Can I Keep My Zen Email Address

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
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Zen Internet allow you to use e-mail from any connection * using secure Authenticated SMTP and POP3; ideal if you are travelling and need to access e-mail from your Laptop or other portable computer. The setting will appear as TLS, SSL or Secure access in your e-mail client (e.g. Outlook/Mac Mail) and will use your Zen e-mail address as the username, along with the corresponding e-mail password.

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*NOTE: Some wireless hotspot or other roaming Internet providers may restrict access to some services; please consult their product features and Terms and Conditions if you find access to Zen Internet e-mail is restricted after configuring your e-mail client to use secure Authenticated SMTP and POP3. Any client that has been designed to support the POP3 mail protocol will work with your Zen e-mail account.

Zen uses a cluster of e-mail servers for resilience when providing e-mail services including virus filtering, domain forwarding, SMTP and POP3. See the Knowledge Base article Adding custom runs(PTR) entries '.

Yes, Zen Internet now implements free virus checking for customers, automatically scanning mail at our border mail servers to reject viral payloads before they can enter our network. Using a virus definition database that can be updated at least five times per day, and long before anything can reach your mailbox, Zen's mail scanners check messages for over 10,000 viruses, worms and Trojans, including any that might be compressed inside RAR, Zip, GZIP, and Bzip2 files (not encrypted or password protected attachments).

All the usual suspects like Klee, Seen, the various Mi mail. X's, So big. X, and many variants, are catered for, and the next big threat will always be included as soon as it has been detected. To submit your raw virus sample please visit the Clam AV Website (www.clamav.net) for further information.

Yes, there are some restrictions in place to protect the mail servers from abuse, and ensure reliable service for all customers. Zen.co.uk/kb/KnowledgebaseArticle.aspx?articleid=10165 Bulk e-mail is prevented by “Grey listing” counter measures.

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This is designed to protect the platform from abuse due to open relay mail servers, or deliberate attempts to send commercial (advertising) e-mails. We can, income circumstances, “White list” customers upon the supply of details concerning the type of e-mails being sent, and the volumes involved, so this restriction would not be encountered.

For example, the Post Office and Virgin Media will delete your email account once you’ve left. After that, you’ll have to subscribe to BTS Premium Mail service to retain access.

Meaning that previous customers who still needed to access their email inbox and contacts saw their monthly costs triple unless they chose to switch back to BT. Virgin Media will give you 90 days to access your email account after you switch providers.

Also, Backtalk email accounts that are left inactive for six months will be deleted automatically. Like BT, you can still access your Plus net email account after you switch to a new provider if you’re willing to pay a monthly fee.

When switching, you will need to notify Plus net that you wish to continue using the emailaddress, or it will be deleted along with the rest of your account information. If you were to leave your old provider-linked email account running for three years, you could end up paying £180 to keep accessing your inbox.

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Open Gmail and click on the settings' menu, indicated by the cog icon in the top right corner. Then set a new, strong password to ensure that the old account stays secure until it’s finally closed down.

You might also want to set up an auto-responder for your old email address that lets friends and family know that their email has been forwarded to a new address. Depending on how long you’ve had your email address, you may have a lot of additional services linked to this address.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and any other streaming services you use Energy and household bill payments Online banking payments (PayPal, Venmo) Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest) Cloud storage (OneDrive) Apple or Google accounts Online study platforms (e.g. Duolingo) Travel websites (Booking.com, Expedia) Whenever you fill in a form or log into a website, your browser offers you the option to save your login details.

If required click the button next to Internet Access to expand the section. Click the blue Tools & Settings button to the right of your Zen ADSL service.

To create a new email account enter the prefix (part before the @ symbol) of your desired email address into the box on the left of the screen then press the Add button. You will now be taken to a screen allowing you to set the password for the mailbox, you can also configure e-mail forwarding and spam filtering at this point (See Related Article).

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A lot of broadband providers offer you free email addresses when you sign up to a package with them. Read on to find out what will happen to your email account when you cancel your service, and what you can do about it.

This has the same functionality as your old BT Mail account, though it will cost you a fee each month to keep it going. Any additional email addresses linked to your account will be transferred across to the new service too, so you won't lose a thing.

And if there's no action on your email account for six months, Backtalk will automatically delete that email address. So, it's best to set up a new account from another service, and migrate things across from your Backtalk email as soon as possible.

We recommend signing up to an email account from a web-based service, such as Gmail or Outlook (formerly Hotmail). These accounts are free, packed with all the email features you could need, and have quite large storage allowances.

If you know your account is getting deleted soon, or if you don't want to pay for the premium service to keep it, you can prepare in advance. It's best to start this process at least 30 days before your account is deleted, so you have plenty of time to make the transition.

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Set up an automatic reply on your old account too, informing anyone who messages you that your new email address is now the best way to contact you. This can create a dilemma when it comes to switching packages for a cheaper, faster or more flexible deal.

Our email accounts are a key way of keeping in touch with friends and family, and where we store important information with the companies we have a relationship with. Most broadband companies will let you switch and keep your email address, although some may charge you a fee for doing so.

Like BT and others, the company will charge a small monthly fee and will migrate the account and all emails for you. That means if you switch from Sky you’ll be able to keep your email address, and with it all the messages and data you’ve stored in your account.

Beware that where Sky closes a “dormant” account, you’ll lose any associated data and content. Otherwise, you’ll see your functionality reduce 30 days after you leave, and after 5 months Backtalk will delete it.

Once you give notice to Virgin Media, you’ll only have 90 days before your email address is cancelled. After that, Virgin Media will clear out your emails, delete all data associated with your account and shut it down.

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The choice you make may depend on the types of devices you have (if you’re using an iPhone versus an Android-based phone, for example). It’s also worth noting that many of these email accounts have many users and so the chances that your name isn’t already taken are slim.

The terms “best”, “top”, “cheap” (and variations of these) aren't ratings, though we always explain what's great about a product when we highlight it.

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