Can Chester Zoo Open In Tier 4

Ava Flores
• Sunday, 03 January, 2021
• 9 min read

If you live outside the local area and have a visit planned then the zoo will transfer your booking to another date, up to April 30 next year 2021. Chesterton has issued an update after Cheshire was placed into Tier4 Covid-19 restrictions from December 31.

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Do people realize if there is no income at these zoos the animals will be euthanized as they cannot be released You cannot compare an outdoor huge space to a classroom no I do appreciate that, I think it just seems a bit at odds with the stay at home only essential travel thing to me.

Their indoor areas are shut but most of the zoo is outside so no different from going for a walk round a park etc. Ours is closed, although I think the outdoor parts can be open, just not indoor exhibits and cafés etc.

It's probably more to do with which businesses the government can afford to shore up whilst they aren't making money. The government had to step in with zoos during the first lockdown when talk started about them having to euthanasia animals due to the astronomical costs of housing, feeding, vets bills each month despite having no revenue.

(Obviously keeps the children plus it's a reward, like a carrot and stick idea for the public morale to stick with hoedowns, mask wearing compliance to sustain this until the majority of public has been vaccinated sometime summer new year 2021. Animal wildlife Conservation is important considering all the threats to this that are out there in the wild, such as defrosteration of their habitat/Ivory trade etc.

Also, Zoos/Animal sanctuaries are struggling on their knees financially and very heavily reliant on the public to keep zoos etc maintain running. Our local one is open but surely can 't be having any visitors because it's supposed to be essential travel only.

Obviously a short distance is quite subjective, but it is very clear that you can travel for outdoor recreation. All indoor areas shut so couldn’t see most of the animals freezing cold, so no animals came out.

I think it's fairly safe as long as the toilets are ventilated and no other indoor areas are open. They restrict numbers too. We won't be going, but it could be a sanity saver for people with young kids.

People taking the stay at home message to mean glue yourself in your house and don’t even dare open a window please crack on with that but stop passing judgment on those of us who need to get out for fresh air or perhaps don’t have the luxury of a huge house with outdoor space. I am on maternity leave and probably soon to be in tier4, I will be getting out to whatever outdoor attractions are open as being cooped up with a baby is no good for me or them.

The difference fresh air and exercise make to our day is huge even if it’s just a stroll with a friend and a takeaway coffee! In addition, there will be multiple hand sanitization points, and an array of signage and protective screens in all key locations and service areas.

Staff will be fully trained and available to help with social distancing, and stringent deep cleaning and disinfecting will be ongoing. “We have though said many times throughout this crisis that we will beat this, we will bounce back, and we won’t ever stop our fight to prevent extinction,” said COO Jamie Christen.

“As ever, we are incredibly grateful to all of our staff, our members, our visitors and our vast support network for helping to protect our fantastic organization through this.” It makes sense therefore that Chesterton has its own blog category.

Yay……lockdown number duo is coming to an end next week. For a few months now it seems that we have been mentioning a fair bit of disappointing news relating to Chesterton regarding financial issues.

Obviously with the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, income streams have been badly affected. One of ChesterZoo’s greatest characters, The Hi Way, the great-grandmother Asian elephant has sadly passed Read More.

I don’t know about any of you website visitors, but whenever there is a new baby announcement from Chesterton, there is a sort of sense of pride in a way. Pride in the incredible work carried out at our world-famous attraction.

Here is a story that will be of great concern to so many Chesterton lovers. The appeal of Chesterton is so far-reaching this story is more than a local issue.

Get ready for a mega high reading on the Chesterton new babies attometer. Two new baby Andean bears have been born at Chesterton.

Although the news has only recently been made public, the cubs were in Read More. A long story, but I’m back to post some updates.

Looking out of my window this morning and seeing the beautiful sunshine, I’m thinking, “I hope the weather is nice tomorrow.” And why would that be you may wonder. Tomorrow sees another Chesterton live virtual day.

Amidst all this doom and gloom and weird (to say the least) times, it’s good to write about a bit of normality. As so many times before, events at Chesterton and Mother Nature itself, brings us some normality.

The twins, each measuring just two inches (five centimeters) in length and weighing no more than 10 grams, arrived to parent Zoe and Baldric. Keepers say the babies are already “highly inquisitive” but are so small that it will be some time yet until their genders are known. The twins hitching a lift with dad Baldric Credit: Chesterton “It’s wonderful to see new additions within the marmoset family, and it’s almost unbelievable just how small the babies are when they are firstborn.

Holly Webb, primate keeper at Chesterton “Mum Zoe and dad Baldric have jumped straight into parenthood. Zoe is ever so caring and, unlike other primates, dad is heavily involved in the upbringing of the youngsters.

It’s great to see them learn and pick up parenting tips from Zoe and Baldric, and that experience will be important if they one day go on to have young of their own. These miniature monkeys are threatened by habitat loss and often exposed to hunting or their capture for the illegal pet trade.

Once the home of the Letterhead family who founded Chesterton, The Oak field is a truly unique contemporary British pub. Steeped in history and lovingly restored, it boasts views of our incredible award-winning gardens, set in the stunning grounds of the zoo.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of care for our animals, as well as protecting native and international wildlife. Our team of expert and knowledgeable staff work hard to care for our animals and support conservation, but are also passionate about connecting our visitors to the natural world.

Stop for a snack at one of our many restaurants, cafés and kiosks located throughout the zoo or let the kids run wild in one of our adventure play areas. We’re a huge zoo, but we’ve got plenty of options for getting around including our Guitar Monorail and our Lazy River Boat Trip.

The freeway and road network means that Chesterton is easy to reach from all over the UK, and you can visit in under two hours from as far as Birmingham or Leeds. TRAVELLING BY FOOT -Pedestrians can access the main entrance to the zoo by using the public bridle path from Flag Lane North.

If you’re walking from home, from the bus stop or from Cache train station then there is a shortcut to our main entrance using the public bridle path on Flag Lane North. TRAVELLING BY BIKE- Chesterton offers 15% discount for cyclists with a voucher found on their website.

TRAIN- Only a couple of miles from Chester station, transfer to bus 1 or X1 which drops off at the zoo entrance. When you buy a combination ticket from your local train station at the same time as your rail ticket, and it includes your return bus link from Chester station to the zoo AND your zoo admission in one discounted price.

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