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Born Among Rodriquez Walker (1962-06-12) 12 June 1962 (age 58)Occupation Actor Years active1985–presentSpouse(s)Sandra Walker (?–present)Children3 He appeared as Jake Brown in the miniseries Supply & Demand in 1997.

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In 2006, he played Dr Stephen Dakar in three episodes of the medical drama series ER. He also starred in the Fox Network legal drama Justice, playing the part of Luther Graves.

Walker appeared on the NBC drama series Kings, which was based on the biblical story of David. He also starred in the TV series The Whole Truth, alongside Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow, which premiered on 22 September 2010.

In 2011 Walker appeared on FX series Lights Out as trainer Ed Romeo, former trainer of Lights Leary's last opponent, Death Row Reynolds. Walker appeared in an episode of BBC One's Inspector George Gently, playing the father of a murder victim in 2012, and in two episodes of the BBC/Cinema series Strike Back.

In 2013, he portrayed Frederick Douglass in the BBC series Copper. Walker lives in the United States with his wife Sandra.

The incomparable and talented Damon Walker is one of our favorite intriguing actors. We loved him as Kareem Said in OZ, but there’s a lot more to this handsome face than any single well-played character.

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After graduating from Hunger ford School in Arlington, he went to North London Polytechnic. Instead, he trained as a dancer and auditioned for the Explosive Dance Theater Company in London.

Damon courted his wife Sandra for two decades before the couple married. They don’t disclose a lot of personal details about their long and happy marriage.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is world-famous for its stage production and the writer who helped create it and give it a name. The story was set in an America-like nation and uniquely told the classic tale.

Among, who starred as Reverend Ephraim Samuel's, said it was Ahead of its time.” Â The actor remembered filming on the show fondly and also says he made friends there that he still keeps in contact with. Most recently, we’ve been enjoying Among and the rest of the cast on Chicago Fire.

He plays the Battalion Chief of Firehouse 51, in charge of, and responsible for all the hard-working firefighters who work under him. Anyone who thinks acting is ‘an easy gig,’ clearly doesn’t realize how challenging some roles are.

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The average temperature is a chilly 49 degrees, and a considerable part of what they do involves being outside. Molly’s bar connects all the characters over time as they live and work in the city they call home.

Some actors and actresses have bonded over a new love of the city by buying homes in the area. Among did move for the show, but he shares a stranger connection to one of his trilogy co-stars.

EamonnWalker and Jesse Spencer both see the same vocal coach to do their American Accents for the show. Among may be better known for his silver screen time, but he hasn’t given up on stage shows entirely.

However, for actors, expanding their range and developing their talent by becoming more than they’ve been before is essential. Most recently, the Filmmakers Los Angeles Best of 2014 Award for Best Performance in a Drama.

Among holds a Cable Ace award for his time on OZ. You can find her writing blog posts and articles while sitting under a tree at the local park watching her kids play, or typing away on her tablet in line at the DMV.

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Although Walker has been a regular presence on television (and stage) since that show went off the air, his film appearances have been few and far between, which is why one might not recognize him when he first appears on screen in his latest movie, Cadillac Records, which reunites him with former “Oz” director Darnell Martin. The movie’s a look at the early days of recorded blues at Chess Records, and Walker gives an amazing performance as legendary blues' singer Howling’ Wolf.

The movie also stars Adrien Brody as Leonard Chess, the label’s co-founder, Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters, and Beyoncé Knowles as singer Etta James. Covington.net had a chance to sit down with Walker to talk about what went into playing the role of Howling’ Wolf, as well as to learn a bit about his new NBC show “Kings” which starts airing next year.

CS: When you first appeared in the studio performing it really took me a second to realize it was you, even though I’ve seen every episode of “Oz” a number of times. EamonnWalker: You didn’t recognize me. CS: I don’t know if it was just the beard or just the situation, and I was really curious, do you have any kind of musical background whatsoever? Walker : I’m a frustrated musician, I would go there.

CS: Did you just happen to find the script or your agent? Walker : You may not know, but Darnell directed the pilot and the first two episodes of “Oz” so that’s where we met. If you watch this movie, you could take away from it that their whole relationship was this slice that you get, but it wasn’t, they played together, they loved each other, they respected each other on one level.

I mean my I call him my surrogate father, John Either, because I adopted him and said, “I like listening to you.” Anyway, he was a big fan of Howling’ Wolf, and so, I told him I was doing this film, and I’m still apprehensive as to his reaction, because that was a criterion that I held high in my mind’s eye. So, me playing this role and him being a huge Howling’ Wolf fan specifically, and he really spoke about it.

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Are there any TV appearances or anything you had for reference for him? Walker : Well, you start doing your job as an actor basically. The first place I actually went to after the initial conversation of, “Yes, I’d love to be a part of that cast, are you kidding me?” was YouTube.

Then I knew straight away from watching that, that his voice, his movement, his weight, all sorts of things were going to have to shift in me fairly quickly. The next thing I did is I found a jazz singer called Cecilia Stalin who works with you on breath control, and expanding your voice because I knew that if I spoke like that for too long I was going to go like (snaps fingers).

In actual fact, I didn’t know Cecilia, it was a friend of mine called Bobby Ray, who is a singer, and I was like, “Bobby, man, I’ve got to do this voice and I don’t know where to start.” He suggested Cecilia. He was like, “Well, she works with voice, she teaches, and she’ll be able to get extraordinary things out of your voice.” I was like, “Give me her number,” and that was the beginning of that, and that happened in London.

There is nothing, I believe, that an actor uses in one role that he hasn’t found out a little of something while playing something else on stage, film, or otherwise. So definitely as far as Howling’ Wolf was concerned and what Darnell when I walked into her apartment, she had such a specific idea of whom she wanted, but when she was talking about it, images popped into my head.

Oh, I could do that.” Then she explained there were going to be other scenes, but because of time constraints and everything else she said she was going to cut one scene, and she was going to amalgamate another one, so the performance was supposed to be in front of an audience, but we changed it, and it ended up as she came and said, “I’m going to give you a girl, so you perform for her.” So the cinema gets an idea of how you perform, but you’re recording, so you actually are doing two things at the same time, but as well as that, making the sexuality and the courageousness of whom this man is, but at the same time, I’m going to use this to let the audience know about whom this man is. Chester Burnett’s life, when she gave me this book, and it was full of her notes and all the little post-it stickers all attached to it all about Howling’ Wolf, and I just got lost in it.

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Also, on top of that I had the harmonica lessons I was doing, learning a Mississippi accent, but we all did that, but we all did it separately. CS: And then Darnell just threw all of you together to see how it would work? Walker : That’s the amazing thing about sitting downstairs and listening to everybody ’cause I didn’t know everybody was doing that on their own.

I turned up at work and my scenes were mainly with Jeffrey and Adrien, and all my stuff was running in my head, “Well, God, is this going to work?” and everything else, and then she goes, “Action,” and it all goes whoosh, and this energy, and you go, “Wow, wow!” As you can see we’re all quite very friendly and very jovial now. CS: It’s funny because the way you talk about it, it sounds like the way Mike Leigh works.

I’m Reverend Samuel's, so I’m his spiritual advisor at best, but I’m not a part of the politics of the land. I mean, the great thing about being an actor is you work with great people all the time, and I’ve got to work with Ian Methane, Brian Cox is in this thing, Chris Began is going to blow your mind.

He’s like this new, young kind of Heath Ledger type person, and they’re putting their heart and soul into it. I know it starts airing sometime in January? Walker : It comes out January or February so maybe in March, I don’t know, but they’re so happy with it thus far, they were like, “Just finish the first bunch, and then we’ll let them have another lot.” There're no questions beforehand, everything that’s coming in is brilliant, and Ian Methane is brilliant.

CS: Any chance that Tom Fontana might someday to a two-hour movie like “Where are they now?” Walker : Well, my character died, so he could come back as a ghost.

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