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Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
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Few female characters in anime have received the same praise and respect as Fairy Tail's Era Scarlet. While Fairy Tail has certainly left a lot to the imagination with its magic systems, Akira Oriya's seminal work has reached cosmic levels of anime nonsense.

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Era Scarlet is fairly handy with her entire armory of weapons; but even with all of them combined, she wouldn't stand a chance against Trunks and his one sword. While most Dragon Ball characters could give Era Scarlet a run for her money, the Naruto world is fortunately much more grounded.

Much like Era, Sakura is the strong, female lead of her series meant to compete alongside the boys as a viable fighter. With all of them combined, he's managed his greatest feat of all, which is slicing up a man made of an entire city.

While Zero may be one of the most powerful swordsmen in anime, Guts will rank higher than one of the most iconic sword fighters in the industry's history. The Black Swordsman is infamous for taking on entire armies, slashing demons to mush, and, in titular fashion, going absolutely berserk on screen.

As wild as he can be, however, he's still relatively grounded compared to Era, who's been able to defeat much more powerful demons on a more regular basis. Era herself may even outrank some of the apostle's of Gut's world, magical beings whose reality-warping ways already give the Seine legend some trouble.

She's fended off talented sword fighters, took on giants that could stomp entire cities, and cut her way through Tartars' base. Throughout his story, he comes to amass the powers and talents of a Soul Reaper, Hollow, Quincy, Full bringer, and whatever KFC puts in their chicken.

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If these two ever cross each other at a coffee shop or something, they could likely become best friends and go out to save Magnolia and find the Holy Grail together. However, one just can 't help think that Sabre would have a bit of an inferiority complex to Era, who is essentially Saber with a lot more toys and extracurricular activities.

While Harsh Suzuki may look plain and unassuming as compared to a girl who literally wears armor all the time, her Should eyes only hide a cosmic monster underneath. At her disposal are very handy sword skills, Claymore strength, and the ability to manipulate her own body to keep up with the things that creep in the night.

While she might not be as frilly and twirly as Sailor Moon, she's put on a very decent reputation for women with power in their wands and blood on their faces. She takes magical girl business to cosmic, interdimensional heights and makes the entire genre very humbling.

With the ability to summon a variety of weapons and armor and the strength to level cities, Reagan likely out muscle Aka me. With that in mind, Era would probably win more bouts with her Shnen levels of power, but there are a few alternate realities out there where Aka me could get really lucky.

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Not really wanked when the feats are been evaluated justly rather than being mocked BCS it's “FT”. Since FT vs OP is stirring up again, might as well do a composite FT character vs composite OP character and show you all just how one-sided the fight going to be...

Also, lol at Era being faster than Zorro, even Fodder in FT could see the Zeus Sea meteorite. I'm on the fence concerning that meteor feat, so I personally don't deem it credible enough to be taken into consideration.

Also, lol at Era being faster than Zorro, even Fodder in FT could see the Zeus Sea meteorite. They saw it while it was entering the atmosphere, doesn't necessarily mean they scale to its speed.

I'm on the fence concerning that meteor feat, so I personally don't deem it credible enough to be taken into consideration. My only hangup with the meteor feat is that Era had a whole hakama spiel mid-flight CIRC.

All of her other bones were shattered which means...she pulled a Kid Roku moment when fighting King Piccolo lol. All of her other bones were shattered which means...she pulled a Kid Roku moment when fighting King Piccolo lol.

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Zero speed blitz Era and kill her with Heidi combine slash attack. All of her other bones were shattered which means...she pulled a Kid Roku moment when fighting King Piccolo lol.

Zero speed blitz Era and kill her with Heidi combine slash attack. No one hates FT instead whining just make a post which feats that show why Moroccan 't beat her cause as of now I don't see her durability being able to keep Zero from killing her.

OT: era wins cause in general Zero hates to fight women especially female swordsmen CIRC Zoro's only impressive feat is cutting Pica in half, that's about mountain level+, correct me if I'm wrong.

Some armors increase her base strength, durability and speed by a lot. “ Zero VS Era is the 70th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Corona Zero from the One Piece series and Era Scarlet from the Fairy Tail series in a battle between anime sword-fighters.

Broomstick: Past, present, or future, one kind of fighter has stood the test of time: The swordsman. Broomstick: Corona Zero, the feared swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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Wiz: And Era Scarlet, the battle mage of the Fairy Tail guild. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Wiz: As a child, Corona Zero dreamed of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world. Wiz: Zoro's dojo training sharpened his natural talent with a sword, but there was one person he could never quite manage to beat, his sensei's daughter, Mooney.

Broomstick: And then she fell down some stairs and died, which just seems like an unacceptable way for a master swordsman to bite the dust. Wiz: After Mooney's death, Zero inherited her sword, and used it to hone his skills even further, eventually leaving the dojo in search of the current titleholder of “World's Greatest Swordsman”, Dracula Mohawk.

With nothing better to do, he became a bounty hunter and wandered around the ocean until he ran into a weird, stretchy, pirate kid. Wiz: At this point, he was already a master swordsman, and, after finding and training under Mohawk, his swordsmanship became legendary.

Wiz: That's one way to put it...in addition to his skills with a blade, Zero is able to use Heidi, a mysterious power that every living thing possesses, but only a select few have learned how to use. Broomstick: Heidi, much like Neapolitan ice cream, comes in three flavors, and Zero only has access to chocolate and vanilla.

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Moroccan sense the location of other people, even if they're invisible or far away, and can also predict most opponents' attacks. This lets him form an invisible armor around himself as protection, or harden his swords to make his strikes cut through almost anything.

Wiz: A strike so powerful, it didn't just cut through Pica, it sent his top half flying upward. Considering Pica's enormous size and approximate mass, this strike had to have been more powerful than the first-ever deployed hydrogen bomb: the 11-Megaton Castle Romeo.

After a battle with Kama, a bear man -because this is One Piece- Zero took on not only his own pain of near-death, but also Buffy's, despite being told that doing so would surely kill him, but it just...didn't. Wiz: You might think Zero would be more of a lone wolf type of guy, but no, much like how Mooney's death spurred him on to become a great swordsman, it's his friends who keep him fighting.

Wiz: Era Scarlet grew up in a small, rural town called Rosemary Village. Wiz: A murderous cult attacked, destroyed the city, and enslaved the children to build a tower to resurrect their evil overlord.

Wiz: Young Era was tortured, and while she may have lost an eye in the process, she also gained a friend, Ella Fernandes. Broomstick: She and her buddy swore they'd escape, so Era ended up staging a revolt, and saved the other slaves, thanks to discovering her latent magical powers.

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Broomstick: Turns out, Ella got possessed by some spirit that made him a huge dick, and she had to go without him. Wiz: After that nightmare, Era swore to dedicate her life to helping and protecting the innocent, and so joined the Fairy Tail Magician's Guild.

Broomstick: Her main thing is equip magic, which is basically like having an armory with you at all times, without having to lug it around. Wiz: Equip magic allows Era to summon her vast array of weapons and armor at will, meaning she can use multiple combinations of swords, lances, and outfits, all in one fight, without ever really slowing down.

Broomstick: Probably to make enemies terribly aroused, ever tried to fight with an erection, Wiz? Broomstick: if her back's against the wall, Era equips her Clear Heart clothing, this enhances her speed and attack over defense, and channels all her magical energy into her bananas, for a decisive blow.

Wiz: All of this makes Era an excellent addition to the Fairy Tail guild. To punch through it, Erza's lance must have dealt about sixteen kilotons of force.

Broomstick: Erza's also fast enough to deflect bullets point-blank from a flintlock pistol, guns with a muzzle velocity of about 540 miles per hour, and that's without a speed boost from her armor. Wiz: Right, many of her armor sets grant her stat boosts, increasing her speed, magic, defense, etc.

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Wiz: Well, she may have a vast armory, but swapping them in and out requires magic, and she can run her supply down if she's not careful. Era and Zero walk in the middle of a seaside village and accidentally bump into each other.

Recognizing Zero from the picture on it, she drops the paper and summons her sword. Zero draws his sword and points it at the Fairy Tail Mage.

Era leaps in the air and swings downward toward Zero, who blocks the overhead attack. Era manages to step back in time to avoid Zoro's attack, which destroys the house right next to them.

Era then equips into her Black Wing armor, surprising her opponent. Era flies downwards and grabs Zero before kicking him to a nearby rooftop.

Zero then gets up to continue the battle but is quickly distracted by a flame on his clothes causing him to panic and roll on the ground to put it out while Era watches and chuckles. Zero charges, but she blocks with her Adamantine armor, she then discards it, before they clash.

Era leaps onto a rooftop and switches to her Giant armor, she throws the lance, but Zero knocks it into the air with his swords and then strikes it back at her. She rockets toward him, glowing with green energy, he leaps and hurls an air blast, the two collide, leveling that part of town.

Zero lies in a crater, bloodied a bit and unmoving, Erza's armor falls off, revealing the Clear Heart clothing under it. She changes to Heaven's Wheel armor, she flies up into the air and summons several swords around her, she aims them all at Zero.

The swords fly down, Zero spins and knocks them away, he sees more coming towards him. Era swaps to the Clear Heart clothing and lands on one of the swords, they leap toward each other and clash.

Era is sliced completely in half down the middle, along with part of a mountain in the background. Zero arrives in a different location next to characters from Metal Slug, confused about his surroundings, while remainder of Erza's swords fall around her corpse.

Wiz: In the past, Era could react to projectiles flying over five hundred miles per hour, but Moroccan move faster than the eye can see. U.S. Air Force tests have shown that a well-trained human eye can consistently spot and recognize an image in one 220th of a second, so in this case, Zero would've had to move from point A to point B, which is about 57 feet, in 4.5 milliseconds, that's close to 9,000 miles per hour.

Broomstick: That's more than five times faster than a bullet, Era didn't really rely on speed anyway, and there's no evidence any of her armor magic could've helped close that wide of a gap. Wiz: Speaking of her armor, Era did have more options in defense and weaponry, unfortunately for her, she was simply outclassed in damage dealt.

Broomstick: Era could withstand hits of about two kilotons, like the blast which destroyed that island, but Zero has dished out much stronger blows than that. Wiz: Slicing Pica in half, for example, was equivalent to 11.5 megatons, that's about 6,000 times bigger than anything Erza's survived, and while Erza's artificial eye may have seen through Zoro's nine sword style illusion, it couldn't prevent him from actually attacking her.

This sounded like a good idea on paper, but close-range combat was Zoro's bread and butter. Wiz: Era was mostly self-taught, and while proficient with a blade, Zero has trained with swords all his life, even with the greatest swordsman in the world, an up-close duel was exactly what he was looking for.

This is the first Anime themed episode, with the next eleven being NATU VS Ace, Lucio VS Reason, Naruto VS Chico, Jo taro VS Kinship, Joshi VS Jamaica, Leisure VS Via, Mob VS Satsuma, All Might VS Might Guy, Gray VS Es death, Beers VS Sailor Galatia and Kanji VS Rock Lee. This is the first Squash VS Romansh themed battle, with the next two being NATU VS Ace and Beers VS Sailor Galatia.

Fairy Tail and One Piece themselves are often compared to one another, giving a bigger connection between the two franchises. This is the tenth Male VS Female themed episode, after Bob Feet VS Camus Ran, Joshi VS Raptor, Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black, Star scream VS Rainbow Dash, GAAR VS Top, Bob Feet VS Camus Ran (Remastered), Dante VS Bayonet ta, Meta VS Carolina and Tracer VS Scout, and with the next twelve being Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie, Lara Croft VS Nathan Drake, Lucio VS Reason, Thor VS Wonder Woman, Carnage VS Lucy, Captain Marvel VS Shazam, Fragonard VS Mechagodzilla, Mob VS Satsuma, Gray VS Es death, Beers VS Sailor Galatia, The Seven Battle Royale and Red VS Blue.

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