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The precise timing of the next batch of pardons and prison commutations is unclear, but it may come on Trump’s final full day in office on Tuesday, a source close to the process tells The Post. At least two men serving life in prison for marijuana dealing under the Biden law’s three-strikes provision, paraplegic Michael Pelletizer, 64, and Cor vain Cooper, 41, asked Trump to release them.

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According to Jenny Taft, moderator of “Undisputed,” he recorded the song this past week at the request of the Packers. Lil Wayne says he has been a packer fan ever since the team beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI.

He said his father attended the game and brought home a bunch of Packers merchandise for his family. Fans are hoping history will repeat itself and the Packers end the season with a Super Bowl win.

On his literal last night in office, President Donald Trump unleashed more than 143 pardons that included notorious figures, close confidants, ardent supporters and some familiar faces. Back in October, Lil Wayne was pictured at the White House with Trump and expressed his support for the president and his “platinum plan” at the time.

In December, Weezy pled guilty to a federal weapons charge that stemmed from a December 2019 incident where federal authorities searched a private plane he was traveling to Miami on and found a gun in his luggage. The rapper was charged in November with one count of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon and faces up to 10 years in jail.

After much wait, Lil Wayne has finally dropped his highly anticipated mixtape ‘No Ceilings 3.’ The sequel to 2015 mixtape with the same name comes packed with 20 tracks and features guest verses from hip-hop stalwarts like Drake, Young Thug, Jay Jones, Gudda, Cory Gun and others. The Internet was pretty amazed to see the features from these young rappers and gave thumbs-up to all of them.

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However, social media users specifically discussed Little Tune, who by the way is just 12 years old. DJ Khaled, who is also associated with ‘No Ceilings 3,’ also makes an appearance on ‘FL4M$3’ intro and outro whereas Little Tune spits, “I'm on your block, with money on top/Black Lives Matter, what's up with these cops?/ I'm spitting' this fire, I do not aspire/ Just pass me the lighter and we not on' stop.” Looking at this verse, we feel Little Tune has surely got a strong pen game.

Apart from the three kids mentioned above, Wayne also has a 21-year-old daughter, Reginae Carter, who unfortunately is not featured on the mixtape. Speaking about his latest project, the Grammy award-winning rapper told Complex, “The mixtape game seemed to be a dying art and since I'm one of the pioneers of the craft, and it played such a big part in my career, I felt it was only right to resurrect it.

Lil Wayne worked with hip-hop group the Hot Boys before forging a solo career with albums They Carter and its hit follow-ups II, III, IV and V. He won four Grammy Awards in 2009 for singles like “A Mill” and “Lollipop,” and has worked with artists ranging from Robin Thick to Nicki Minaj.

The rapper has also found himself in trouble with the law on numerous occasions, serving time behind bars in 2010 for criminal possession of a weapon. He later met brothers Bryan and Slim Williams, the founders of Cash Money Records, who were impressed enough with his skills to give him one of their business cards.

He sold crack for a time, and accidentally shot himself in the chest, according to an article in Rolling Stone. Wayne later revealed in a 2018 interview with Billboard that the shot was actually an attempt at suicide after his mother told him that he was not allowed to rap anymore.

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Featuring appearances by members of the Hot Boys as well as the Big Timers (Brian Williams and Annie Fresh), the recording went double platinum. Then, in a career-changing move, Lil Wayne took a break from creating a traditional style album and released his first collection from his underground mixtapes: The Drought (2003).

In 2004, Lil Wayne released They Carter, a hugely popular album that helped cement his reputation as one of rap's leading performers. Rolling Stone critic Christian Hoard said that Wayne's syrupy drawl sounds more dexterous than ever” on the album.

Quickly following up this latest wave of success, Wayne released They Carter II in December 2005. A cameo appearance on the Destiny's Child smash hit “Soldier” only further enhanced Wayne's popularity.

In response to several unreleased tracks being made public over the internet, Lil Wayne released the download-only EP The Leak in 2007. The songs came from his work on his anxiously anticipated next studio album, which was finally released in 2008: They Carter III hit the top of the rap, hip-hop and pop charts, selling more than 1 million copies in its first week of release.

Baby face, Robin Thick, Busta Rhymes and July Santana also made cameos. In August 2011, Wayne released They Carter IV, which quickly met with success.

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Not one to rest on his laurels, in March 2013, Lil Wayne put out his 10th studio album, I Am Not a Human Being II, to great acclaim. After the rapper finally extracted himself from his Cash Money contract in June 2018, the long-awaited They Carter V debuted at the Billboard top spot in September.

After making a deal with PepsiCo to promote its Mountain Dew soda brand, Lil Wayne was dropped by the company in May 2013 after releasing a song containing derogatory lyrics referencing civil rights icon Emmett Till. He pled guilty a year later and in January 2021, President Donald Trump pardoned the rapper.

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