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Bennington's pontoon, Alumacraft, Warcraft boat, dealership in west central MN. We are here to serve Fergus Falls, Otter tail, Per ham, Breckenridge, Hampton, Pelican Rapids, Detroit Lakes, Muirhead, Park Rapids, Fargo, Jamestown, Grand Forks, Alexandria, Walker, New York Mills, and all other areas inside central MN, southeast North Dakota, and northeast South Dakota.

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We offer the industry's best products and back it up with superior sales, service, parts, and accessories. We carry a complete line of Pennington, Alumacraft, Warcraft, Polaris, Yamaha Forerunner, Yamaha outboard engines, Suzuki outboard engines, Sea-Legs, EZ Loader boat trailers, and Triton.

We also have a HUGE clothing, helmet, and goggle selection by Castle, JC, FOR, Pure Polaris, and Yamaha. Our friendly sales staff and trained techs look forward to helping with all of your power sports needs, including repair and maintenance on all makes and models, snowmobile performance, part and accessory sales, and other services necessary to keep your outdoor equipment in the very best of shape.

Here are some more extra-special limited-time savings, available at our website, over the counter at our retail outlets or by calling us at 320-258-SAVE. Prices in effect until Noon, Friday, January 22nd.

Line-X is the nation's leading developer and provider of quality spray-on protective coatings. Protect the surface of your truck with an under-the-rail Berliner that will withstand weather, cargo or whatever else you need to throw in the back.

Schiebel’s has over 12 years of experience in the landscaping and tree trimming and removal business. Stay up-to-date on our newest items, limited time specials, on location events and more.

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For persons with limited financial resources, Medicaid pays for nursing home care. Minnesota Medicaid’s Elderly Waiver (EW) pays for home and community-based services for people aged 65 years or older who require the level of medical care provided in a nursing home, but choose to reside in the community.

Under the Medicaid Cash and Counseling model, participants are given the flexibility to hire their own personal care providers, including family members. In some cases, spouses and legal guardians can be paid to provide care.

Other major benefits include assistance in making home modifications to better enable the participant to live independently and safely. Also included is support for adult day care, which can enable primary caregivers to work during the week.

The EW has eligibility criteria related to the age, finances, and the health of the applicant. Applicants must be at least 65 years of age and have significant health challenges to the extent that they require aid to complete their daily personal tasks.

Minnesota requires that elderly residents first qualify for Medical Assistance to access the benefits associated with this waiver. Married couples, with both spouses applying for the waiver, are considered as individual applicants when it comes to income.

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Unlike income, assets are considered jointly owned for married couples. Persons over these financial limits can apply as 'Medically Needy' when they are unable to afford the cost of care for themselves or their loved ones.

Couples can have up to $1,143 after medical and care expense deductions from their monthly income. But, Medicaid planning is another option for individuals who exceed the program's strict financial criteria.

By doing so, persons can effectively lower their assets to a Medicaid eligible level. Persons wishing to take this approach should find assistance qualifying for Medicaid before submitting application paperwork.

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