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The National Zoological Park, originally called as Delhi is a 176 acre zoo situated near the Old Fort in New Delhi. The National Zoological Park, originally called as Delhi is a 176 acre zoo situated near the Old Fort in New Delhi.

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Here, the animals are provided the kind of environment which is close to their natural habitat. Various kind of animals like leopard, giraffe, Girl ion, chimpanzees, hyenas, hippopotamus, African Wild Buffalo and zebras can be seen in the zoo.

National Zoological Park Delhi Other Facilities 0 Wheelchairs for physically challenged 1 per piece of luggage for Cloak room Delhi’s National Zoological Park is one of the favorite hangout areas for families, particularly the ones with small kids.

Located in the heart of the city, Delhi is spread in an area of 176-acres and is situated near the Old Fort. The National Zoological Park houses about 1350 animals and birds of over 130 species, sourced from across the globe.

The idea of having a Zoo in the national capital first struck in 1952, when the Indian Board of Wildlife thought that there should be a place like this in Delhi. The idea was to create a place which will be of recreation value to the people as well as can impart some level of knowledge too.

The thought was appreciated and accordingly, a committee, that included names like SMT Indira Gandhi, was constituted. The committee approved the site between Purana Vila and Humayun’s Tomb to construct the zoo, when it first met on 9th September 1953.

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N D Bachkheti, an Indian Forest Service Officer was chosen on 1st October 1955 to do the task. Further, the government sought services of Carl Heisenberg, owner of the famous Animal Park at Hamburg, West Germany.

He came up with the concept of moat enclosures and prepared a preliminary plan of the zoo by March 1956. In the plan, he made provisions of roads, waterways, paths, sewage systems and animal enclosures, all that is desired to make the zoo an attractive place.

The construction was over by the end of 1959, where the zoo with roads, moats, waterways, animal houses, ponds, lawns and plantation had come into being. After the completion of construction of the zoo was announced, a lot of state governments and individuals started gifting animals to be kept there.

The collection included Tigers, Leopards, Monkeys, Bears, Antelope, Dear and many bird species. The National Zoological Park was finally inaugurated by Punjab Ran Deshmukh, Hon'BLE Minister of the Government of India on 1st November 1959.

However, with the idea of making it a model zoo for the entire country, it was given the status of National Zoological Park in 1982. Ever since, the environment of the zoo has been maintained in such a way that it gives the animals and birds living there a feeling of their natural home.

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Instructions for visiting the National Zoological Park One is not allowed to take food items, except milk and oatmeal for babies, inside the zoo campus. We are working towards generating awareness and compassion in the society towards wildlife and to garner their support for the national conservation effort.

We also thrive to play an effective role in species preservation and reducing man animal conflicts in urban landscape. Anyone interested in working for the cause of animals, may apply for the Volunteer ship Program of our zoo.

Students working in the field of Wildlife, Environment, Education, Biodiversity, Conservation and related are.... NP endeavors to breed endangered species for the purpose of offering them to other zoos of the country and ...

To sensitize and spread awareness about wildlife and its conservation, the zoo streams documentary films, use... NP has captive-breeding programs for breeding endangered species and offer other facilities for building a h...

National Zoological Park is home to many species of birds, reptiles and mammals which live in an environment that in many ways resemble their natural habitat. The zoo not only provides a home for endangered species, but also helps them to breed well in captivity.

Some special attractions at the Zoo include White Tiger, Gaul, Jaguar, Rhinoceros, Elephants, Brow-antlered Deer (Santa), Lion-tailed Macaque, Migratory birds (during winters) etc. Popularly known as “chiding far”, the Delhi zoo remains a great attraction for the kids.

Established in the year 1959, the National Zoological Park is spread across 176 acres of land. It has a plethora of reptiles, mammal and birds belonging to countries like Africa, Australia, and America apart from India.

The place also houses a green island and a 16th Century citadel. Perfect for a picnic during the winter days in Delhi, a visit to this zoo is a must for animal and nature lovers.

Delhi, which is also known as Chiding Gear in Hindi is located near Purana Vila on Mature Road. The zoo is at the center of the city, and it attracts a very high footfall during the holidays.

Some local visitors come here to experience the feel of roaming in the forest in the middle of the capital of the country. Royal Bengal Tiger in Water The Zoo can be visited during most of the time of the year.

If you follow the path suggested by authorities very strictly and do not spend much time at the enclosures, you can cover it in two hours. For the people visiting with their family or friends and have ample time, you need at least 4 to 5 hours.

In the Snake section, magnificent species such as King Cobra, Python is some main attractions among others. It has some rare and exotic animals and birds from around the different continents of the world.

You will find native animals of Africa, Asia, Australia, America, Europe. Some main attractions of this section are White Tiger, Royal Bengal Tiger, Lion, Black Buck, Indian Rhinoceros, Leopard, crocodile, Emu, Gaul, King Cobra, Giraffe, Elephant, African Elephant, etc.

It remains closed on Every Friday and National Holidays (26 January, 2 October, and 15 August). It also has the facility of the cloak-room, baby stroller and wheelchair for the physically handicapped person.

There is a rather big food court type set up right outside Delhi, there are multiple outlets here and the menu is also diverse. 50,000/- per day Other Facilities Wheelchairs for physically challengedFree of contrary Stroller ServiceFreeCloakroomRs.

There is a certain number of items restricted in Delhi for the safety of animals as well as visitors. If one feels hungry or the need for snacks, the cafeteria is located inside the Zoo.

Visitors should follow all the rules and regulations laid out by the Zoo authorities. The Delhi Zoological Park remained in news in 2014 due to the death of a person named Manhood in White Tiger Enclosure.

To avoid any such incident in the future, zoo authorities have taken multiple steps. Royal Bengal Tiger in Delhi Winter is considered as the best time to visit the Zoo.

The cold weather of the rest of the year doesn’t turn out to be pleasant for the visitors. During the colder part of the year, animals also prefer to remain out of the enclosures.

However, during summers, animals and birds remain inside their enclosures most of the time of the day. They can watch the animals and birds up close while remaining inside the city.

You can also enjoy the visit at Purana Vila and India Gate, both are located at walkable distance. National Zoological Park Delhi guide map is shared below which is useful in finding the directions inside the Delhi zoo.

All the important amenities, animals, locations, path track, entry, exit, parking, ticketing counters, nearby roads, washrooms, etc are clearly depicted on the Delhi Map. It has battery operated cart, parking facilities for car, bus, two-wheelers, direction signage, drinking water, cloakroom, souvenir shop, washrooms, wheelchairs, baby strollers, ATM, guide map, etc.

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