Can Damian Wayne Beat Nightwing

Carole Stephens
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
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In this exciting new era, Dick Grayson has a chance to reunite with one of his most iconic partners: Damian Wayne. Indeed, Bruce Wayne vanished at the end of Final Crisis, ” leaving the mantle of Batman empty.

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Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view. While there were some growing pains with this new Dynamic Duo, Damian came to begrudgingly respect Dick as the new Batman.

As Batman and Robin, Dick and Damian faced new threats such as Professor PYG and Doctor Hurt. At the same time, old foes such as the Red Hood, the Joker and even Damian's mother, Tania, reemerged.

Although no longer partners, Night wing and Robin shared a special bond, teaming-up on several occasions when Batman wasn't available. The old Dynamic Duo teamed-up to face their previous villains Doctor Hurt and Professor PYG, along with Nightwing's evil counterpart, Death wing.

Given the great potential of “Infinite Frontier,” there is a huge opportunity to reunite Night wing and Damian. Returning to Cuxhaven with his memories intact, it seems that Dick is going to reconnect with Bat-Family members such as Barbara Gordon.

Dick was successful as both Robin and Night wing, so Damian would once more have a good role model for his journey. He's based in Houston, Texas, following all the latest comic book media from movies to television.

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Pre-Flashpoint Night wing isn't that good but definitely can hold his own against Marc, add Damien, and it becomes a stomp. Night wing by himself is already enough, with Damian double-teaming I don't see Marc even getting close to a win.

Damian Wayne was the son of Batman and held the mantle of Night wing in the Regime Universe. The son of Bruce Wayne and Tania all Gaul, DamianWayne's past is assumed to be the same as his Prime Universe counterpart.

When Superman murdered the Joker after he tricked him into destroying Metropolis, Damian sided with the Man of Steel and helped him build up the Regime. During the final years of the conflict, Damian adopted the Night wing identity, partially through Dick's influence as Deadpan.

Night wing later participated in a raid on a cell of Insurgents, led by Harley Quinn to apprehend them and an alternate version of the Joker who was made leader of the group during a stump speech. “), although Hawk girl, having regained consciousness, recovered Night wing and retreated with him because of their being outnumbered due to the arrival of the Regime Universe's Batman as well as the Prime Universe's Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, and Aquaman.

In the former, it is an act of revenge against the killer for murdering Alfred Pennyworth (not knowing Superman had ordered it). In the latter, it is the act that leads to Damian leaving his father's side to join Superman and the Regime.

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However, he decided to go to Bruce instead and began training with him, and eventually taking up the Robin mantle. When Bruce Wayne first becomes Batman, he knows it’s of the utmost importance to keep the two lives separate.

If Bruce Wayne fills the position with Dick Grayson’s “father” as it were, then Alfred Pennyworth is something of a grandfather to him. After what happened when Jason Todd was beaten and left to die, it’s evident that Bruce was right to keep these identities secret.

When Dick has moved on and Bruce has found himself without a Robin, he finds himself seeking out yet another ward to replace the vacuum that’s been left behind in his life. However, Dick is such a fun, personable, and generally charismatic guy that he has a lot of Platonic friends as well, like Donna Troy.

As a result, she’s aware of Dick’s identity even as he moves past his Robin years and continues living his life. While most people tend to think of either Dick Grayson or Jason Todd when they think of Batman’s Robins, Tim Drake is not to be forgotten.

Grant Morrison gave DC Comics a wonderful run featuring Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin. Damian and Dick grow incredibly close, and both are more than aware of not only each other’s secret identities, but also one another’s true selves in their personal lives.

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Like Donna Troy, Wally West has been Dick Grayson’s friend for a long time & from a very young age. In fact, despite the fact that Batman explicitly orders Dick not to reveal his secret identity to anyone, Dick decides that he can trust Wally with knowing who he really is just a year and a half after they’ve founded the Young Justice team.

And if any of the Robins would be Bruce’s Achilles heel, it would be Dick, his first ward and closest companion in the fight to protect Gotham. From September 2013 until May 2014, writer Geoff Johns and artist David Finch released the miniseries “Forever Evil” with DC Comics.

Not just that, the secret identities of Jason Todd and Tim Drake, as well as, potentially, the entire Justice League, are in danger at that point, too. DC has released the variant cover for Batman #106, which features a new costume for Damian Wayne that bears no resemblance to his current Robin persona.

The variant cover by Jorge Jimenez was released on the DC Batman Twitter account with the caption, “Infinite mysteries. Damian Wayne has had a falling out with his father, Bruce Wayne, and the Teen Titans team he formed at the beginning of the DC Rebirth era.

The pages of Detective Comics have shown Damian stealing Batman's black casebook in order to solve all the crimes his father couldn't, upstaging The Dark Knight in the process. The full announcement on DamianWayne's new superhero identity should come later this week when DC releases its March 2021 solicitations.

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Some of his first memories include receiving a monthly subscription box with Amazing Spider-Man #353, the first part of “Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge,” along with highly successful launches of X-Men #1 and X-Force #1. These two characters are many fans first picks to take over the cowl when Batman finally passes it on.

While both have good claims to be the next Batman, it's a difficult choice to see who would really fit the bill the best. First as Robin, then as Night wing, then as super-spy Grayson, Dick has been around the block when it comes to saving the world.

Bruce even trusted him to take over the mantle when he was supposed to be getting married, Night wing definitely has the right resume to be Batman. Even though Batman may not like to admit it, he is a mentor and leader to the whole hero community, so in order to carry on that legacy, whoever takes over needs to be able to lead.

He is trusted among his peers to make the right call and lead the team to safety and victory. If he sees a problem, he finds the quickest and most effective solution and then takes action.

Sometimes the solutions are not always the most ethical, like when he minds wiped all the villains he captured in the latest run of Teen Titans, but there is no doubt of that tactic's effect. Damian hasn't just trained under Batman though, he spent the beginning of his life with his mother and grandfather, Tania and Ra's Al Gaul.

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Under the League of Assassins tutelage, he was able to develop his battle strategy skills younger and faster than anyone else. As seen in every iteration of Robin and Night wing, from comics to shows like Young Justice and Titans, Dick Grayson is always seen as very acrobatic when he fights.

He uses his circus training to move quickly and distract his opponents with quips while he flips around for an opening. Night wing has many skills to call upon in his crime fighting exploits, but many fans would argue that Damian can one up him.

There are a lot of brave heroes in the Marvel Universe, but Hawkeye is easily one of the bravest. Here's a guy who is armed with just a bow and arrow, some cool trick arrows, and no superpowers that frequently fights gods, monsters, aliens, and various superpowered beings.

Linked to the Speed Force, he can move so fast that he can travel between universes, vibrate through solid matter, and punch opponents with infinite mass by moving at the speed of light. The Flash fights crime in Central City and is a member of the Justice League, where he tackles the biggest threats.

He can move much faster than Hawkeye can shoot or just vibrate his molecules to let the arrows go right through him. Trained since birth by the League of Assassins, he's a skilled fighter and a great detective.

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Dick Grayson was the first Robin and a leader of the Teen Titans, before striking out on his own and becoming the vigilante Night wing. A skilled acrobat and detective, he's easily one of the best vigilantes in the DC Universe.

He was able to figure out Batman's secret identity on his own, no easy task. Tim has faced a wide variety of foes and like other Robins before him, was also a leader of the Teen Titans.

Bruce Wayne lost his parents at an early age and vowed to make sure that no one else would suffer the way he has. Training his body and mind to the peak of human perfection, Batman is known for defeating nearly anyone he comes across, given enough time.

Plus, Batman's pain tolerance is through the roof, so even if he gets tagged, he can keep going long enough to take down Hawkeye. A very headstrong young man, he rushed into a trap set by the Joker and lost his life.

Resurrected, he would become the Red Hood and fight against his former mentor, Batman, before seeing the error of his ways and becoming a hero, one with very little qualms about ending his opponents. Red Hood is a great fighter and an expert with his guns, but he's nothing that Hawkeye hasn't faced before.

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His wide variety of powers make him a dangerous foe, one who is used to facing the kinds of threats that could end worlds. He also protects his adopted hometown of Metropolis, stopping crime and saving civilians from all manners of danger.

Victor Stone bonded with a Mother Box, becoming the superhero Cyborg. Super strong and durable, he's also has a sound cannon that can take out many a foe.

Cyborg has shown in the past that he can be hurt and Hawkeye has the kind of weaponry that would make that happen. Green Arrow is a member of the Justice League and has fought against all manner of threats, both small scale and the kind that can end worlds.

Green Arrow, on the other hand, has been fighting crime by himself for a lot longer and owns some pretty impressive victories over villains that would take out Hawkeye. His sidekick tenure, unlike his friend the first Robin, Dick Grayson, would drive him to a life of addiction.

He would master multiple weapons and go back to a life of crime-fighting before his untimely death. Hawkeye would be able to get Roy to do something stupid at some point and take advantage of the mistake.

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