Buffalo Brothers Wake Forest Menu

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 18 May, 2021
• 7 min read

French onion soup with homemade croutons and melted Swiss cheese. Hearty homemade chili made with beef, beans and a little of kick.

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Creamy potato soup topped with bacon and cheddar cheese. French Fries, Homemade Potato Chips, Pasta Salad, Coleslaw, Steamed Vegetables.

Our homemade mac & cheese with our slow cooked pulled pork and a touch of tangy BBQ sauce. Lettuce, tomato, shredded carrots, cucumber, red onion and homemade croutons.

Our homemade creamy blend of spinach and cheeses baked hot and served with fresh tortilla chips or flatbread. Finely diced peppers, onion and mushrooms wrapped up with shaved rib eye and melted cheese in a crispy fried egg roll.

Fresh made-to-order crinkle cut dill chips lightly battered and deep-fried! A block of creamy whole milk mozzarella cheese, breaded and served in warm marinara sauce.

A traditional tortilla stuffed with three kinds of delicious melted cheddar cheese, marinated steak, mushrooms, onions and peppers. Homemade Buffalo chicken wing dip with an added touch of celery.

Baked hot and served with tortilla chips or flatbread. Covered with healthy portions of chili, cheese, tomatoes, black olives and jalapeños.

Boneless Buffalo wings on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and onion. Crisp lettuce, ham, bacon, eggs, black olives, pepperoncinis, tomato, carrots, cucumber, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and red onion.

Lettuce, diced tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips, grilled chicken and Ranch. Grilled chicken, iceberg, romaine, blue cheese crumbles, diced tomatoes, red onions, almonds, raisins and our Balsamic Vinaigrette.

A 4oz blackened salmon filet on a bed of mixed greens with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions. A delicious sun-dried tomato flour tortilla shell filled with lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese, red onion and seasoned chicken or beef.

A generous portion of our homemade chicken salad atop lettuce, fresh tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and carrots. Try our White Pizza made with virgin olive oil, garlic, ricotta & mozzarella.

We used our traditional crust and add a cream cheese base. Pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, meatballs and mozzarella cheese.

What we consider the perfect combo of toppings: mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, black olives, banana peppers and onions. Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, onions, black olives, spinach and green peppers.

This huge portion of the Italian classic comes smothered in cheese. Penne pasta smothered in our creamy Alfredo sauce and topped with grilled chicken and broccoli.

Our baked zit is loaded with ricotta cheese and a creamy marinara. We start with our homemade mac & cheese and add our slow cooked pulled pork and a touch of tangy BBQ sauce.

These delicious tenders have never seen a freezer and have the plump juicy flavor to prove it! Served with Ranch, Blue Cheese* or Honey Mustard.

Tender cooked, golden brown and served with your choice of side. Served with French fries, homemade chips, steamed veggies or pasta salad.

A 10 oz fresh hand-battered Haddock filet fried golden brown in our beer batter. Two (2) soft tacos filled with Blackened Haddock and cheddar cheese.

We dress them up with avocados, Pic ode Gallo, sour cream, and sautéed onions. Tender baby back pork ribs grilled and smothered in our signature BBQ sauce.

Served with your choice of wing sauce, side and coleslaw. Served with French fries, homemade chips, steamed veggies or pasta salad.

Breaded chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and Ranch dressing. A healthier alternative with chicken, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and Caesar dressing.

Toasted sourdough with shaved turkey, crispy bacon and ranch, smothered in melted American cheese. A ½ lb portion of thinly sliced tender prime rib with provolone cheese and crispy fried onion strings on our toasted garlic bread.

Ham, turkey, bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, piled high on top of grilled Texas toast. A lightly battered and fried chicken breast sandwich topped with jalapeño cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and Ranch dressing.

In-house roasted, tender beef shaved thin and dipped in a just. Piled high on a toasted bun with provolone cheese, bacon and horseradish cream sauce.

A fresh 6 oz chicken breast battered, fried and tossed in any one of our Buffalo sauces. Topped with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Served with French fries, homemade chips, steamed veggies or pasta salad as a side at no additional cost. This baby comes loaded with fried onion strings, A1 steak sauce, sour cream, chopped bacon and American cheese.

Of juicy seasoned ground beef topped with fresh avocado, bacon strips, tomato slices and A1 steak sauce. Cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and fried onion strings.

Our bars, dining rooms, and patios are ready for you! Please be patient as we are still at 50% capacity by Governor Coopers order.

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