Can Absence Of War Mean Peace

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 10 min read

Bosnia, where I grew up, was part of Yugoslavia, a federation of six republics that also included Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. My parents were middle class people who provided me and my brother with a comfortable life until it was suddenly swept away; my life -- and the destiny of Bosnia -- irrevocably changed course in 1992 when Serbian bombs began falling and hillside snipers made targets of schoolchildren.

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Over the next four years, nearly 45 percent of Bosnia's 4.5 million residents were made refugees as Serbian forces besieged cities, obliterated neighborhoods and wiped out entire towns. The murder of my younger brother Iris was a devastating personal tragedy, one that was repeated in countless families across Bosnia.

The massacre of 8,000 at Srebrenica, a little town in Eastern Bosnia, finally crystallized the horrors of the Bosnian War for the Europeans and Americans, who helped broker peace at the summit in Dayton, Ohio. But for countless Bosnian's, the end of war brought a peace that has been difficult at best.

The country's infrastructure was destroyed -- from hospitals and schools to sewers, roads and power plants. News reporters talked about war zone” conditions for the people living in these areas.

But unlike a natural disaster, the government isn't there in a war to cope with devastation and care for its people. In a day, perhaps there are three births, 10 critical surgeries and hundreds of acute medical cases -- cancer, kidney failure, heart attacks.

After the cessation of active hostilities, it takes years to rebuild hospitals, schools, sewers, power and roads. And it takes decades to address the extraordinary psychological shock suffered by the survivors.

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The generation that grows up during war suffers life-long disadvantages even after the country's physical infrastructure is rebuilt. Dr. Barry S. Levy, an expert on the adverse health consequences of war, spoke recently at Stanford University and UCLA as part of a lecture series on health and human rights sponsored by my Human Rights Project.

As citizens of the world, we need to come together and offer support to communities ravaged by war. These solutions have to address both the broken infrastructure and shattered people: economic help, educational opportunities, medical and psychiatric support, and spiritual healing.

Whether it is in the play room or at the negotiating table peace is often defined as the absence of conflict. A mom knows that discord and self-service rules young hearts.

The sad reality is that diplomats attempting to negotiate peace treaties ignore this most basic truth. Rather, for Christians, our goal must be to know Christ in the middle of the conflict.

This means I don’t have to control the other person to find peace. You can teach your children that they don’t have to retaliate to know peace.

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But, in helping children see that peace is found in following Christ, rather than eliminating conflict, you will have taught them a valuable life lesson. As for the diplomats, they, too, would be well served to know that human hearts are wicked and deceptive.

Help them to see that peace knows and following Christ in the middle of conflict. (Jay) Counts wrote the Shepherd Press blog from 2007 through 2019.

He is a ruling elder serving at Redeemer Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Moore, South Carolina. He has written Everyday Talk, Everyday Talk About Sex & Marriage, Finding the Right Track, the In Touch With Paul stewardship series, and What About War.

You want peace because you simply can 't afford the war, and it has had a disastrous effect on your bean and rice crops, so now you are not exporting You want to stop the war because it's unpopular, because of the problems with the ELLA at home, and because the World Bank is threatening to... Currently, I am devoting myself to bringing Coaching and Emotional Intelligence to orphans in Angola in a social project called Coaching for Peace.

Solomon: With all thy getting, get understanding = grace glory (Pr 4). Bible Ending: The GRACE (ONLY) of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all.

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Castro made peace in Cuba by jailing people who he considers enemies of the state, even though many of them had differences of opinion to him and nothing more. I can 't give you a neatly boxed answer to this question any more than I could give you world peace in the time it takes popcorn to pop in the microwave.

Sometimes, people won't just leave u alone, so it has to be maintained by your military presence. There are some who enjoy bullying others, in which case it must be gained or maintained by war.

Every normal person yearns for a life of peace and one free from constant painful dramas. The word ‘ peace has been much bandied about since the Linda café siege in Sydney (Australia) and the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

Former Australian Idol winner, Was Carr, who quickly penned a song about the Sydney siege, I Pray, recently made this comment: “I am so deeply humbled my song I Pray has resonated with so many ... we all need to find peace within ourselves and speak more of LOVE and HOPE than to live in fear and anger”. Even Man Aaron Monks, the Islamic terrorist responsible for the Linda café siege in Sydney, was a self-professed peace activist” who in 2011 registered with Fair Trading, an association the objects of which were: “To provide humanitarian assistance to mankind especially children and women.

And the brother of the police officer Ahmed Megabit who was gunned down during the Charlie Hebdo rampage, and who was Muslim, said. First, to silence arms and to extinguish the outbreaks of war remain the unavoidable conditions to begin a journey that leads to the achievement of peace in its different aspects.

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As well as the sharp conflicts in our cities and towns between groups of different culture, ethnic and religious backgrounds”. For instance, the massive crowd of marchers in Paris constantly chanted “liberty” (“freedom”) at their rally.

Voltaire wrote that “Your holiness will pardon the liberty taken by one of the lowest of the faithful, though a zealous admirer of virtue, of submitting to the head of the true religion this performance, written in opposition to the founder of a false and barbarous sect. To whom could I with more propriety inscribe a satire on the cruelty and errors of a false prophet, than to the vicar and representative of a God of truth and mercy?”.

“JE sews Charlie” means: “I condemn the attack”, “I am for free speech” “I want a democratic nation at peace with all religions, thoughts and views to the exclusion of all fanatics and fundamentalists.” Jesus' statement, therefore, seems very a propose, because he offers Peace “, but he immediately adds “not as the world gives”.

Shalom comes from “Salem” which means “wholeness” and “spiritual harmony” filling every aspect with our lives…not merely “JE sews Charlie”. Jesus .... The Messiah is the solution to the worlds problems ... Pray for our Jewish Brothers and sisters and the Christians of the Middle East who live with terror and hate on a daily basis.

I especially remember the delight I felt when it called for a huge mobilization in my hometown, Tours, before Jean Paul II’s visit, damning the Catholic Church for its position on condom use. I remember the grace and humanism of a column it gave to Patrick Sellout, an ER doctor working in a poor suburb, detailing how the healthcare system was failing the poorest among us.

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I remember its tireless commitment to defending women, especially to and the right to have a sex life without shame. With this last statement in mind, I think it's safe to assume that Charlie Hebdo has never ever thought to condemn abortion, which Lord Nicholas Windsor has rightly described as a terrorism even greater than the Islamic one.

Abortion, which Windsor nails as “the single most grievous moral deficit in contemporary life”, is discussed here particularly in relation to Europe (http://www.orthodoxytoday.org/blog/2010/12/abortion-greater-threat-to-europe-): Legal abortion is “the single most grievous moral deficit in contemporary life” and its proliferation will exact an as-yet unknown social price for the countries that have adopted it, said Lord Nicholas Windsor, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Kent, this month.

Windsor compared abortion to slavery as a great moral and social evil that calls for a “new abolitionism for Europe” before it is too late. Britain’s birth rate is higher than most European countries, but remains below replacement level at 1.9 children born per woman.

How can humankind even pretend to be striving for peace whilst allowing this ‘Heroin slaughter of the innocents’ to proceed! Now-deceased Charlie Hebdo editor, Stéphane Char bonnier, had vowed that his cartoonists would keep poking fun “until Islam is just as banal as Catholicism”.

Far worse than that, the staff of Charlie Hebdo have horribly mocked Jesus Christ and his holy Mother in various of their publications.

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