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• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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Enjoy CanAmPizza's fresh and homemade, award-winning pizzas, subs, Gyros and pasta for your next meal. Indulge yourself with our homemade pizzas and Italian dishes that are made-to-order using fresh ingredients.

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Our Specialty Pizzas Established in 1999, CanAmPizza takes pride in creating quality pizza sat affordable prices. We're the first restaurant in Washington to introduce the tandoori and butter curry sauce on pizzas in 2001.

Add the following to any pasta for an additional charge: Chicken $2 • Shrimp $2.50 • Veggie Topping $1 • 3 Meatballs $1 All pasta orders are served with our delicious garlic bread and small garden salad.

Your calzone is made hot and fresh along with homemade dough and high-quality ingredients once you order it. Featuring CanAmPizza's secret blend of real cheese with freshly made dough and the finest ingredients.

If you want to customize your own pizza, you'll be amazed at the options we offer. You can stick with a traditional combination, or let us whip up something new just for you.

The idea was developed when the owners, who have worked in pizza industries since 1989, wanted to have their own identity on creating a unique taste that people would fall in love with. However, Mr. Cheema’s sister and family, who resided in Canada, provided the funds to start up the business.

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This is the home where pizza is made from scratch with their own traditional dough and the taste of fresh ingredients. Mr. and Mrs. Cheema were the FIRST CREATORS on bringing East Indian flavors on to their pizzas and creating pizzas like, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Butter Paneer Masala, and a lot more.

Mr. and Mrs. Cheema’s mission is to keep creating unique flavors that will touch many people’s hearts. We strive to create more relationships with our customers and bring more tastes to our pizza lovers that they feel like home.

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If you need to speak with records staff, you can reach them at 253-856-5800, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, excluding holidays. CONCEALED PISTOL LICENSES (CPL): We are now accepting applications for original CLS, along with renewals and replacements.

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For an original CPL, you must call our Records Unit at 253-856-5800 to schedule a fingerprint appointment before you submit your application. To report businesses who are potentially not complying with Governor Inslee’s Stay Home-Stay Healthy proclamation, please use this form.

To report non-business gatherings in the City of Kent that violate the Governor’s order, call our non-emergency line at 253-852-2121. We hope you enjoy the captured moments of our police employees providing services to the Kent community.

A residential, business or vehicle break-in that occurred on an earlier day The return of a runaway child Identification of additional lost or stolen property after an initial report has been made Lost property A hit-and-run traffic collision when no longer at the scene of the collision Please complete a service request, call (253)856-GRAF, or file an on-line police report.

In an effort to assist our citizens when they have a concern, complaint, or commendation, we have created an online form to be completed. Each concern, complaint, and commendation will be reviewed, and you will receive a response from the department on the issue(s) you have brought to our attention.

The Kent Police Department has acquired Unmanned Aerial System devices, also known as Drones. The Kent Police Department lobby and the City Hall parking lot are now available to be used by buyers and sellers who connect on Craigslist, Offer Up, and other online markets.

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Neither police nor City personnel may participate or act as official witnesses to the transactions. The Kent Police Department works every day to connect with residents, business owners and members of our community.

In 2016, we conducted a series of focus groups to better understand our community and expectations for our police department. We would like to share with you the findings of our focus group project which also includes an action plan to better meet community expectations.

The report can be printed, and it is uploaded into the Washington State Patrol databases automatically. Kent Police strongly believes that crime victims and witnesses must be afforded rights to protect them from criminal activity.

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