Can Acer Nitro 5 Run Vr

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Even though this laptop has the Oculus Ready sticker on it saying that it's plug, calibrate, and play, it all depends on the graphic card installed. After unsuccessfully trying for 24 hours to hook up the Rift and this Acer laptop, I am waiting for Geek Squad to take a look at it and tell me that they messed up.

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This was supposed to be my wife's birthday present, and she has waited patiently for Best Buy to get their act together. Hi guys, I bought doom eternal from Bethesda because it was half price and most sites said my laptop met minimum requirements.

I have updated my drivers to the latest version, increased paging file size tried running it in Windows 7 compatibility mode but none of the fixes I have read about have worked for me. I’m a recent VR user and I recently purchased an Oculus Rift S headset.

Now, I have an AcerNitro5 which has a Type C and an HDMI port meanwhile the VR Headset only has a USB 3.0 and a DisplayPort. I’ve seen that by buying a Type-C to DisplayPort adapter can work, but I need to know how did it work on the Setup Devices procedure on the Oculus Home App.

How can I tell if my system is compatible with Virtual Reality headsets? Some Acer computers are marketed as VR ready, meaning that some virtual reality headsets are compatible.

The current system requirements for many virtual reality headsets are listed below: This new entry in the series, just $670 at Best Buy, ups the ante with eye-popping CPU performance and great battery life.

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Note that it keeps the same GTX 1650 graphics card that we saw in a similar model last year, so don’t expect ray tracing or frame rates much higher than 60 fps or so. But with its revamped cooling system and Ry zen 4000-series CPU, the updated Nitro5 manages to squeeze every last ounce of performance from its limited GPU power, making it an enticing pick for gamers on a budget.

Luckily, the system comes with SuperS peed 10Gbps Type-C and Type-A ports, ideal for connecting speedy external storage. More impressive is the Nitro5’s networking features, including a gigabit Ethernet port and cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6, which means you’ll be able to wring every last bit of throughput out of the latest gaming routers.

Ben Patterson/This year's AcerNitro5 features four redesigned cooling vents to optimize thermal performance by up to 25 percent. The Nitro5 also comes with Acer’s Nitrogen app, which lets you change the laptop’s power plans as well as tinker with the cooling fans.

You can manually customize the rotations of the fans or engage Cookbook, a setting that intelligently boosts the maximum fan speed and can help optimize CPU and GPU cooling by up to 9 percent. As we noted earlier, Acer does offer pricier Nitro5 models with 120Hz and 144MHz displays, but the version we’re tested is limited to a 60Hz refresh rate.

That means you can expect screen tearing if you're getting frame rates north of 60 fps, and you've disabled synchronization. Rated for 300 nits (or candelas) of brightness, the Nitro5’s 15.6-inch display uses IPS (in-plane switching) technology to boost viewing angles.

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The results are pretty much as expected, with the panel dimming only slightly when viewed from the sides, top or bottom. I did, however, note a little screen bleed near the top of the display on my review unit, below and slightly to the right of the webcam.

The screen bleed was never distracting during furious moments of gameplay, but I did notice it during dark scenes in videos and games, particularly in Destiny 2, when my ship was sitting in orbit. I was quite pleased by the Nitro5’s snappy keyboard, which comes with a 10-key numeric trackpad, a generous 1.6 mm of travel distance and a satisfying, tactile bump upon key actuation.

Ben Patterson/IDATE Nitro5's red-backlit keyboard boasts a generous 1.6 mm of travel distance, along with outlined W, A, S’D, and arrow keys. That said, when I did use the trackpad for everyday PC chores, I found that it did the job and avoided false inputs.

Yes, I could hear better-than-average virtual surround cues from the Nitro5’s small speakers, but the overall sound was still somewhat thin and lacking in bass. Unsurprisingly, you’ll do much better using headphones or external speakers, and yes, DTS:X Ultra audio sounds pretty good when piped through a pair of decent gaming cans.

It’s fine for a Zoom meeting with the office, but you’ll probably want to upgrade to an external webcam for your Twitch channel. A media card reader would have been a nice touch, but its absence on a gaming laptop like the Nitro5 isn’t a deal-breaker.

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Editor’s Summarizer has updated several of its gaming notebooks to include the new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H35-series Special Edition processors for ultraportable gaming and NVIDIA® GeForce (Read more…) Today we’re going to look at the; Racer Blade, Asus DOG Zephyrus, AcerNitro5, Acer Predator Helios, MSI GS65 Stealth and the Dell Inspired 15.

The discrete graphics card is hosted in a PCIe 3.0 x4+ Link slot. The HMD is connected to an available HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2 or higher graphics port.

A CPU with a minimum of 4 physical cores PCs with USB 3.0 Type-C connectors require a DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 connector adapter in order for the PC to connect to the HDMI port of the headset. The price of entry to laptop VR gaming is still pretty steep, as is the norm with fairly new technology.

Early adopters will need to pay a hefty toll to cross the bridge into the VR space. However, if you are all about the virtual reality world and want to keep things portable, the best VR laptops are worth scrimping a few months for.

And, the good news is, prices will eventually come down as the technology bends to the will of Moore's Law, and VR -ready laptops and gadgets will be accessible to more people. Oculus Rift, HTC Five and PlayStation VR have been on the shelves for quite some time now, with Valve Index joining them, bringing virtual reality out of the realm of '90s cyberpunk fantasies and into our homes is easier than ever.

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(Image credit: Future) The ultimate crowd pleaser gaming laptop One of the most impressive Nvidia Max-Q gaming laptops we’ve tested to date, the MSI GS65 Stealth tops our list as it outclasses most of its rivals as far as performance, looking good and classy doing so with its thin and sleek chassis.

The Asus DOG Zephyrus GX701 is one of the most powerful thin and light gaming laptops right now, boasting a 9th-generation i7 chip, Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics and 16 GB RAM in its 0.7-inch thick chassis. That will get you through most powerful VR games, and the only thing that’ll be breaking a sweat is you.

Reasons to buy +Excellent gaming performance+Huge battery life improvement+Windows Hello camera included It comes with a much improved battery life as well, not to mention the Windows Hello camera that was missing in its previous version.

Inside the EON17-SLX is a desktop-grade GeForce GTX 1070 chip with 8 GB of VRAM and one of Intel's new Sky lake processors, the i5-6700K, running at 4GHz, to start. The laptop made mincemeat of our benchmarking tests, running GTA 5 on Ultra at a respectable 41 fps at 1080p.

(Image credit: Future) Portable gaming station could replace your desktop Also, available with a 4K display, the portable powerhouse that is MSI GT3VR Titan Pro is indeed worthy of its moniker, a place in our best VR laptops list and as a gaming desktop replacement.

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