Body Works. Instead, wait for a coupon you can use on a Bath & Body Works sale price and get up to 75% off.

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Giving your BFF her favorite Bath & Body Works candle? Grab a free cellophane bag and ribbon to wrap it up before you leave the store.

Heck, you could sit in the store and create your own gift sets right after you purchase lotion, candles, body wash, and hand soap for 75% off during the Semi-Annual Sale! Bath & Body Works has a little corner of their website dedicated to the oldies but goodies.

Just search for Bath & Body Works retired fragrances (click here) and you’ll find the scents you’re craving. Also, Bath & Body Works has been known to bring back some retired scents during Semi-Annual sales.

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