Can Damian Wayne Beat Batman

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There are a lot of brave heroes in the Marvel Universe, but Hawkeye is easily one of the bravest. Here's a guy who is armed with just a bow and arrow, some cool trick arrows, and no superpowers that frequently fights gods, monsters, aliens, and various superpowered beings.

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Linked to the Speed Force, he can move so fast that he can travel between universes, vibrate through solid matter, and punch opponents with infinite mass by moving at the speed of light. The Flash fights crime in Central City and is a member of the Justice League, where he tackles the biggest threats.

He can move much faster than Hawkeye can shoot or just vibrate his molecules to let the arrows go right through him. Trained since birth by the League of Assassins, he's a skilled fighter and a great detective.

Dick Grayson was the first Robin and a leader of the Teen Titans, before striking out on his own and becoming the vigilante Night wing. A skilled acrobat and detective, he's easily one of the best vigilantes in the DC Universe.

He was able to figure out Batman's secret identity on his own, no easy task. Tim has faced a wide variety of foes and like other Robins before him, was also a leader of the Teen Titans.

Bruce Wayne lost his parents at an early age and vowed to make sure that no one else would suffer the way he has. Training his body and mind to the peak of human perfection, Batman is known for defeating nearly anyone he comes across, given enough time.

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Plus, Batman's pain tolerance is through the roof, so even if he gets tagged, he can keep going long enough to take down Hawkeye. A very headstrong young man, he rushed into a trap set by the Joker and lost his life.

Resurrected, he would become the Red Hood and fight against his former mentor, Batman, before seeing the error of his ways and becoming a hero, one with very little qualms about ending his opponents. Red Hood is a great fighter and an expert with his guns, but he's nothing that Hawkeye hasn't faced before.

His wide variety of powers make him a dangerous foe, one who is used to facing the kinds of threats that could end worlds. He also protects his adopted hometown of Metropolis, stopping crime and saving civilians from all manners of danger.

Victor Stone bonded with a Mother Box, becoming the superhero Cyborg. Super strong and durable, he's also has a sound cannon that can take out many a foe.

Cyborg has shown in the past that he can be hurt and Hawkeye has the kind of weaponry that would make that happen. Green Arrow is a member of the Justice League and has fought against all manner of threats, both small scale and the kind that can end worlds.

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Green Arrow, on the other hand, has been fighting crime by himself for a lot longer and owns some pretty impressive victories over villains that would take out Hawkeye. His sidekick tenure, unlike his friend the first Robin, Dick Grayson, would drive him to a life of addiction.

He would master multiple weapons and go back to a life of crime-fighting before his untimely death. Hawkeye would be able to get Roy to do something stupid at some point and take advantage of the mistake.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Challenge of the Super Sons #3 by Peter J. Tomas, Max Ray nor, Luis Guerrero, and Rob Leigh, on sale now. Challenge of the Super Sons has once more shown why Jon Kent and Damian Wayne are indeed DC's new Dynamic Duo.

They're continuing to save the world in a series of cute adventures, using various gadgets and now, a reverse-Death Note known as the Doom Scroll to protect superheroes. The scroll reveals they have to save Wonder Woman within the hour, but the catch is Diana of Themyscira can 't know what's happening or else a random person will die.

Bruce used this when Joker turned the Justice League on him, surprising fans that he had another arsenal akin to his “Tower of Babel” storyline. These contingency measures were kept in his Justice Buster much suit in case he had to fight his teammates, and this Lasso of Lies trapped the Amazonian goddess' mind in an illusion where she was beating the Bat up.

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Bruce also had red kryptonite weapons for Superman, a unique chemical to slow Flash down, material to dry and incapacitate Aquaman, proving once more he couldn't afford to trust these gods he called teammates. Eventually, they put this minor squabble aside because with Diana distracted and out of commission, a Minotaur with Ares' flaming blade attacks.

Luckily, the boys work together and knock him out, taking the lasso back and leaving Diana clueless as to what happened. Well, that didn't come to fruition as we've seen Damian imprison folks in Teen Titans' en route to dropping the Robin mantle.

To top all this off, I've ascribed short films and documentaries, conceptualizing stories and scripts from a human interest and social justice perspective. Business-wise, I make big cheddar (not really) as a copywriter and digital strategist working with some top brands in the Latin America region.

Damian said it himself he would never be as good as Dick or Bruce. And Damian made a deal where he healed from lethal wounds or something like that.

Well future Damian did say he'd never be as good as Bruce or Dick is. JASRAC: Well If its current Gotham then Damian has no way to beat Bruce he's below Dick in skill, his power won't help him.

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The only way I saw Damian winning was in future Gotham which he booby trapped a good majority of. @nightwing91: Disagree, Damian floored flamingo with one hit, grayson couldn't beat flamingo even with Jason, current Damian and scarlet helping him, Damian has more fighting skills than all the robins by all logic he should be better than dick in the skill department, and you're looking in to his statement in the wrong way he claimed he would never be as good as Bruce or dick because he couldn't stop himself from killing or using vile methods.

entropy_aegis said: @nightwing91: Disagree, damian floored flamingo with one hit, grayson couldn't beat flamingo even with Jason, current Damian and scarlet helping him, damian has more fighting skills than all the robins by all logic he should be better than dick in the skill department, and you're looking in to his statement in the wrong way he claimed he would never be as good as Bruce or dick because he couldn't stop himself from killing or using vile methods.Damian>>>>>>dick. Damian was created to be superior to Bruce, thats the whole point of the character, even if we say that Bruce is smarter and is more skilled due to lack of feats on Damian part(though logically he should have exceeded him) Damian is still physically superior and has healing factor and is much more ruthless.

JASRAC: What does it matter if they socialized or not, Damian had access to all his plans and computers, and it will be quite difficult to KO him since he doesn't overly rely on his healing unlike Deadpool. Purely on the fact that he does not share the do no kill rule of his father and has had more (and more intense) training in his life than his father received.

Idk ill get back on this one i haven't seen too much of adult Damian besides the flamingo thing and his new powers and him killing Michael lane I think. If this is classic confined to Bat world only Bruce then Damian could take him.

He's probably just being hard on himself, and he's looked up to them for so long that he just thinks he'll never be as good. Since he has been trained by Bruce and started at a much younger age I have to give this one to Damian.

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After the death of Batman (Dick Grayson) to some Joker Fish rigged to explode, Damian believed that he had to kill in order to take a more definitive stance on crime than others in the Batman Family, in spite of the attempts of Father James Gordon and Alfred to get him to see otherwise. After an argument with his father over his newly returned lethal methods left Damian grievously injuring him with a stab wound extremely close to his main artery, he was exiled from the Bat cave by Alfred.

Crestfallen, Damian went to the church to confess, where his worries were soothed by the priest, who suggested that the best way to atone for his guilt was to bring peace to the people by adopting the righteous and forgiving path of the Batman, one that did not include choosing death as a permissible tool for fighting evil, but rather letting the law decide the fate of the accused. Taking the priest's words to heart, Damian made some modifications to the traditional Catsuit to fight The Joker as he was sighted around that time, becoming the Batman at last as his grandfather Ra's had demanded of him.

Traveling to the dilapidated Arkham Asylum where the Joker supposedly was sighted, Damian found a lock of red hair and a teddy bear in the Joker's cell, causing him to realize that Professor PYG had been there. Tracking PYG to his hideout, Damian found him planning to inject children with a serum that will turn them into Cyclotrons.

Though he was successfully rescued from the Gotham River by Alfred, the now very old man died of exertion soon after helping with his injuries. The cat warned that PYG and his henchmen were at work again, meaning it was time for him to get back into action as Batman.

Across town, Jackasses and a cadre of intelligent animals piloted a school bus full of kidnapped children to Professor PYG's hideout. Before they could arrive, Batman crashed through the windshield, quickly and brutally taking the thugs down with non-lethal techniques, despite its challenge.

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Though the children were shaken by the experience, Damian hoped that it would not stunt their emotional growth, and left the police to handle the rest. In the confessional box, Father James Gordon warns that while Professor PYG was apprehended, the Joker remained at large.

Alfred Pennyworth's body was interred in a quiet ceremony, given that so much of his life had been consumed by his service to the Wayne family, so he had few friends to mourn him. However, upon arriving in Bruce's room, they found his gurney empty, and only a Joker themed playing card in his place.

The card led Damian to the docks, and in a nearby warehouse, he discovered his father, bloodied and tied to a post. Unwilling to let it end like that, Damian unleashed a brutal attack on the Joker, beating him to a pulp.

Angry at this, and not willing to do as expected, Damian cut the jester's laughter short by tearing open his gut before gathering Bruce in his arms and limping away. As news of the real Joker's return reached the public, the pressure was on Damian to prove himself as the Batman who succeeded, even with a no kill policy.

He seems to have developed a rivalry with Commissioner Barbara Gordon (who strongly condemns his actions, claiming he killed someone close to her). It is implied that Damian made a literal deal with the Devil : his soul in exchange for the immortality and healing abilities he felt he needed to protect Gotham.

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Dressed in his old Simon Hurt “substitute Batman costume, Lane kills five of the top Gotham mob bosses, including Phosphorus Rex, Professor PYG, Loveless, and Handyman. Commissioner Gordon thinks Batman is responsible for their murders, but quickly sees the light as The Dark Knight publicly confronts Lane.

After that was settled, one of Damian's current enemies, 2-Face-2, along with his hired goon Max Robot, steals The Joker's old joke-book and takes over Gotham's new artificial climate control system, causing it to rain Monster Serum and Joker Venom all over the city. The double-faced villain also kidnaps an infant named Terry McGinnis and shoots him up with Joker Venom.

Meanwhile, Nichols is free to travel the time stream as he pleases, since the world believes that he died fifteen years ago. Per Damian's mother, Tania all Ghul's orders, Simon Hurt (who is revealed to have ascended to the highest levels of the American government) authorizes a nuclear strike on Gotham, wiping the city clean off the face of the planet.

One Christmas, he was attacked by his maternal grandfather, who blamed him for turning the world into a nuclear wasteland. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the Batman Family members category.

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