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Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services are dedicated to providing fair, secure, and professional testing and assessment services to students, faculty, and administrators. National tests including the GRE, Praxis, LSAT, and TOEFL.


Helping faculty reduce the scoring load in large courses. Managing large scale university assessments such as the NOSE, FUSE, or CORP.

Your campus home-away-from-home will be a short walk from lecture halls, labs, and libraries, so you can make the most of your time and balance school, work and fun. Instead of wasting hours commuting, immerse yourself in student organizations and explore your big backyard.

Housing and Residential life is expanding and renovating to give you the ultimate Warrior experience. Effective 3/12/2020 : In accordance with the guidelines from the CDC and the Wayne State University Provost about maintaining social distancing to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all on-campus Labor School classes will be cancelled through May 2020.

For students currently attending our on-campus “Power in Politics” and “Effective Leadership”, they will receive full credit for those courses, although missing the final two weeks. Moving forward, we encourage all on-campus students to register for the “Leading a Diverse Organization” and “Building the Union” courses currently available on-line.

The Labor School Graduation scheduled for May 2020 is also tentatively cancelled. The Labor School is a certificate program that brings together workers who share a common concern for the future of their workplace, their union, and their community.

Students attending classes twice a week will complete the Labor School in one year. Students discuss strategies the labor movement utilizes to build power in the 21st century.

Effective Leadership Collective Bargaining Building the Union Each semester your class will meet in State Hall on the main WSU campus, at the same time and location every week.

People that want to make a positive impact in their workplace, organizations or communities. The Labor School will allow you to strengthen your leadership capabilities, develop innovative strategies and provide a forum for sharing ideas.

New students normally begin the Labor School at the start of the fall or winter semesters, but you are welcome to join at any time. Contact our office to request an application for the Ethel Schwartz Memorial Scholarship for Labor Education.

Criminal Pretrial Advocacy (West Law School) 2013 with Leonid Feller and Karen McDonald Henning It contains materials to follow a case through all the important steps in a criminal prosecution from the decision to file charges to challenges to the investigative tactics and evidence to plea bargaining.

View Table of Contents and Introductory Material Mastering Criminal Procedure, Volume 2 The Adjudicatory Stage (Carolina Academic Press) 2012 This concise guide treats the leading Supreme Court decisions along with a range of statutes and rules that govern the process by which a criminal charge is adjudicated.

This book provides a clear and concise consideration of the fundamental structure of a crime, including statutory interpretation and sentencing. It has chapters on the typical crimes covered in most criminal law casebooks, namely homicide, rape, assault and battery, and theft.

It extends the study to newer forms of crimes, such as criminal enterprises, and includes chapters on accomplice liability, solicitation, attempt and conspiracy. This book provides an introduction to issues arising in international and transnational crimes, giving students a broader perspective on a developing area of the law.

Criminal Law: Concepts and Practice (Carolina Press) 2013 co-authored with Ellen S. Lodger, Andrew Taste, and Alfredo Garcia This book is a leader in providing materials that match the “skills and values” theme emphasized in the Macerate and Carnegie Reports.

The new edition expands this orientation with several new problems, a new case study that examines issues from Jena Six, as well as new materials that recognize recent federal sentencing guideline changes. In short, a text that is compact, student-friendly, flexible, both practical and theoretical, and hi-tech all in one novel package, including a teachers' manual with answers to every problem.

White Collar Crime: Law and Practice (West Academic Publishing) 2015 fourth edition, with Paul Norman, Jerold H. Israel and Ellen S. Poor The book is designed to promote student appreciation of the interaction of legal doctrines as they are applied in the white collar crime field.

Incorporates the latest developments in the enforcement of federal securities laws, including insider trading, accounting fraud, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It provides a wide array of strategies, tactics, and techniques for defending securities criminal cases, including prosecutions involving related statutes, such as mail and wire fraud, RICO, and obstruction of justice.

The second part of the book looks at the reach of the Fifth Amendment and Due Process Clause abroad, both the ban on involuntary statements and the protections of Miranda. The book is designed to be used in conjunction with a basic Criminal Procedure textbook that covers the traditional Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment cases.

The materials provide an opportunity to extend the study of these Amendments into the international implications and issues that face many criminal law practitioners and judges in cases today in U.S. courts. Offenses analyzed include conspiracy, fraud, corruption, RICO, false statements, perjury, tax, currency reporting, bankruptcy, environmental, and computer crimes.

Procedural issues are addressed in detail, including the grand jury process, agency investigations, parallel proceedings, self-incrimination (testimony and documents), searches, and privileges. In addition to statutes and case law, the book covers strategy and DOJ internal guidelines and also includes sentencing of both individuals and corporations in white-collar cases.

Dr. William Shutter, Dr. Jeffery Ram and Dr. Carol Miller lead project to monitor wastewater in Wayne State dormitories for early warning of SARS-Co-V-2. Calling for Papers for this Special Issue, which will deal with the dependencies and the impacts of the connection between water and energy.

Great Lakes Cities Compete To Reduce Water Utility Emissions View more Healthy Urban Waters (HOW) is a collaboration of Wayne State University researchers networked with the community to focus on water in an urban setting and future impacts of human culture on community, ecosystem, and economic health.

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