Can Dogs Go On Washington State Ferries

Elaine Sutton
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Pets in carriers are allowed in interior passenger areas on vessels. Uncased pets are not allowed to remain in interior passenger areas for the duration of a voyage.

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WSF recognizes that it is impractical to require walk on passengers and their leashed pets to remain on the auto deck for the duration of a voyage. We ask that customers do not linger in the interior spaces and use the most direct route when moving to or from the exterior areas.

Walk on passengers with pets who choose to remain on the auto deck must stay with the animal for the duration of the sailing and ensure it is properly restrained. If you have any questions about service animals please contact the WSF ADA Accessibility Coordinator at 206-515-3437 (TTY:711/206.515.3437) or wsdotada@wsdot.wa.gov.

Old hands will often stay in their cars and snooze during the crossing, but all the trips are gorgeous and worth seeing from the upper levels of the ferry. People bring cards and board games to entertain themselves, they read, and a couple of times we’ve been within earshot of a wonderful guitar player.

Uncased, unrestrained pets are not allowed to remain in interior passenger areas for the duration of a voyage. Read the FAQ I’ve given you the link to for details, but put briefly, if your pup is leashed, you don’t have to stay down on the car deck (that used to be the case, but WSD OT has kindly recognized that “it is impractical to require walk on passengers and their leashed pets to remain on the auto deck for the duration of a voyage”).

Be aware that if you walk on with your dog, you will have to remain outside with her for the crossing, and while the exterior passenger spaces you can access with her will give you a better view than the car deck does, they will be windy and can be frigid. Uncased, unrestrained pets are not allowed to remain in interior passenger areas for the duration of a voyage.

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WSF recognizes that it is impractical to require walk on passengers and their leashed pets to remain on the auto deck for the duration of a voyage. Walk on passengers with pets who choose to remain on the auto deck must stay with the animal for the duration of the sailing and ensure it is properly restrained.

Not absolutely positive, but yes, I believe dogs are allowed. Owners are also given the opportunity to attend to pets several times per day during extended sailings.

This is done through the purser who will announce on board when the car deck will be open for approximately 15 minutes. Service animals do require prior approval so that shipboard staff can be properly notified.

DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED Pets must have a health certificate with proof of current rabies vaccination issued within 30 days of travel. This is required for pets entering the State of Alaska and you will need to show the health certificate in Bellingham Washington or Pr.

To find out the requirements to bring an animal into Washington, please call: WashingtonState Vet's Office in Dept of Agriculture: (360) 902-1878. For travel by road through Canada, proof of a rabies vaccination within the last three years is required, but passengers should check directly with Canadian customs for additional information.

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There is no charge on any route for a certified service animal accompanying a person with a disability. Only certified service animals are allowed on passenger decks aboard Alaska Marine Highway vessels.

Comfort and therapy animals are required to follow the AMOS pet policy and will be restricted to the car deck. These giant people and car carriers are part of the largest ferry system in the world, and they make getting to and from the San Juan's incredibly easy, affordable, and best of all, fun.

But you will likely want to make your way 80 miles north of Seattle to Anacortes Washington to the gateway to the San Juan Islands / WashingtonState Ferry Terminal. 64.5 Miles Take the WA-20 exit- EXIT 230- toward BURLINGTON / ANACORTES Turn LEFT onto WA-20 / W RIO VISTA AVE / AVON CUTOFF.

(After you pass a McDonald's on your right) Continue on 12th which becomes Oaks Ave and keep going until you see signs for the Washington State Ferry Terminal and you will veer right into the toll booth lanes. Pay & Go Your Way To Your San Juan Islands Adventures you drive into the Anacortes WashingtonState Ferry terminal you pick a line and inch your way up to the tool booth.

Fares are substantially lower during off-peak season and there are discounts for seniors and the disabled. The guards appeared to be either military or homeland security personnel, and you could really tell they knew what they were doing.

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To pass the time you can leave your car and go grab a coffee and danish in the terminal, walk along the waterfront and take in the sea air, or just have a seat at one of the picnic tables overlooking the bay. Once Onboard The Washington Ferry The WashingtonStateFerries are a very safe and comfortable way for you to get out on the water and see the San Juan's up close for yourself.

These boats are enormous with room to spare so don't worry about being in a hurry to get a good seat. Regular car and passenger ferries depart Bellingham, making stops in Prince Rupert, Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Site, Juneau, Haines, Steinway, and more.

You may also catch a glimpse of migrating whales, eagles, and other wildlife on your trip through the inside passage. WHALE WATCHING TOURS The San Juan Islands are a favorite vacation spot in North West WashingtonState.

The 172 San Juan islands offer endless recreational opportunities, from sailing, sea kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, whale watching. During your visit to the San Juan Islands don't miss the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures in their natural setting.

They might not be chasing beach balls or turning flips, but local Orca Whales sometimes do like to put on a show for visitors. Call the airline to make a reservation for your dog well ahead of time, whether he’s traveling with you or alone.

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Even if he’s small enough to ride in the cabin with you, airlines will only accept a certain number of pets on each flight, so make reservations early to be sure he gets on board. Pay for his travel at the same time, if required, since the airlines will not usually hold the space for your pet until it is paid for.

Typically, the kennel must be rigid and not collapsible, it must be leak-proof, and no part of your dog can stick out. Make sure that your dog can sit, stand and lie down comfortably inside the kennel, as well as turn around.

Also check to see that it’s held together with nuts and bolts, not clips or clamps, that it has food and water dishes inside for your pet and has labeling specifying that the kennel contains a live animal, as well as providing your contact information. Take him for a walk last thing before you kennel him at check-in, and arrive at the airport at least two hours early.

The ferries allow passengers to sit back, relax, perhaps sip a latte or glass of wine and enjoy the scenery. And what scenery it is -- island shorelines edged with sinewy, red madroño trees, golden bluffs, or rocky beaches.

Sharp-eyed riders may spot a bald eagle perched in a tree or get a rare glimpse of a whale wandering the waters. Sparkling waters, snow-capped mountains, cityscapes, salt air, leaping Orca whales, the call of the gulls-a journey aboard a WashingtonState Ferry appeals to the senses.

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And it makes a lot of sense when you see all the places you cargo on any one of our ten different routes thought Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. Ferry always has cheap prices for WashingtonStateFerries and the latest special offers.

The WashingtonStateFerries fleet is made up of modern ferries with a high standard of onboard facilities to make your trip as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. Whichever WashingtonState Ferry you choose, you can set sail safe in the knowledge that you got a great deal with Ferry.

We filed a Public Records Request with WSD OT and here we present findings for on-time rates for calendar year 2014, with a focus on the difference between actual and scheduled departure times. Click to Enlarge. In Figure 1, we used linear regression to add a trend line to visually show trends in departure time delay for all routes and then stratified those values by route of interest.

Because this figure only looks at crossing times, any variation in trip length is due to factors that occurred while sailing. In conclusion, we observed that WSD OT ferries are generally very consistent and there is some ability to predict delays in advance (such as a summer weekend afternoon sailing).

With the introduction of reservations and better online notification of ferry capacity, WSD OT is attempting to make for a smoother sailing experience while dealing with the rapid population growth that faces many other transit services in the state. Based on our observations, the ferry will almost always leave within 10 minutes of scheduled departure, the only question being whether you’re on it or not.

I didn't have the room to bring my dog with me but I planned to get back. To fly a dog, you must get a health certificate from your vet, stating vaccines, and that the heart is murmur free, and the dog should be okay to fly.

Then, depending on the size of your dog, you might be able to take it in the cabin with you, or fly it in cargo. 2 years ago, it cost me $250 to fly my 16-week-old Rottweiler puppy to my home.

I have personally flown 3 dogs, all 3 arrived safely, and were well taken care of by the airlines. I personally prefer Continental to Delta, but it is more a matter of which flies where and how many connections the dog might have to make.

Your pet will have a hard enough time adjusting to the new layout of his home, and the new environment. There are people in our area that will deliver pets from one home to another...some are as low-priced as you will pay for plane.

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