Can Firewall Zero Hour Be Played Offline

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts So first a little context I tried my friends quest 2 and I loved it and I saved up enough money to buy one but that Christmas my family bought me the firewall and aim controller bundle, so I tried it with one of my most relaxing games Arizona sunshine.

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Edit: this post was about how great PSV and the aim controller is and instead I get a bunch of comments talking about how terrible this and that is about fire wall. This post was about how much I love PSV so let's spread some more positive energy in the comments section.

FirewallZeroHour is an online, or offline via training, virtual reality tactical action shooter where players called contractors take on contracts issued from agents who are known as mother and father. Each contractor has a different passive skill for use on the field which can help support the player fend off the enemy team from completing their objective.

Taking on contracts players will receive experience for certain actions they complete, as well as earning in-game currency known as “Crypto” where both can be found scattered around the map or completing the contract. Players can practice their tactics against AI enemies that scale with rank either solo, or in a 4-player squad which either can be private or public matchmaking.

In this mode players are against other players formed into two teams of four in which the attacking team will have two objectives to complete in order to fulfill their contract. Attacking team “Mother” would have to first break a firewall in a location hidden from their wristband until a team member comes in contact with one then secondly hack a laptop in order to fulfill their contract earning experience points and crypto.

Initial reviews for FirewallZeroHour were positive and the game was praised as being a major step forward for virtual reality gaming. Firewall Zero Hour Review: The VR Shooter We've Been Waiting For”.

“PSV Shooter Firewall Zero Hour Is Out Now And Is Probably Very Good”. Firewall Zero Hour Review: Tactical Multiplayer Action Comes to PSV”.

“Golden Joysticks 2018 nominees announced, voting open now”. “Golden Joystick Awards 2018 winners: God of War wins big, but Fortnite gets Victory Royale”.

“The Game Awards 2018 nominees led by God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2”. “2018 New York Game Awards Nominees Revealed”.

“The New York Game Awards Reveals 2019 Winners; God of War Earns the Top Prize”. National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers.

I figured that since I downloaded the entire game, it is installed on my computer, so whether I am online or offline shouldn't be an issue, yet whenever I try to run it, the Origin login screen appears rather than the game launcher. Players will enjoy a bunch of improvements when playing the game on PS5, including reduced loading times and enhanced visual fidelity, thanks to additional increase in super sampling pixel density than what the PS4 Pro is able to offer.

Firewall : Berthoud is so close to being the first definitive VR FPS (though you might argue that Far point has been heading in the right direction since its launch). It’s smart, picking its battles carefully and winning most of them, and the team at First Contact Entertainment has nailed most things in terms of movement, comfort and what you might call ‘gun feel.’ And anything that is wrong with the game can be fixed with just a little time and a few patches and additions.

If you’ve got the gear and the inclination to play it, I’d urge you to do so despite the slightly underwhelming score I’m going to slap it with. What First Contact Entertainment has done is build a VR game in the vein of Rainbow Six: Siege or Counter Strike.

Ignore the VR aspect for a second, and you have a tight, methodical, highly tactical team-based shooter, well-executed if a little basic. You’re constantly shifting gaze left and right, up and down, behind you to keep checking that nobody’s sneaking up on you and nobody is drawing aim at you from a corner you’re not quite aware of.

Map knowledge plays a key part in victory or defeat, and there are already some clever psychological games going on with doors. On the one hand, this is kind of what we wanted: a tough, immersive team shooter where you really need to work together to survive.

Fast reflexes and good situational awareness are must-haves, and I wouldn’t want to change the way Firewall : Berthoud ratchets up the tension, leaving you in a state of high alert (and heart-pounding suspense) throughout each match. Matches are short but incredibly intense, and Firewall is the kind of game that builds up stories, as two of you hole up in an alleyway or on a fire escape, trying to hold the other team down with suppression fire, or as you breach a room, hurl in the smoke grenades and try to blast the two guys blocking access to the laptop.

We're updating our reviews to better highlight authentic stories and accurate, diverse representations. Technically, it's a “good vs. evil” story, but missions are resolved only by killing others.

VR game takes some getting used to -- whether you use DualShock 4 wireless controller or PS Aim controller -- but there's a tutorial mode to try out before you play online against other human players (PVP modes). Over time, motions will feel intuitive as you perform hand gestures in real life to interact with virtual environment.

Players use various firearms, like machine guns, from first-person perspective to take down other team before they can do the same. FIREWALLZEROHOUR is a squad-based virtual reality (VR) multiplayer tactical shooter.

Hired by an anonymous person, you can choose to play as one of 12 private military contractors (each with a unique ability). You and your squad mates must work together to take on various objectives around the globe, such as acquiring (or protecting) a laptop of valuable data across multiple indoor and outdoor urban environments.

Completing jobs and winning matches rewards you with currency and XP (experience points), which can be spent on upgrading skills and loadouts, unlocking new weapons and equipment, and cosmetic customization, too. It's very engaging to literally extend your arms in real life and reach around a corner to fire at unsuspecting enemies.

The squad-based objectives are smart, and there's a lot you can buy with your earned XP or with real money. The biggest shortcoming is that it only has one main game mode, Contracts, which might grow old for some after a few weeks of playing.

Yes, you can customize the experience a bit (and each of the dozen contractors have a unique perk to start with), but it would be great if the developers added additional game modes over time -- perhaps a solid cooperative (co-op) mode (not just training) to significantly extend the legs of this game. Another issue is the game's long load times, which might also be fixed somewhat with an update, and you might be waiting around in a lobby for a while for everyone to join in.

Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. I knew FirewallZeroHour would be something special the very first time I got my hands on it almost a full year ago back at PSX 2017.

After playing it at multiple events since then and spending several hours with it after launch, I can finally confirm that FirewallZeroHour from First Contact Entertainment is the tactical, multiplayer-focused VR shooter we’ve all been waiting for and absolutely lives up to the hype. Anyone that’s played Rainbow Six Siege will be immediately familiar with the idea behind FirewallZeroHour’s main game mode: Contracts.

The focus is on Contract PVP and if you buy the game for anything other than online multiplayer you’re going to be severely disappointed. If you want to shoot around a corner in Area, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, or any other non-VR shooter ever made, you typically need to either press a button to lean around, or poke your face out with your gun.

To explain things further, when in VR you can fine-tune your aiming with slight adjustments to your wrist, tweaking your arm’s angle, shifting your shoulder, or just moving your head to line up the shot. If you own a Rift or a Five then you’ve probably experienced a lot of this already through games like Onward, Pavlov, or even Stand Out: VR Battle Royale.

But I am here to tell you that despite what those games have accomplished, none of them have nailed the polish, accessibility, and sheer tactical depth that the team at First Contact have with Firewall. This is a team of over 30 game industry veterans with experience working on the most popular FPS franchise on the planet, and it shows.

If you turn around all the way then your controller will be occluded and if you reach up too high or down too low, the camera won’t be able to see what you’re doing anymore. This admittedly does limit how far the developers can push your sense of presence, but what you lose in VR capability is more than made up for in platform accessibility, user base size, and game polish.

Technically you can play FirewallZeroHour with just the DualShock 4, but you’d be missing out on the immersion of holding a gun-shaped peripheral while inside VR. Each of the 12 contractors look completely different and can be customized visually, plus they each have their own unique abilities such as faster magazine reloads, taking less bullet damage, or heightened enemy detection.

They’ve got personalities all their own, plenty of variation within such as long corridors, multiple stories, tight corners, open spaces, rooms scattered with cover points, several entryways to key areas, flanking paths, and more. Every time you queue up a match the objectives are placed in randomized locations, so it helps prevent the single game mode from feeling stale.

Honestly, if a non-VR shooter from an AAA developer launched tomorrow on consoles with this much depth for unlocks and progression, I don’t think you’d see anyone complain about a lack of options. By the time I was level 10 (a solid few hours into the game even with the launch double XP turned on) I barely had enough currency to buy attachments for my first custom loadout and even then I wasn’t even close to matching (let alone surpassing) the gear of the pre-made load outs.

But if anyone from the development team is reading this, then one major request I have that I’ve already seen repeated in-game and across the web is for a way to decrease downtime between matches. What this game desperately needs right now is a way to quickly ready up and bypass the pre-match wait, as well as a round-based system instead of single matches.

This way, you’d play with the same squad in the best of three or best of five series, swapping Attackers and Defenders back and forth without ever seeing a loading screen. Or, they could run limited events to feature alternate game modes as promotions with XP bonuses to incentivize players.

There is still a ton of room for improvement not because it gets so much wrong out of the gate, but because the foundation is so fantastic that I can ’t help but fantasize about the possibilities.

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