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According to a New York Times piece, it is revealed that Denzel Washington is already planning his next August Wilson-inspired film project, an adaptation of the 1987 play, “The Piano Lesson.” Not only is Washington already developing the idea, but he already has a cast and director he’d like to bring aboard. The report claims that actors Samuel L. Jackson and John David Washington (Denzel’s son, who recently starred in Tenet ”) are the duo being approached for the film, as well as Barry Jenkins as a potential director.

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Just this week, it was announced that the filmmaker has been signed on to helm the upcoming sequel to The Lion King.” This is already adding to a stacked schedule of finishing his Underground Railroad TV series, scripting an adaptation of Vicuna, ” and working on an Alvin Bailey biopic. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Washington revealed that it is next on his list, after his adaptation of Wilson's play Ma Rainy's Black Bottom has hit Netflix.

For the film, he plans to assemble his son, John David Washington, Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, and director Barry Jenkins. The sister, Bernice, remains emphatic about keeping the piano, which shows the carved faces of their great-grandfather's wife and son during the days of their enslavement.

When Donald Later, the millionaire owner of a luxury resort hotel, is found murdered, everyone assumes that the culprit is Maumee, a petty crook who also is Quinn's best friend. Quinn doesn't believe it and clashes with the island's inept Governor Chalk and his arrogant political fixer Thomas Elgin.

Quinn's worries over the murder exacerbate his troubles at home; he is estranged from his wife, Lola, and rarely has time to see his son. Chalk introduces Quinn to Fred Miller, an affable American said to represent Later's company.

Against Chalk's instructions, Quinn has the body autopsied and finds that Later died of a venomous snake bite and was already dead when his head was cut off. Quinn arrests Jose Patina, who claims to be on vacation, but has also been questioning people about Maumee's whereabouts.

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Quinn discovers that Later, a close associate of the President of the United States, brought stacks of $10,000 bills to the island to be picked up by Patina. ABU Pearl instructed Sold to go to the hotel and leave a snake in Later's room.

He cut Later's head off, put his body into the tub to attempt to conceal the cause of death, and grabbed the sack of money. Miller shoots at Maumee and Quinn watches helplessly as his friend's body falls into the ocean.

A snake hidden in the sack of money slithers out and fatally bites the helicopter pilot. As he walks on the beach with his son, the camera pans down to show a line of barefoot prints emerging from the water, leading to a rock with a $10,000 bill sitting on it.

It holds an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 16 reviews, with the consensus reading: “A deft hybrid of laughs, espionage, and music, The Mighty Quinn is a smart, pleasant entertainment that offers an early example of DenzelWashington's onscreen magnetism.” You might have imagined that would have happened to Washington after he starred in Cry Freedom as the South African hero Steven Biko.

He got an Oscar nomination for that performance, but it didn't even begin to hint at his reserves of charm, sexiness and offbeat humor. In an effortless way that reminds me of Robert Mitch um, Michael Caine or Sean Connery in the best of the Bond pictures, he is able to be tough and gentle at the same time, able to play a hero and yet not take himself too seriously.

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Touchstone Pictures / Via belles.tumblr.com Part of the deal was that she had to stay off cocaine for a week, because she needed the extra money for a trip to Disneyland. Edward eventually throws her out of his car and drives away.

The movie was scripted to end with Vivian and her friend on the bus to Disneyland. Touchstone Pictures / Via wifflegif.com Guess they thought they had something to worry about.

Stephen Love kin / Getty Images Nextmovie.com However, once they got the rights to the song “Pretty Woman,” they changed it.

They didn't want their cars associated with picking up prostitutes. Touchstone Pictures Facts courtesy of IMDB and the 15th Anniversary DVD.

Unfortunately, others subvert his song into “The Mighty Quinn,” disturbing the atmosphere somewhat, but that's all part of the plot. Quinn's “serious cop” is the straight man to another worthy character, Maumee (Robert Townsend), an impish rascal loved by everyone on the island.

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“The Mighty Quinn” makes me want to go to the island and party with everyone there, but, alas, it's only a movie. It takes place in a town on a Caribbean island not unlike Jamaica, and tells the story of a drifter named Maumee accused of murder, and his best friend who happens to be the town Sherri.

The film may not be action-packed, or even contain a gripping plot, but I assure any readers this movie will not disappoint you. Denzel Washington is delightful as the Sherri trying to prove his friends innocence, and Robert Townsend plays the down-and-out drifter Maumee, in an equal pleasing role.

While the films premise may not initial draw you in, its wonderful characters and colorful island setting will. And every time things start to slow down, the movie drops another dead body in.

Rum Punch and Reggae I never tire of watching this movie. He gets to be the cool-headed Chief of Police that takes no crap from the rich white folks and, at the same time, is the butt of jokes from his own people. The cast of characters all add to this interesting mystery set in Jamaica.

Robert Townsend shows his amazing versatility as the childhood friend of Washington and the chief suspect in a murder. Mimi Rogers is just luscious as the philandering spouse of James Fox, the man who wants Washington to go away and stop doing his job.

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M. Emmett Walsh makes the perfect government hit man, who is after missing $10,000 bills. But, the whole film has a continuous soundtrack of fantastic music that adds island charm to the laughs and seduction and fun.

“The Mighty Quinn” is one of those movies that isn't a masterpiece by any stretch, but is interesting for what it shows. In this case, we get to see Jamaica, where sheriff Xavier Quinn (Denzel Washington) is investigating a murder and trying to clear his friend Maumee's (Robert Townsend) name.

One of the most interesting scenes is when someone escapes from a house by climbing through the tin roof. Like I said, “The Mighty Quinn” isn't a great movie or anything, but it's interesting for what it shows.

GOOD CARIBBEAN ADVENTURE MYSTERY Washington plays a very low keyed Island cop who has a murder and some wealthy people to deal with if he wants to solve it. The if involves some racial and money overtones that would seem to put him over his head.

Robert Townsend is great as the wily Maumee, Mimi Rogers is convincing as a damsel in distress and Sheryl Lee Ralph showcases her talents as both an actress and a singer. But perhaps the best part of this movie, in my opinion, is Denzel's character Xavier.

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But more that it's the way he embodies a role so much so that by the end of the movie you can 't tell him from smooth-tongued Jamaican police officer that he's playing. Catch it one late night on television reruns and I bet you'll get caught up.

Smooth and charming Police Chief Xavier Quinn (a fine and likable performance by Denzel Washington) has to search his Jamaican island beat for lovable local rascal and old childhood pal Maumee (a wonderfully engaging portrayal by Robert Townsend) in order to clear Maumee's name after he's accused of murder. Capably directed with considerable flashy panache by Carl Shekel, with a pleasantly casual pace, and a colorful and absorbing script by Hampton Rancher, further buoyed by an extremely catchy'n'bouncy reggae soundtrack, nice touches of wry humor, and a flavorsome Caribbean tropical setting, this film possesses a certain affable laid-back appeal that's impossible to either dislike or resist.

The strong cast helps a lot: Washington and especially Townsend excel in the lead roles, with fine support from James Fox as jerky rich resort owner Thomas Elgin, the lovely Mimi Rogers as Thomas' neglected and enticing wife Hadley, the always great M. Emmett Walsh as hearty, yet vicious hired killer Fred Miller, Esther Role as fearsome witch ABU Pearl, Art Evans as irritable Sergeant Jump Jones, Sheryl Lee Ralph as Xavier's fiery and sultry wife Lola, Norman Beaten as the meddlesome Governor Chalk, and Key Luke as the helpful Dr. Raj. Washington easily carries this picture with his supremely amiable and charismatic presence.

Jacques Stan's bright cinematography gives this movie an attractive sunny look while Anne Dudley's frothy score keeps things bubbling along. You ain't seen NOTHING like 'The Mighty Quinn' This is one excellent Denzel film.

He's a Caribbean cop investigating a murder that his childhood friend (Robert Townsend) may be implicated in. The locales and the reggae music exude quite an atmosphere, and the supporting cast (Mimi Rogers, James Fox, M. Emmett Walsh, Sheryl Lee Ralph) makes this a classic.

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My personal favorite: Esther Role (Mother on Good Times) appears as a witch in several key scenes. Relaxed -- very relaxed -- murder story, with Denzel Washington as a detective ordered to find and capture his friend, so the murder can be rapidly cleared up and the tourist trade flow along liquid.

Halfway through, Washington begins to believe that there is more to the case than meets the eye, and that his buddy will be no more than a scapegoat. Very nice location shooting in Jamaica. The more desperately seedy areas of Kingston are avoided, as they would be in one of Hitchcock's movies set in an exotic locale.

The viewpoint is that of the tourist used to saying in nice hotels, the kind with jacuzzis but no venomous snakes. Denzel Washington handles the accent pretty well without quite shedding his own phones.

The white guys tend to be bad, while the local people of color are at worst raffish. There's nothing truly outstanding about this routine flick, except, as I've noted, the score.

It's not a bad flick if you're prepared to let it take you by the hand and lead you along the colorful streets, pointing out sites of interest, suggesting you taste the jerky and try one of those pink drinks in a tall glass with a flower and a paper umbrella sticking out of it. We call it Captain Bluebeard's Mango Flavored Rum Punch.

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Interesting Look into Caribbean Culture I read a previous comment calling this movie boring, so I had to respond. While this movie is far from perfect, it is a great Afrocentric murder mystery set on a Caribbean island.

It shares aspects with Marlon Brando's Burn in that the locals fall victims to the whims and greed of white colonial, in this case, American exploits. This film was made in 1989, during a black cultural rebirth that included Spike Lee films and the political rap band Public Enemy.

Its not much wonder this film isn't seen often, just like Brando's Burn, and Ben Gadara's high Velocity, two other films that plumb honestly colonial politics and tragedy, long past and recent. Denzel plays Xavier Quinn, the police chief on a Caribbean island where some stereotypical eccentricities are maybe rather overemphasized.

He's very dashing in his formal uniform and while out of favor with his wife, he's still not short of admirers. His not-so-smooth life is then even more disturbed by a murder at a smart local hotel.

His Jamaican accent also occasionally wanders and his singing is a departure. Denzel is still easy to watch, and it's a gently diverting classic murder mystery set in a colorful community and beautiful scenery.

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Breezy Caribbean cop flick Warning: Spoilers Something halfway DIFFERENT from Hollywood's usual fare; Denzel plays a rather straight-laced Chief of Police of a Jamaica-like island and must track down his free-spirit childhood friend, Maumee, suspected of murder.

The best thing about this movie (to me) was its island locations and people, a great change of pace from the usual Local or New Hawk stuff. M. Emit Walsh is a scene stealer as a bemused corporate operative down to fix some loose ends.

The numerous musical interludes are excellent (and it's great to watch a movie without the usual hip-hop or angst-metal). Many of the 'minor' characters--Ubu Pearl, Coco, Jose, Jump--are lots more interesting than the major ones.

It's a boring mystery tale, that never manages to get you involved, and when everything is revealed you don't get any particular pleasure from the resolution. In fact, the movie takes so long to reach at wherever it's going that you may feel like dozing off on several occasions.

Denzel Washington, in this particular role, doesn't show enough star charisma to hold the picture; his co-star, Robert Townsend, steals the show as the cheerfully irresponsible “victim of circumstances”. Totally worth watching This movie has some very personal conflicts that we could all use as many perspectives to as possible.

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It was one of the first movies ever made with a really emotional and well choreographed Cascara fight toward the end that you can 't miss! The cultural issues were also well portrayed for the time that this movie is set in.

You really have to be in an attentive state of mind to appreciate this movie and have some sort of respect for the history of martial arts and the depths of having to fight a battle that you don't want to fight, to the death, because you are standing up for morale. The authority figure is the main character, so decide for yourself if these things sound interesting enough to give this movie a chance.

A wealthy white resort owner is found dead in his hotel on the island of Jamaica. When Chief Xavier Quinn (Denzel Washington) investigates he's met with resistance and simply told to find Maumee (Robert Townsend).

Quinn, not willing to simply turn away, pursues the investigation further much to the disapproval of the governor as well as Elgin (James Fox), another white bigwig. Based upon the book “Finding Maumee”, it's an intriguing murder mystery with a Jamaican flare. The movie primarily follows Quinn through his surreptitious investigation as well as his family and woman troubles.

Chief Xavier Quinn is in charge of policing on a relaxed, unnamed Caribbean island. He doesn't expect too much trouble but that changes when a body is found in a Jacuzzi.

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Plenty of people are keen to point the finger of blame at Maumee, a local né'er-do-well who was also a childhood friend of Quinn. There is also an unseemly desire to wrap the case up as quickly as possible; the owner of the hotel complex where the man was killed doesn't want his other guests upset and the island's governor doesn't want the tourist industry damaged.

Quinn however is determined to properly investigate the case properly and as he does, so he crosses paths with a Central American hit-man, a dodgy CIA operative and a case full of US $10,000 bills. If you are looking for a gritty cop drama then this isn't the film for you; however if you want a fun, fairly light mystery then you could do a lot worse. The film nicely captures the feel of island life; all the locals appear to know each other, the pace of life is more relaxed, the scenery looks great and the sea inviting.

The central mystery is interesting and while something's can be guessed others are not too obvious. Denzel Washington does a solid job as Quinn, any time his accent slips slightly can be explained since we are told he spent three years in the US military and a year studying at Quantico.

Robert Townsend is also great as the elusive Maumee, he steals every scene he is in as this larger than life character. The film has a good soundtrack that adds to the Caribbean feel and some solid if mostly unspectacular action not that it is the sort of film that demands lots of action.

Overall I'd certainly recommend this to anybody wanting an undemanding mystery set in a scenic location. I am surprised that people have not commented on the three blind men following one another as they tap their way through one of the scenes.

The film is full of interesting, quirky characters and some great dialogue as well. This is really an old-fashioned type of film with a sense of life and warmth in it.

This movie gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and I recommend that anyone that just wants to relax and watch Denzel Washington look awesome and enjoy a 1980s mystery this is it. GOOD CARIBBEAN ADVENTURE MYSTERY Washington plays a very low keyed Island cop who has a murder and some wealthy people to deal with if he wants to solve it.

The if involves some racial and money overtones that would seem to put him over his head. Excellent support cast led by Walsh and Townsend make this a very good and underrated film.

The pivotal sequence of scenes involves the title song, which traces Quinn's return to his own roots. A Hidden Gem I have been a huge Denzel Washington fan for a long time, and I can honestly say that he is my all-time favorite actor.

“The Mighty Quinn” is a little-known 1989 mystery thriller, known mostly by die-hard Denzel fans. Denzel had many underrated vehicles in the 80s and 90s, such as “For Queen and Country”, “Ricochet”, “Virtuosity”, “The Siege”, and “Fallen”, and “The Mighty Quinn” is no exception.

Given more than enough room to flex his acting muscles, Denzel holds the hand of the script the whole way through, and it's great. The script does immensely benefit from Denzel's involvement, though it might've been a bigger success had a more well-known star been the lead at the time.

It's serious, but it's so charming and likable that it's easy to forget that the plot is about a murderer, and a person framed for it. From the reggae soundtrack, to some wacky characters, to the exotic location, there's just so much here.

He adapted the screenplay from a 1971 novel by A. H. Z. Carr called “Finding Maumee”. Carl Shekel directed the film, and it's unfortunate that he hasn't really done anything else, aside from “Knight Moves”.

He's a very competent director, and he stages set pieces quite nicely. The performances were all good, although the high point, obviously, was the great Denzel.

Robert Townsend compliments Denzel well, delivering an excellent supporting performance, and the other actors were all fine. Michael Emmett Walsh was a fine villain, although he could've done better had he been given more to work with.

The character of Xavier Quinn, along with a lot of other things about this film, is very interesting. The story describes him as a legend in his community, and many people obviously respect him.

This seems to be a set up for him to show us his ability to kill or take down criminals, but he doesn't really. His character works with his legend, and never feels he has to prove it, like many other films do.

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