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• Saturday, 08 May, 2021
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Tim Burgling, better known as Avicii, was found dead in Oman on Friday at the age of 28, just shy of two years after he stopped performing live due to health problems. His lead song off that album, Wake-up, ” has somewhat dark lyrics, but innovative blends EDM with country and bluegrass elements to create an uplifting tune that became a summer anthem.

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“Feeling my way through the darkness, Guided by a beating heart, I can't tell where the journey will end, But I know where to start,” the song begins. Avicii considered the track “a fun experiment,” and looked to American soul singer Aloe Black to come up with lyrics.

In his third single off the album, “Hey Brother,” Avicii similarly mixed EDM and bluegrass and at the time said he sought out a vocalist in that genre, Dan Kaminski, because he has “this earthy tone to his voice.” Asked what his favorite track on True was, Avicii that year did not respond with the one that made it highest in the charts.

American soul singer Aloe Black provides credited vocals for the track and Incubus' Mike Singer provides acoustic guitar. It was released on 17 June 2013 by PROD Music and Universal Island, as the first single from Avicii's full-length debut studio album, True (2013).

The experimental rendering (it was accompanied by a live band with instruments and vocalists, including Black, Singer and other members of Incubus) reportedly confused and angered a section of the electronic dance festival community. The song has been described as a “summer anthem” by Variance Magazine and, throughout the 2013 festival season, Avicii included it as part of the opening or closing sequence of his sets at EDC Las Vegas, EDC London, Tomorrowland, Cream fields, Electric Zoo and iTunes Festival.

The video was shot in the Santa Clara River, orange groves and in the town of Peru, California, west of Los Angeles as well as Downtown LA. I used to listen to this track endlessly on repeat with my brother back in summer of 2013.

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28 is way too young, but I'm glad he was around long enough to help make some happy memories. On Thursday, Spotify announced that Wake-up by Swedish disc jockey Avicii is the song that has been streamed the most times in its short history.

And TIME reports that Wake-up is still racking up nearly 4 million plays per week. It took the top spot from previous record holder Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, which has somewhere around 180 million streams.

Generic alt-rock is easier to tolerate than the radio blight that is Avicii's hit. Literally any of the current top 10 tracks on Spotify (barring, of course, “Hey Brother” on principle) would be make a better Most Streamed Song record holder.

So that's why Avicii's travesty is so popular, but it doesn't excuse the fact that it is now the most streamed song ever on Spotify. It was reported that Tim Burgling (aka Avicii) died on Friday, April 20, according to a statement from his representative.

Fans are mourning the loss, and these tweets about Avicii's death show that they already greatly miss the DJ. He was found dead in Muscat, Oman this Friday afternoon local time, April 20th.

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The Swedish DJ was 28 years old, and he had retired from playing live shows in 2016, according to Billboard. Avicii announced his plan to quit touring in March 2016 when he posted a letter to his fans on his website.

The news really devastated fans of his music, and people were heartbroken to learn he died so young. In an April 2016 interview with Billboard, it was revealed the star suffered from acute pancreatitis.

The magazine also reported he had to cancel a series of shows in 2014 after the removal of his appendix and gallbladder. He shared in his 2016 Billboard interview that he began producing music at age 16 and went on his first concert tour at 18.

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