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It's also a way to see how much I’ve improved over the year in comparison to my first digital pieces of 2020. I’ve been meaning to draw this meme and I think now is a perfect time since Bruce keeps avoiding his parental responsibilities.

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A quick warm up drawing of best BOI (´`) (`) I will never get over this anime or the characters, no matter how dead the fandom is or lack of content.

It’ll be my true one love. I’ve been out of the DC fandom for at least 5 years, but I was rewatching the Son of Batman movie.

He is the genetically engineered son of Batman and Tania all Gaul, and thus the grandson of Batman villain Ra's all Gaul and the potential inheritor of Wayne Enterprises as the son of Bruce; he is also the grandson of Thomas and Martha Wayne. With the all Gauls citing Bruce Wayne as the optimal successor to their empire, after a night of passion with the daughter of Ra's all Gaul, Damian was grown in an artificial womb, his existence being kept from Batman until Batman #656 (2006).

In turn, the character is revealed to have originally been intended to “kill and replace his famous father,” as well as serving as a host body for Ra's all Gaul, thus, in theory, unifying both Wayne and Demon factions as intended by the all Gauls. A prototype of the character originally appeared as an unnamed infant in the 1987-story Batman: Son of the Demon, which at that time was not considered canon.

Following this, various alternate universe stories dealt with the character's life, giving him various names. Damian Wayne is the fifth character to assume the role of Robin, Batman's vigilante partner.

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The result of a eugenics experiment”, Damian, as a preadolescent, is left by his mother in the care of his father who had been unaware of his son's existence. He continued to serve as Robin until 2013's Batman, Inc. #8, in which he is killed by the Heretic, an agent of his mother and his own clone of accelerated growth.

Damian Wayne is ranked No 1 in IGN's Top Ten Best Robins and No 6 in ENSAAMA's 10 Most Popular Comic Book Characters Introduced in the Last 25 Years. The child from Son of the Demon was used as a backup character in various stories before appearing as Damian Wayne.

In the Else worlds story, The Brotherhood of the Bat (1995), a version named Gallant Wayne appears, who crusades against his grandfather Ra's all Gaul. Brotherhood of the Bat features a future in which Ra's all Gaul discovers the Bat cave following Bruce Wayne's death, and outfits the League of Assassins in variant Batman costumes based on Wayne's rejected designs.

Tania and Bruce's son join the Brotherhood in his father's costume, to destroy it from within. In Kingdom Come (1996) by Mark Said and Alex Ross, which functioned as a possible future to the canon of the time, the child of Batman and Tania is named In all EU'flash, literally “Son of the Bat”, and a member of Led Luthor's inner circle.

In all EU'flash holding Night star on the cover art of The Kingdom: Son of the Bat #1 (February 1999); art by Brian Author The Kingdom: Son of the Bat shows flashbacks that shed new insights into In all EU'flash's history: that he was reared by Ra's all Gaul to be the heir to his empire, that he eventually murdered his grandfather (cutting off his head to prevent yet another regeneration), and that he sought therapy from psychiatrist Dr. Gibson. He was eventually recruited by Rip Hunter to try to stop a madman named Gog from altering his history.

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Because of the deaths of his parents at Ra's's hands, Gallant has completed following his father's tragic path as Batman. The new Dark Knight desires justice for his parents along with trying to stop his grandfather while having to battle his father's murderous double.

In Morrison's version, the child Damian Wayne is the result of a tryst between Batman and Tania, during which The Dark Knight claims he was drugged when they were at the Tropic of Cancer, though Morrison later admitted the claim of drugging was a canonical error on his part. Since then however in issues of the Morrison penned Batman Incorporated, the drugging is reaffirmed and is once again part of Damian's origin.

3 #22 (2009) reveals that he would eventually marry Night star (Mar' i Grayson) with whom he would have a daughter and son. Genetically perfected and grown in an artificial womb, Damian was intended to be a formidable warrior.

He becomes a talented martial artist before his teenage years, at which time Tania reveals Damian's existence to Bruce Wayne and leaves him in Batman's custody in an effort to disrupt Batman's work. Damian then escapes, dons a variant Robin costume made of Jason Todd's old tunic and mask and assorted League of Assassin gear, and gets into a fight with and decapitates the villainous Spook.

Unfortunately, because of how he was raised, Damian lacks any sort of common sense in regard to social behavior and believes that in order to be accepted by his father, he must kill any rivals, which included Tim Drake. However, Damian's badly injured body requires transplants of harvested organs, which his mother orders her physicians to carry out.

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Beginning in Batman Annual #26 (“Head of the Demon”), Tania takes Damian to the Australian Outback, where he is tutored in the secret history of his grandfather Ra's all Gaul. Ra's is still able to return, but as a rotting, shambling undead corpse, still needing Damian to stabilize his form.

Upon entering Wayne Manor, Damian attempts to relay to Tim Drake the fact that Ra's has returned. Tim, suspicious of Damian's intentions, does not believe his story and begins a fistfight.

As they fight, members of the League of Assassins approach the manor with the intention of killing all others within and bringing Damian back to Ra's alive. Batman offers a third alternative: “Fountain of Essence” which contains the qualities of a Lazarus Pit.

Batman and Ra's go in search of the fountain, leaving Tim, Damian, Night wing, Alfred Pennyworth, and Tania to battle the Sensei. A subsequent conversation between Tim and Alfred implies that Batman has carried out a DNA test on Damian.

Damian and Alfred race to aid Batman against the Black Glove in a commandeered Bat mobile. Damian, who is driving, knocks an ambulance off a bridge without any sign of remorse or even concern.

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Upon the start of Batman: Battle for the Cowl, it appears that Damian is now residing in Gotham, and living under the command of Night wing (to an extent). Where before Damian portrayed an arrogant and vicious personality, it appears the “death” of his father has regressed him to a more childlike mindset, as demonstrated when he takes the Bat mobile joy-riding with an older girl.

The car is blindsided by Killer Crop and Poison Ivy, who prepares to kill Damian. Damian is saved by Night wing who ends up being cornered by Black Mask's men until a murderous figure appears stating that he is Batman (later revealed to be Jason Todd).

Although shot by Todd, Damian recovers and saves Tim Drake from falling to death inside Jason's Bat cave. In an act of defiance, Damian decides to make the Robin mantle independent of that of Batman and decides to stop Dr. Phosphorus from breaking into Project Cadmus, but fails miserably and is saved by Dick.

Dick then begins to train Damian as to how to properly become the new Robin and the two develop their own unique crime-fighting style. After Tim leaves, Damian starts engaging in chess games with Hush, visiting him secretly against Dick's orders.

Elliot surmises that Damian is rather using the resemblance to Bruce to “spend time with old man”. Dick and Damian take the entire army down and begin to form a brotherly relationship.

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Damian blames himself for being unable to save a single Pollution, a girl named Sasha, but unbeknownst to him, the girl is taken in by Jason Todd, who had shot Damian, thereby becoming the new Robin's opposite number in Red Hood's no-holds-barred war against crime (Red Hood's maxim is “let the punishment fit the crime”). Damian and Dick then attack Firefly, who is attempting to kill Black Mask.

Victor SAS defeats Robin and rescues Black Mask while Dick takes down Firefly. Damian is once again saved by Dick, with the assistance of Israel, after a man named Among tries to sacrifice him.

Tania fixes Damian's spine but puts in a monitor connected to his brain allowing her to control his every movement. As Dick cares little for the financial problems of Wayne Enterprises, despite inheriting it from Bruce along with Tim, Damian decides to involve himself and manages to impress the board of directors.

Tim, who has been keeping a hit list of criminals and tasks, attracts Damian's fury when the latter hacks the hit list and discovers a hidden layer of allies to the bat family considered potential threats by Tim, including Damian. During a stakeout mission, Damian slices off Tim's line, causing him to fall from a great height.

He survives, and Tim pulls Damian into an all-out brawl that begins with their quarry escaping, and ending in front of the theater where Bruce Wayne's parents were killed. Dick suggests changing the hit list password to, as Damian has little to no interest in pop culture references and would never guess it.

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On the way to the cave, Dick's body is possessed by Deadpan, at whom Damian lashes out in confusion. Deadpan then possesses and leaves Damian's body, subsequently passing his knowledge of the attack of the Black Lanterns onto him.

After raiding the Army Reserve National Guard Armory, Dick, Damian, and the arriving Tim Drake, are able to save Commissioner Gordon, Oracle, and the surviving police officers at Gotham Central from the reanimated versions of the original Dark Knight's deceased rogues' gallery members. However, they then find themselves in a horrific encounter with the parents of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake reanimated as Black Lanterns.

Dick and Tim send Damian with the Gordon's to their underground base while they battle the Black Lanterns. Grayson uses the weapon to cryogenically suspend himself and Tim, forcing the Black Lanterns to retreat as they are unable to read any sign of life of them.

Tania begins to clone Damian as she realizes that her son has completely sided with Dick Grayson and the Bat-Family. Tania admits to Damian, that even though she loves him, she is too much of a perfectionist to admire him for choosing a path that defies her this blatantly, and he is therefore no longer welcome and will be considered an enemy of the House of all Gaul.

After Grayson's confidant, Oberon Sexton is revealed to be the Joker in disguise, Damian tortures the villain by savagely beating him with a crowbar in order to get information, considering it to be self-defense since the Joker planned to attack him. However, the Clown Prince of Crime's apparent helplessness is revealed to be another ruse, and he incapacitates Damian with his hidden Joker venom.

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The villain intends to use Damian and Dick in his fight against their common enemies: the Black Glove. Despite Bruce's parental responsibilities to Damian, he decides that he prefers Damian to continue working with Dick (who maintains the Batman mantle and whom Bruce sees as a positive role model for his son) rather than being with himself primarily, due to his plans with Batman Inc.

Damian joins the Teen Titans when Dick Grayson concludes that the team needs a Robin, while also feeling that Damian would benefit from the friendship of other heroes, having progressed to the point where he can be trusted not to kill if left 'unsupervised'. Although Wonder Girl objects to this decision, Grayson convinces her to let Damian stay on the team as he needs Damian to learn that he can trust others not to betray him, only for his temper to jeopardize his first mission with the team when he attacks an opponent just after Raven had convinced him to calm down, provoking their new foe into starting his wave of destruction again.

Tim Drake eventually comes to the Titans for help after a robotic duplicate of the Calculator attempts to murder his close friend, Tam Fox, and decides to rejoin the team once the mission is completed. Damian chooses to leave the team upon Drake's return, reasoning that the Teen Titans do not need two Robins, and realizing that his teammates prefer to work with Tim.

Upon returning to Gotham, Damian tells Dick that even though he had been brought to the Titans in order to find friends, he did not need to, as he already had one, Grayson himself. Damian berates Black bat and mocks her for being sent to Hong Kong by his father, but she ultimately saves his life by rescuing him from the exploding Iceberg Lounge.

Afterwards, the two work together to stop the bomber from destroying a massive bridge, saving dozens of lives in the process. Art by Patrick Gleason. Following the Flash point story arc, Bruce Wayne was returned by writers as being the only Batman in 2011's the New 52 relaunch of DC Comics.

Dick Grayson was returned to his previous role as Night wing, and Damian still serves as his father's vigilante partner Robin. After reading the letter written by his father from an alternate timeline, The Dark Knight decides that it is time to take steps to put his past behind him.

He tries to teach Damian the same values his parents have instilled within him as he finally assumes his role as a father. However, despite Bruce's attempts to build a relationship with his son, Damian remains distant from his father, which Alfred worries about.

Although Damian eventually kills Nobody in front of Bruce, they are able to work through the incident by beginning to actively understand and respect one another as father and son. 2, #15, Damian defies his father's orders remaining in the Bat cave and investigates Alfred's kidnapping.

Joker tells Damian that his and Batman's greatest fear is being responsible for the other's death. During the “Leviathan” story arc, when his mother Tania puts a price on his head and is targeted by the most dangerous and skilled assassins, Bruce faked Damian's death and secluded him in the Bat cave in order to protect him while he goes undercover to confront Tania and her minions.

Along with the mysterious Wingman and most of the Bat-family, Damian manages to rescue his father and defeat most of the League of Shadows. However, Batman explains that the temporary defeat of the League will not stop a larger force to attack later and destroy the city, so he came to the extreme decision that the only solution possible is for Damian to return to his mother, a decision that caused an emotional reaction on Damian like never before.

In the comic, Damian is fighting hordes of Leviathan henchmen in the lobby of Wayne Tower when Night wing comes to rescue him. Behind cover, the two briefly reminisce about their time together as Batman and Robin before resuming the defense.

Angered, he and a revived Night wing battle the Heretic, but are eventually forced to retreat with Red Robin and Damian's body. After holding a private funeral for the fallen Boy Wonder, Bruce vows to avenge his son's death.

The later storyline, Requiem, deals with the aftermath of Damian's death and Batman's thirst for revenge against Tania as well as his own increasingly unbalanced mental state resulting from this loss. Batman is also unwilling to accept his son's death, and begins seeking the means to resurrect Damian at the cost of his relationships with his friends and allies, and keeps his death a secret from the public in anticipation that his resurrection would succeed.

Damian's absence has also been causing a conflict between his father and his acting instructor, Carrie Kelley, who is determined to find out what has happened to him, leading her to realize that the Wayne's are harboring a secret. When Batman and Night wing finally re-confront Heretic, they overpower him, and the clone suffers a brutal beating from both in retaliation for Damian's death.

Batman, despite desiring to kill his son's murderer more than anything and Night wing making no attempts of stopping his mentor, spares the villain's life after seeing his resemblance to Damian, realizing the clone is what is left of his son. But Tania is killed following the duel by Kathy Webb, and it is later revealed that Damian's body was stolen from the Manor cemetery by the League of Assassins along with Tania's for plans against Batman in addition to making their resurrections.

It has also been shown that Ra's all Gaul has begun to engineer more clones of Damian. Road to Resurrection After being preoccupied with a series of cases in Gotham, Batman begins his attempt to reclaim Damian's body despite Ra's claim that he wishes to resurrect his daughter and grandson.

After defeating Damian's half-aquatic clones with Aquaman, Batman seeks Wonder Woman's help in chasing Ra's to Themyscira. Though Ra's attempts to resurrect Damian alongside Tania in what he thought was a Lazarus Pit on the island, in addition, to brainwash his grandson into joining him afterward, instead Ra's discovers that it is a portal to a Netherworld in the Pit's former location, of which both Wonder Woman and Batman were already aware.

They later encounter Darkseid's elite member Glorious Godfrey, setting in motion the Robin Rises story arc. Later, Godfrey's reason for coming to Earth is revealed; to retrieve the Chaos Shard, a powerful crystal that once belonged to Daresay which Ra's revealed was hidden inside the sarcophagus he crafted for Damian.

Batman enters and accesses the Justice League Watchtower to use his unstable exomoon known as the Hellcat armor designed by Batman himself and the Justice League members to engage large scale threats. He then activates the Boom Tube to Daresay's home world, Apologies, to retrieve Damian's corpse.

After this, Batman uses the Chaos Shard on his son's corpse, which has been infused with Daresay's Omega Sanction. With help from the Justice League, Batman discovers that Damian's new powers do not last, and he eventually relies on his natural abilities once more.

Damian Wayne in DC Rebirth ; art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Led Sinclair Robin: Son of Batman After the events of Batman: Endgame that resulted in Bruce Wayne's disappearance, Damian, as Robin, sets out on a globe-spanning journey to forge his own destiny and make amends for all of his wrongdoings in his own series, titled Robin: Son of Batman. Along his journey, he crosses paths with Ra's and Tania all Gaul, Death stroke, and a new character named Maya Du card, daughter of the late villain, Nobody.

Damian plays a particular role in Batman and Robin Eternal when the Bat-Family is pitted against Mother, a ruthless woman who believes that she can make her 'children' stronger by putting them through intense trauma. Returning to assist his fellow Robins as the crisis reaches its conclusion, Damian helps Dick, Jason and Tim regain confidence in themselves after Mother decimates their initial efforts against her by recalling a conversation he had with Bruce where Bruce noted that he is proud of how all three of the other Robins have different strengths, Bruce wanting his partners to find their own paths rather than blindly follow his own example.

As part of the DC Rebirth, Damian is featured in three titles: Teen Titans, where he becomes the team's leader in order to defeat Ra's all Gaul and succeed Red Robin (Tim Drake) as leader, Super Sons, co-starring with Jon Kent, the son of Superman and the new Superbly and Night wing, where he will have a supporting role. On his 13th birthday Damian is sent a package by his grandfather Ra's all Gaul, which contains a dead robin.

After a meeting with his mother Tania, he discovers that it is a warning from his cousin Mara all Gaul, who has chosen him as her prey as part of an initiation ritual that she must undertake in order to properly join the League of Assassins. Mara has been made leader of a group known as the Demon's Fist, which was originally supposed to be led by Damian, but became hers when he chose to leave the League.

Damian decides to collect the other Demon's Fist's targets in order to form the new Teen Titans; this includes Star fire, Beast Boy, Raven and Kid Flash. In his subsequent struggle with organized crime in Gotham and a mysterious crime lord known as The Other, Damian assembles a new team of Titans, consisting of Kid Flash (the only old team member to join), Kid Flash's friend and kid genius Roundhouse, Red Arrow, Logo's daughter Crush, and the immortal spirit creature Jinn.

This new team faces initial difficulties because of Red Arrow's criticism and the individualistic tendencies of several members. During a case in which Gizmo nearly detonates a nuclear device, Robin uses the ring to which Jinn is bound to grant her the use of her full powers to avert the crisis, and returns it afterwards, refusing to assume mastery over her.

This earns him Jinn's trust, which gradually begins to turn into a mutual romantic attraction. However, what Damian does not tell his teammates is that a deep cellar of the Titans' headquarters, a former juvenile detention facility, serves him as a secret dungeon to lock away the most dangerous criminals he captures for good, including Death stroke, Gizmo, Brother Blood, Black Mask, and Atomic Skull.

Due to a miscommunication, Damian can no longer trust him, which ultimately leads them to cut ties. Eventually, Kid Flash discovers the secret prison, and Crush, who has fallen for Jinn, kisses her, showing her the kind of genuine affection which Damian in his grimness never really did.

When the other Titans find out, and when Red Arrow kills Death stroke, conflict erupts within the team until Logo, looking for Crush, crashes in. Jinn defeats him by altering his memory, and proceeds to do so with the other criminals Damian captures, giving them new, harmless identities.

In the first volume, Damian and Jon team against Kid Amazon, a child affected by a virus which grants powers to ordinary humans. Batman and Superman construct an underwater base for the Super Sons, which Jon refers to as the “Fortress of Attitude,” much to Damian's chagrin.

The team returned to The Adventures of the Super-Sons, where they spend their summer pursuing justice against Rex Author, an alien child who imitates Led Author and attempts to assemble his own team of child-villains modeled after famous Earth ones. Changes made to Jon's character make the future of this team uncertain.

After the death of Alfred Pennyworth and Dick Grayson losing his memories thanks to the villain KGB east, Damian began to see his father's view of justice versus fear as not enough. Instead, Damian decides to begin killing criminals to invoke true fear in his enemies.

This decision, coupled with his recent actions with holding criminals against their will and wiping their memories, leads to Jinn leaving the Teen Titans, while Kid Flash, Red Arrow, Crush, and Roundhouse turn against him. Damian attempts to kill KGB east, but only succeeds in cutting off his left arm before the Titans intervene and stop him.

Batman then arrives, having learned of his son's actions, declaring that the Teen Titans are finished. At that moment, a revived Death stroke attacks the Titans and Batman with the intent to kill them all.

At the height of his anger and frustration, Damian rips the Robin insignia off his chest and gives it to Batman. While helping the Teen Titans battle the super criminals Mammoth and Shimmer, Superbly discovers a note from Damian to him.

It is not directly revealed what was in the note, but it makes Superbly realize that wherever Damian is, they won't find him. Damian also leaves a note for the Teen Titans, which contains a set of coordinates leading them into a meeting with Night wing.

This leads to a new version of the Titans forming, consisting of Night wing, Cyborg, Raven, Star fire, Beast Boy, Troika, Crush, Roundhouse, Red Arrow, and Kid Flash. Damian is scheduled to have own dedicated story arc in 2021, entitled “Demon or Detective”.

Having been trained by the League of Assassins since birth, Damian is already an expert in martial arts and in wielding a wide range of weaponry. Damian is also a capable businessman despite his young age, being involved with Wayne Enterprises and its board members.

Art by Frank Quietly. Concerning the character's artificial gestation in respect to the all Gauls' notable idealization of Bruce Wayne as the optimal specimen in leading the League of Assassins, Damian Wayne is warranted to be notably depicted in bearing a stark resemblance to his father. After stealing Jason Todd's Robin tunic and mask from his memorial case, Damian's unofficial appearance as Robin was wearing them over his black and white League of Assassins bodysuit with a grayish hood and cape.

After Dick Grayson officially sanctioned Damian's role as Robin, while a standard Robin tunic was retained, the bodysuit was replaced with a black survival suit, the grayish cape with a yellow “para-cape” which grants him a gliding capability, the black mask with a green one, a bulkier utility belt to carry more weapons and gadgetry, a black hood, and green gloves and flexible boots. In Super Sons, it was a running joke that he was frequently mistaken as younger than ten-year-old Jonathan Kent.

References in current continuity have been made to the future of Bruce and Tania's son. 3 #18 (2006), when the Teen Titans were transported 10 years into the future, a graveyard full of deceased Batman allies and villains is depicted.

One tombstone reads “In all EU'flash” which means “son of the bat” in the Arabic language. Superman/Batman #75 shows Damian Wayne as he appears in Batman #666 and #700 with Conner Kent, who is now Superman.

On Earth-16 of the DC Multiverse, Damian Wayne is now Batman while Chris Kent has assumed the mantle of Superman. Damian Wayne is also featured in the prequel comic to the game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

In the DC Rebirth Batman Beyond series, Damian has succeeded his grandfather as the new Ra's Al Gaul. However, after an antagonistic encounter with his estranged father and the new Batman, Terry McGinnis he reforms and partly reconciles with Bruce.

A Bizarre counterpart of Robin, named Roberto, first appeared in the four-part story “Bizarre Re-Death”. He and Cyborg have realized that they have been fighting for the wrong side the entire time and then reform seeking the help of the Masters of the Universe in stopping Superman, who has since bonded with Brainiac's ship and has captured and brainwashed Batman into being a mindless slave.

Damian Wayne makes his television debut in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode “The Knights of Tomorrow! This version is a stark departure from his original counterpart: his mother is Selina Kyle, he bears no intent to kill at all, acts much more like his father, and his costume is similar to Tim Drake's second Robin costume.

Initially portrayed as being reluctant to follow in his father's footsteps, Damian tells his parents that he does not want them to plot out his own life for him. Following this, Damian goes on to fight the Club of Villains, Flamingo, and Professor PYG.

Damian appears in season five of DC Super Hero Girls, voiced by Grey Griffin. Damian Wayne makes a cameo in Young Justice: Outsiders episode “Rescue Op” as a newborn, held by his mother Tania all Gaul.

Damian makes his web television debut as the current Robin in the adult animated series Harley Quinn, voiced by Jacob Tremblay. Right”, in an effort to improve his reputation, he appears on a talk show and lies about Harley Quinn agreeing to be his arch-enemy.

Offended, Harley kidnaps him and threatens to feed him to King Shark unless he confesses. The Dark Knight later comforts Robin and assures him he can wait until he is ready for his own nemesis.

Damian Wayne has a major role in Son of Batman, voiced by Stuart Allan. His altered clone, the Heretic (voiced by Travis Willing ham), also appears as an antagonist.

Although reluctant to join the Titans, he befriends them, risking his own life to help them stop Triton. Damian Wayne appears in Lego DC Comics superheroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout, Lego DC Comics superheroes: Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis and Lego DC Batman: Family Matters, voiced by Scott Melville.

Damian Wayne appears in Batman Unlimited: Much vs. Mutants, voiced by Lucien Dodge. Damian Wayne appears in the film Teen Titans: The Judas Contract with Stuart Allan reprising his role.

He faces challenges such as being haunted by his past when Death stroke returns and uses Terra as his pawn to bring the Titans to Brother Blood. A Feudal Japan version of Robin appears in the anime film Batman Ninja, voiced by Yuri Kanji in Japanese and by Yuri Orenthal on English.

Damian Wayne also appears in Batman: Hush in a cameo, again voiced by Stuart Allan. Damian Wayne appears in Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles voiced by Ben Giroud.

Damian Wayne makes his final appearance in the DC Animated Movie Universe in the film Justice League Dark: Apologies War where he helps the remnants of the Justice League fight against Daresay with Stuart Allan reprising his role. Damian Wayne appears in one of the alternate storylines of the interactive film Batman: Death in the Family.

In one ending, Damian appears as an infant with his mother Tania meeting Jason Todd after he has taken on a new identity similar to Hush. Tania wishes for Jason to help raise his adoptive brother, an offer he accepts while secretly planning to turn Damian against both of his parents.

At the end of the game, Night wing is seen being arrested alongside the rest of the Regime following its defeat. In his non-canonical Arcade ending, after defeating Superman, Night wing becomes more violent and cruel than ever before, catching Sinestro's attention, who convinces him to join the Yellow Lantern Corps to bring more fear into the hearts of criminals.

Damian Wayne appears as a playable character in Injustice 2, now as both Robin and Night wing and voiced by Scott Porter. Prior to the events of the first game, Damian, still known as Robin, accompanies Batman to stop the Regime from rounding up Arkham Asylum inmates to execute.

Following an argument between Batman and Superman, Damian chooses the latter's side, believing in his cause to kill criminals, and leaves with him to join the Regime, not before executing Victor SAS as a show of trust. In the present, Night wing is released from Stryker's Island alongside Superman and Cyborg by Wonder Woman, Black Adam and Super girl, and given his gear back.

He then fights and is defeated by either Firestorm or Blue Beetle, attempting to stop the breakout. In his Arcade ending, Damian, wearing his Robin costume, witnesses Batman dying to save him from Brainier.

Following Brainier's defeat, Damian realizes he misjudged his father and assumes the mantle of Batman to honor his legacy. ^ Paternity test/documentation via source material, proof of biological relation and established name of the character provided in last panels of comic book.

But it seems there are rites, whereby consciousness can survive death by migrating to more vigorous flesh? And their genetically perfect child... We'll found a dynasty that will rule the planet for a thousand years.

DC Comics, Inc., 2006 ^ “Your brain waves will be purged as mine are implanted in their place. I shall return to Gotham in your stead, bringing with me proof, both written and genetic, that I am the long-forgotten son of Bruce and Tania.

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