Buffalo Brothers Wake Forest Specials

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 27 July, 2021
• 7 min read

Our bars, dining rooms, and patios are ready for you! Please be patient as we are still at 50% capacity by Governor Coopers order.


We have installed sanitizer stations, servers will be wearing face coverings, and we will be cleaning contact surfaces on a scheduled basis. Toasty malt, gentle sweetness, flash of fresh hop bitterness.

A West-coast style pale ale with a happy taste and crisp finish. An easy-to-drink light beer, with a clean aroma and crisp, smooth finish.

Fermented with a pure culture of yeast and aged at high gravity, PBR is cellar and finished to the smooth, robust likeness of a fine Pilaster. Rich amber, subtly sweet roasted caramel combining cluster and cascading hops for a distinct flavor.

Features yeast cloned from the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan, 1040 AD. Golden lager that is strained, not filtered, and slow aged for over a month to give it a wonderful taste and aroma.

I live in Charlotte, so it's the last time I can use it in Wake Forest. I am thinking make a copy for the soldier, and we are good.

So I give the vet the voucher and eat the rest of the money I paid for it. Plus I live near Buffalo ave and Capital blvd, by the BB there and come to Wake Forest to use the vouchers before they expire.

Customer service is very good and the food is excellent....... Great burgers, cooked the way I like with quality ingredients.

Great service too, with nice variety of local brewery ales, all to enjoy while I'm watching the game! While I'm eating I don't care to hear all the loud banging and yelling with what they call music.

Takeout, Seating, Television, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Table Service Reviewed January 6, 2021 B I think that the Anchor Bar in Buffalo would have been amazed if they could see how many incarnations of their wings have appeared over the years, and in how many ways.

Even mentioning Buffalo (with or without wings or bones) seems to evoke a certain magic. A name that, without the advent of the wings, would only be related to cold winters, big, shaggy creatures or almost uncountable years of heartbreak for Western New York football fans.

With a party of this size, small glitches can happen, and there was something slight involving the fried pickle appetizers we had ordered, but the glitch was on our side. My son caught our waitress who told him that she would run back and cancel the second order if it hadn’t been deep-fried yet.

Speaking of fried dill pickles, these were among the best I have had, and, delivered screaming hot and fresh, they were delicious and disappeared quickly. The rest of the food was the usual fare, and done properly, with a very acceptable wait time.

I had thought of ordering the Mac and Cheese pizza, but was afraid that it would end up being too much of a good thing, so I settled for a fish sandwich which was what a good fish sandwich should be, hot, with a crispy beer batter, some condiments and a roll whose softness only added to the overall detectability. The side of sweet potato fries were waffle cut and not the usual flaccid strings.

My granddaughter ate her way through a child’s order of pasta with sauce as well as some fore mentioned pickles. I noticed that only empty plates from our table of 8 and 1/2 went back to the kitchen, so all was well.

Unfortunately, I can’t fill you in on prices as my son picked up the tab, but nothing I noticed on the menu seemed out of line. She walked us the through the menu sharing her insights on each item, described...each of the (hot) sauces, answered our questions, and then made some recommendations.

We went with the grilled buffalo chicken wrap dipped in a Cajun hot sauce, with a side of well-seasoned vegetables and a BBQ pizza. The BBQ pizza sounded awful, but Ashley encouraged us to try something new and assured us it was wonderful.

The service was so great we’re leaving a review and giving major props to Ashley. More Reviewed May 19, 2019, via mobile I travel a lot for work, so I am not too interested in chain restaurants.

Both sides of the bar were loaded with plenty of beer taps and TVs all around. The menu has a good combination of starters, sandwiches, burgers, wings and some entrées.

On my first visit...there were three, I got the Western burger but, since I am not a BBQ fan, I substituted a hot wing sauce. Reviewed October 20, 2018, via mobile Bug was in my food I got to go on my way to work.

Reviewed September 17, 2018, We went on a Monday and Goose Island Oktoberfest was on special except they didn't have any. Reviewed August 10, 2018, I love the chicken wings at this place, both boneless and bone-in.

They also have great salads (try the BBQ Chicken Ranch) and a large beer selection. The service can be hit or miss and the beer poor stingy sometimes, so that is why I...rated a 4 and not a 5.

If I pay for a pitcher of beer, I don't expect it to look like someone poured a pint before it got to my table. My daughter loves their pizza and also their blackened salmon sandwich.

I have not had many of the appetizers, potato soup is delicious, and as I said, yummy chicken wings. The TVs are mounted too high and if you watch TV for more than 10 minutes your neck will explain what I mean.

Reviewed April 10, 2017, via mobile The service of their manager- an older female, was very poor. Either have to lesson her endless opinions or be rudely interrupted... poor communication skill.

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