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• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
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Yeah, having an idea about how hot your machine could get is more of a necessity than a party trick. For the people who want to do it the hard way, they can open the BIOS settings where they can monitor CPU temperature by using any third-party tool.

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Most of these apps show you the temperature levels for individual CPU cores and are available for free. It shows all the important temperature details so that you don’t need to open the Core Temp app every time.

The user interface is neat and clean, and in addition to the CPU temperature, you can also check the temperature of the GPU of your machine. It also shows other details such as RAM consumption of your device, CPU operating speed, and the power supply stats.

Speech is a system information tool developed by the same people who created Perform CCleaner. One thing I like about this tool is it provides a lot of information, and all of it’s neatly arranged, making it easy to read.

Another CPU temp monitor tool that you can try on your Windows 10 (or older) machine is Speedway. The main purpose of Speedway is to let you manually control the speed of the cooling fan on your machine.

Just like Core Temp, it also displays an icon in the notification area on which you can hover your mouse to know the CPU temperature. If your machine is releasing scorching heat every day, then it might be a sign of some big problem that’s about to happen.

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When your PC is experiencing temperatures beyond what it can handle, it will surely reduce its life span. Back in the college days, one of my friends ended up damaging his entire motherboard due to CPU overheating issues.

Heavy machines that require a lot of processing power end up reaching higher temperature levels. In everyday scenarios, the temperature of your PC shouldn’t exceed 60 degrees for a longer duration of time.

One thing I always knew, having a dust deposit inside your machine could make it overheat and degrade the performance. For example, don’t consider putting your machine on the bed too often; it hampers the airflow in the bottom part.

Images: Shutterstock This one relates to the above point and is an important step if you’re using a desktop machine. The case you choose for your machine should have good airflow dynamics so that the heat from the hardware components can easily dissipate in the surroundings.

It happens to me now and then, and I forget to switch back to low power mode when I am done with a resource-heavy task. So make sure you don’t do the same mistake and prevent an unwanted rise in temperatures.

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If the temperature levels on your machine are considerably higher when you’re doing nothing, then the culprit could be an app that you haven’t installed intentionally. Some malware hiding inside your PC could be forcing it to exhaust all the system resources.

So these are the ways by which you can monitor the CPU and GPU temperatures on your machine and fix the PC overheating problem to extend its life. (Image credit: Alan Sheldon/Shutterstock)Checking your system's CPU temperature is similar to checking your car's oil: You don't need to do it daily, but it's something to keep an eye on every few months, especially if you regularly strain your system with higher loads.

Luckily, checking your CPU temperature is pretty easy and doesn't require you to open up your PC and stick a thermometer inside. Instead, every CPU comes with digital thermal sensors built-in, so all you need is a bit of software to read their measurements.

At this point, some CPUs will begin throttling, meaning the clock speed will slow down to ensure it doesn't overheat, and your PC may turn off. More advanced users who want the utmost confidence that their CPU can handle aggressive workloads should stress test their CPU to 100% using a program like Prime95 or AIDA64.

When running such a stress test, keep a close eye on the temperatures, using the tools mentioned below, and back off once they reach too high a number, i.e. anything above 95 degrees Celsius. We consider an ideal stress test to be one hour long, though your maximum temperature will likely level off after 10-15 minutes.

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Checking your CPU temperature is as easy as firing up a monitoring program and using it to read out the value. CAM is developed by PC case, power supply and CPU cooler manufacturer NEXT.

While it's intended to be used with their product, it works really well as a casual monitoring tool even if you don't own any NEXT hardware. This overlay can show you your CPU's status while in-game, providing you with load temperature measurements.

If under load your CPU temperature is exceeding 80 degrees Celsius, you should check your system to ensure the CPU's cooling is adequate. For SFF PCs and laptops, it's possible that there's minimal cooling, as the device was never intended to be used under high loads for extended periods of time.

For example, most laptops come with very compact cooling solutions that work well for short term performance bursts but need to slow down during extended gaming sessions to stay below the shut-off threshold. Applying fresh paste and cleaning the system from dust can offer much better cooling power and wonderful performance.

This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slick deals users The reason is that I want to start overclocking soon and want to monitor the temperature closely.

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I usually look at the core temps for overclocking, because that's more indicative of the effects of overvaluing. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out my YouTube ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ NEXT H210i | AS Rock B450 Fatal1ty Gaming-ITX/ac | AMD Ry zen 5 3600x | Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition RGB | VGA RTX 2070 BC GAMING | 2×8GB G. Skill Ripsaws V 3600MHz | Corsair RM650 PSU | 970 EVE+ 500 GB SSD V-NAND M.2 | Ducky One 2 SF | Logitech G703 | ACER 34” ED347CKR ~~ This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slick deals users.

This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slick deals users From the looks of it, op has an AMD CPU. Also, because core temp is made by the same people as Monitor, I can 't imagine that the temp readings would be any different.

Lol getting temps around 20C idle isn't that tough when you're running at stock. My i7 runs at 25C idle with the hyper 212+, and I even put the thermal paste on the CPU instead of the heat sink (which someone recommended since the hyper 212+ has an uneven bottom)your temps seem plenty fine to OC.

Then lower the voltages to as low as possible while staying stable and no BSD. Lol getting temps around 20C idle isn't that tough when you're running at stock.

My i7 runs at 25C idle with the hyper 212+, and I even put the thermal paste on the CPU instead of the heat sink (which someone recommended since the hyper 212+ has an uneven bottom)your temps seem plenty fine to OC. Then lower the voltages to as low as possible while staying stable and no BSD.

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The heating issue may damage your pc, or it may reduce the performance. The BIOS is very simple and easy way to find the temperature.

These utilities provide overclocking options, but you have to stay alert when you use them else you could make your temperature issue more complicated. Like CPU, the AMD and NVIDIA provide their control panels to watch on the temperature of GPU.

These controls are already installed with graphics card drivers but if not, you can simply download from AMD and NVIDIA site as per component. Moreover, the GPU manufacturer includes a separate overclocking utility which also works as temperature monitors.

The open hardware monitor is a free program that you can download from here. Note down that this software may not be work flawlessly even your CPU supported because it is still in beta.

In conclusion, the Open Hardware Monitor is a simple yet effective way to track CPU and GPU temperatures. There are other options like Core Temp, Info, NEXT’s Cam software and Speedway.

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All the above programs show the processor’s model number, so it is easy to find. If you are suffering from higher CPU temperatures, here are some ways to minimize it.

The main reason behind high temperature is dust build-up in PC, faulty fan and poor air flow. Sometimes people use thermal paste, which is very nice and transfer heat to cooler.

But after applying for the longer time it may be dried and may be a reason for temperature hike. You can refer our thermal paste buying guide.

The Closed-loop liquid cooling solutions known as CCS are far better than regular fans. The performance of any computer is based on the cooling system, and it has to be equivalent.

If the reason behind temperature hike is not dust than it must be poor air flow or defective component. Whenever you set up the PC make sure that CPU unit is placed in the ventilated area.

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