By The Way Can You Survive Zombie Apocalypse

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 18 May, 2021
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You need to collect some important facts to buy: first, you need to know your opponent. When a zombie attack occurs, you have to choose one of several possibilities, basically one of two.

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Or secondly, you run away somewhere where it will be safer, away from densely populated areas, where the zombie outbreak is much larger, and you plan your further fate there. The answer to whether you are barricading yourself or going into action depends on many factors.

On the one hand, there are more zombies in cities, so it's easier to face them, but we will also find more resources and food that we need to live. In fact, the only problem arises when we are locked in a small space and a group of zombies catches us.

As for the second variant, i.e. hiding somewhere outside large zombie concentrations, for example in the countryside or in forests, is a safer option. However, if you are familiar with fishing or catching other wild animals inhabiting forest areas, then you are definitely among the group of people who are more likely to survive the zombie apocalypse.

A zombie apocalypse is something many people dream of, but would each of them be so confident in their abilities if it really did happen? Life is not a movie, and the day is not one of the episodes of “The Walking Dead”.

I sat at one of the mics and looked at Daniel for an explanation. He turned on the mics and motioned for us to stay silent.

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“Today we are going to play, CanYouSurvive a Zombie Apocalypse ?” It's great to be here, though I feel like Daniel only wanted me here to kill me off” I said, acting wary.

Also, Daniel, remember to keep one eye open at night, never know what might be lurking in the shadows” I said threateningly, raising my hands up and moving towards Daniel. After Daniel explained the rules, I suddenly got a very giddy feeling and giggled creepily.

I shrugged, “I don't know, just ask us the questions, or I'll slit your throat!” You had just finished shopping, and you heard on the radio a zombie apocalypse had struck.

You get home, and you are unlocking the door when you see a woman running towards you. A: drop everything and help her B: close the door and act like nothing happened.

C. Charge the batteries, fill stuff with water. “Um, I think id go with C, cause you never know when those things will run out” Hos uh said.

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“I agree with Hos uh, if you're in a safe area, you really need to stock up on stuff. You never know when the power will run out, or when the water will be undrinkable” Mia said.

Stephan nodded, “the best thing is good cardio” he said. Mia laughed, “well, me and Stephan go out jogging often, which was actually how we met” she said.

Mable Hill: 19760BikiniBottom: 30890Cypress: 23018Which town would you go too? You need to build a barricade to protect yourself from the zombies.

You visit a town for supplies and find out that it WS where the first infection was spread. Your about to leave when you see that you barely have any food or water left and the next town is days away.

Your walking down a street at night, tiptoeing down the alley, making sure you don't disturb any zombies, when suddenly just over the block you see a team of marines making their way across the sidewalk. I don't want to wake the zombies.

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Catch one of them and make him/her tell that I'm alive! You've been alone in this empty town for days and you're dying to hear another person's voice.

You quickly go and inspect it and find a man crying for help. You rush to him, but then you see that the man has been a bit just a little on the leg.

True or False: If a zombie's body is separated from its brain, is it still capable of moving? Zombies are surrounding you left and right.

You are inside a market trying to gather some supplies when you come across a zombie, and it's awake. As you whip out your gun, you recognize the zombie.

You final made it through the apocalypse ! There is absolutely no sign of the zombies out there and your radar shows that the whole world has been cleaned of zombies.

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