Can A Rollator Walker Be Used As A Wheelchair

Elaine Sutton
• Thursday, 21 January, 2021
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There is a wide range of mobility assistance devices on the market that are all aimed to make getting around easier. Understanding the differences between them will allow you to select one based on your mobility needs and preferences.

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Collators are walkers that are designed to be pushed easily by the user, while wheelchairs are meant for transportation while sitting. Because the seat is there, it may give you or others the idea that you can sit and be pushed in a collator, acting as a dual-purpose alternative to a larger wheelchair.

Let’s dive into each of these categories in a bit more detail, so you can better understand the risks of using a collator as a wheelchair. Pushing someone in a rollatorcan be dangerous because the structural integrity of the rolling walker could be compromised.

The construction of the seat is designed for resting rather than transportation with full human weight relying on it. Foot or ankle injuries: When pushing someone in a collator, there are typically no footrests for the person to place their feet.

You can click on the link below for a nice selection of Collators, manual wheelchairs and much more. In their mobility section you will find affordable collators and wheelchairs that I’m sure will fit your needs.

Being pushed in a collator opens up the possibilities of more accidents, especially since the device is not designed for such activities. For a technology that is designed to keep people safe, it should be used properly with safety as the priority.

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Courtesy of Active Equipment Forum Lack of Comfort When Being Pushed in a Collator Because the collator was designed for taking short breaks from walking to rest, it does not have ample back support or cushioning for extended sitting.

It may not be possible for some people to keep their feet up, and this can also cause some dangers with them getting caught while the walker moves. You can find many 2 in 1 hybrid collator wheelchairs at Amazon that are designed for walking and being transported.

To maintain the greatest levels of safety, if someone is being pushed, it should be simple and easy for the person to do so. The ones you can sit on come with four wheels on each base, and this allows you to have ample support while walking without having to physically pick up the walker.

This is a small bench on the walker that also often serves as the cover to a basket for people to keep items while walking. Make sure when you are seated or using it as support from a stationary position that the wheels have been locked.

This will keep the device from moving in the event that a significant amount of body weight is placed onto the collator at different angles. If you are interested in a rolling walker that can also be used for full weight-bearing transportation, you will want to investigate looking at a hybrid device.

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These are designed for independence as a walker but also have the ability to be pushed after extended walking. Walkers are commonplace in today’s society and serve as valuable, often indispensable, tools to participate in the joys of physical activity.

Many people maintain the ability to walk in the house as well as outdoors and may require regular seated rest breaks for recovery. This presentation differs, in variable scale, from the use of a wheelchair, in that the ability to ambulate prevents requirements for prolonged sitting periods.

Common medical conditions associated with use a portable seat are wide-ranging, though may generally include Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Obesity, and Diabetes. More often than not, these conditions make it a necessity for people to sit down and recover before resuming activities of daily living.

Collators are built to allow individuals to take seated rest breaks, while simultaneously providing the opportunity to move as swiftly or slowly as they please. This risk is of most concern for people with leg weakness, as there is potential for the device to get out ahead of the individual, leading to a forward fall.

More often than not, a signed prescription from a primary care doctor must be obtained in order to utilize insurance benefits to purchase a four-wheel walker. Walking aid innovation has afforded a range of helpful amenities for collators, which make them ideal for community outings.

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Four wheel walkers allow individuals with varying physical abilities to get up and move, maintain independence, and enjoy community participation. Following appropriate education and training, a collator serves as a valuable tool to continue moving and exercising, while maintaining control of when and where to rest and catch your breath.

He has spent most of his career helping seniors transition from hospital or rehab care to living independently at home. Walkers that convert to wheelchairs are essential tools for seniors with limited mobility.

The best collator transport chair combos have comfortable seats, storage areas like baskets for personal belongings, hand brakes, and adjustable handle height with soft padded handles. You take your grandmother, Mary, to the doctor’s office for her monthly follow up and to pick up a few prescription refills.

Now, Mary is fairly independent and likes to get around by herself, so she walks beside you with the help of her collator. The good news is that a collator transport chair product is exactly what you need in that situation.

Choose a Lightweight Model That Folds for Easy Portability All of these products are foldable so that they can travel with you easily about everywhere you go. This makes them portable and easy to lift and place in the trunk of a car.

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This is especially important if the caregiver has any medical issues to that prevent them from lifting heavier objects. Standard nylon upholstery is ok for short rides but not for longer ones.

I recommend investing in a good cushion if the senior will ride in it for long periods of time. A Convenient Place to Rest the Legs Is a Must Because these products double as wheelchairs, it is important that they have a place to rest the legs and feet when the elderly person is riding.

But, these leg rests and footrests also need to be out of the way when the senior is walking with it in collator mode.” Fortunately, the models I will recommend below have leg rests that fold out of the way when they aren’t being used.

This allows them to be raised or lowered so that the user isn’t bent over or putting too much stress on their upper body. Here are my recommended combination walker wheelchairs based on my work experience and mobility training.

As a collator, the handle height has a wide adjustment range to fit shorter and taller seniors alike. The 19 wide seat is a bit wider than most of the competition and is nicely padded and comfortable.

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The folding mechanism is easy to use and almost any caregiver should be able to handle it without problems. You get some nice extras with this one too including a side mounted storage bag and a cup holder.

They work just fine for indoor use or flat outdoor surfaces. First, push the back strap fabric towards the handles of the collator.

18 wide seat is strong and comfortable but only 11 deep Front casters are removable for easier loading Includes removable, swing away footrests with heel loops to keep your feet on them Handles adjust from 30 to 37 Handles double as the armrests and aren’t padded and too high The Hybrid LX is a highly versatile product which can serve both as a collator and as a transport chair.

The Hybrid LX has a nice, wide 18 seat, but it’s not very deep. It’s fairly wide to give you good support and posture too.

But, the front wheels on this model are removable for easier loading and storage. There are heel loops to that help keep your feet in place while you are moving.

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The collator handles double as the wheelchair armrests, and they aren’t particularly special. Also, they are positioned too high when the person riding in the chair places their elbows on them.

The Duet from Drive Medical is easily transformed from collator to a wheelchair. For this reason, you have to be very careful when pushing the chair and pay attention to the surface you are going on.

The footrest is a simple bar that flips down when needed in wheelchair mode. But this set up isn’t as comfortable if you have to be in the chair for longer periods of time.

The Duet will fit people of varying heights well because the handles adjust from 31.5 to 37 inches. How to Convert the Drive Duet This one does take a little of work to go from a walker to a collator.

First, you will have to move the backrest to the other side of the collator using quick push pins. Finally, fold the leg rests down from the main frame.

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Inexpensive but serviceable option Height adjustable handles to fit people of various heights Lightweight and easy to transport Lifetime warranty on the frame Armrests are not padded and uncomfortable Seat is a bit small This in an interesting combination of a collator and a transport chair, with a different design compared to similar products.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame which supports users of up to 250 lbs. It’s a nice combo which has some limitations, but overall works pretty good.

The seat is padded but narrow in width (only 14.25 wide) but it is deeper than some other choices. Under the seat is a wire basket for storage of personal items.

This one is also very easy to change over because all you have to do is flip down the foot plates, and you are ready to go. Here is the secret to this one: After converting the chair, the helper walks around to the other side and uses the top part of the backrest bar as the push handle.

It has a great mix of features, is very lightweight, and has extras none of the others offer. Buying one of these devices is an important step toward mobility and independence, so check them out today and let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

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