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Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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Health, temperament and longevity are a few special effects all breeders should strive to instill in the cancers. Once I’ve had a breeding my puppies are given much love and care while in my possession, and when they leave as a new family member they should receive the same.

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Taken with great consideration of our breeding combinations, please view our available puppies and see if one of these adorable pups will become a fantastic asset towards companionship as well as family protection for you and your loved ones. I can assure you our males are stunning and have caught the attention of many, whether in training, out for a walk, at the vet or just having home visitors.

Pirates Den “Scotch Ale Silly” is almost 3 now. From L to R Heaven, Silly and Lightning enjoy chasing the flirt pole.

Matthew showing DEI Vol sci's Too, at the Radio November 17, 2012, in Parma Italy. Takes a brave kid to fly 5000 miles and handle a new dog, in the Cancers country of origin.

Pirates Den “Get yourself a Bad Bay” aka Nark. Pirate's Den “Black Betty” earned the nickname “Bam A Lam” with moments like this.

Pirate's Den “Funky Cold Medina” hiking with her new family in Colorado. Pirate's Den “Edward Teach, I'm Blackbeard” and DEI Vol sci's Sort.

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Blackbeard and Angel knew all along she was a good girl ;) Santa brought DEI Volscis How We Roll Di Pirate's Den a girl for Christmas.

I named him Dot Dot because he was a little bigger than the one white dot on his chest but not as big as two. :) Hand rearing his litter from birth reminded me just how much I gain from breeding these dogs.

Pirate's Dens' “Diva” riding with her dad Anthony. CaneCorso’s are large and muscular mastiff type dogs that have developed a reputation for aggression towards people.

Cane Torsos have been disproportionately represented in a number of fatal dog attacks on people, including a well-publicized incident in which a four-year-old boy lost his life in a Brooklyn, New York apartment in May 2011. The latest fatal dog attack incident in the United States involving the Cancers happened in Michigan on July 23, 2014.

In this incident, two Cancers dogs escape from the property where there are being kept and attacked 46-year-old male jogger, Craig Satsuma of Livonia. The incident happened in a rural area in Memory Township, located about 45 miles northwest of Detroit.

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For example, newspaper reports indicate that there were at least three instances in which these dogs have either threatened or attacked people prior to the incident involving Satsuma. In one instance however, second-degree murder charges were filed against the man whose eight pit bulls mauled a woman on her morning walk in Little Rock, California.

Second-degree murder charges was upheld against defendant Marjorie Knoll er after a lengthy legal process, including the case being heard before the California Supreme Court. We are one of very few Cancers breeders in the world to have had their bloodline and breeding program authenticated by, and have received the personal approval of Dr. Paolo Berber.

Dr. Berber is considered the world's leading authority on the Cancers and is directly responsible for the recovery of this legendary breed from Italy! He has dedicated decades of his life’s work to this breed, and it’s recovery.

“Anyway, judging from the dogs on your website you do have the true thing, not just in looks but in temperament as well; there’s nothing to add or subtract. What I keep repeating is make the CC work in one or the other jobs he was born for.

I consider the CC a cultural heritage and a work of art. Many people here researching the Cancers for the first time go by what they hear on YouTube and information put out on Facebook pages etc.

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Also, according to Dr. Berber the American “watered down” show ring version of the Cancers while arguably “pretty” are not considered “True” Cane Torsos. Dr. Berber now has one of his older books about the Cancers translated to English and can be purchased in e-book format (for a very minimal price).

” I recently noticed that we are now consistently ranking #1 on google under Cancers breeders here in the United States. This is largely due to the overwhelming response to the content of this website.

I personally think an even better benchmark of a good breeder is when people come back for their 2nd or 3rd puppy! In today’s uncertain times many people appreciate the added safety a Traditional Cancers can provide to their families and loved ones.

Outlaw Cancers stops potential invasion of Law Enforcement Officers home while protecting her family. The oldest Cancers registry in the world and the most complete stud book in the United States.

We are excited to hear that Old World's Tanner ite (Rabbit Custody Nos x Tahoe Custody Nos) received a Penn HIP came back with amazing results! Congratulations to owner Jessica Biddle of Casanova Cancers.

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Congratulations to Old World's Tanner ite (Rabbit Custody Nos x Tahoe Custody Nos), owned by Jessica Biddle of Casanova Cancers ! Thank you very much to the judges and the Finger Lakes American Eskimo Dog Association for another fabulous show.

We are so excited to have sold vandal to a wonderful breeder in Australia! Novae is owned and handled by Jessica Caster of Casanova Cancers.

Novae's Sire: Champion Paradise CC's Cain, CGC, TT Novae's Dam: Rotor BY Dream Crystal Ruby Birthdate: September 21, 2009, Color: Black Brindle Weight: 90 pounds at 18 months Penn HIP: 80th percentile, .48 × .46, NO DID Canine Good Citizen Certification: April 2010 She has begun in conformation shows and has done very well for herself, earning her UK CCH title at just 10 months.

Well it's been 3 months in the making, and I'm finally heading up to Seattle tomorrow morning to pick up my adult imports from Italy and Spain. I'm especially excited to meet my new Boy “Dream” out of Into Ch Byron Del Drum.

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