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Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 27 July, 2021
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In accordance with NY State policy, the Governor’s Executive Orders, and CDC recommendations, and to provide for the health and safety of our community, we require every individual who is age 3 and up to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering when on grounds at our zoos and aquarium. For additional questions, or assistance with visit planning, please contact Guest Relations guestrelations@wcs.org.

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Do not feed our animal residents or throw things in exhibits, and stay on public paths at all times. Only working service animals are permitted, in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act.

Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. We reserve the right to escort from zoo grounds any individuals or groups who are acting in ways deemed harmful to our animals, staff or the park, or that impinge upon the safety or enjoyment of the park by other guests.

The solicitation of visitors, or the selling of any items is prohibited within the Zoo, at its entrance gates, and along boundary sidewalks. Your image may also be observed and transmitted in real time by WCS via live webcam.

Commercial photography or filming is prohibited without express permission of WCS. Non-commercial photography for personal use is allowed, but tripods are restricted in several exhibits, and at the discretion of zoo staff.

Commercial photography and filming requests must go through the Communications Department. Our all-inclusive ticket (Bronze Admission) starts at $34.95 (ages 13+) and $24.95 (ages 3-12 yrs), and provides park entry plus unlimited access to the rides and attractions available on that day of visit.

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All tickets must be purchased and Member reservations must be made online in advance. Due to high message volume, you may experience longer than usual wait times, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

We expect the ticket reservations emails to be resent, but if you do not have it on the day of your visit toucan stop at a Ticket Services window at our admissions area to look up your order when you arrive. This ticket provides park entry plus unlimited access to the rides and attractions available on that day of visit.

While there are many exhibits to enjoy as a part of Limited Admission, it does not include many award-winning attractions and popular species in year-round experiences such as Congo Gorilla Forest and JungleWorld; or seasonal favorites like Wild Asia Monorail and Butterfly Garden. Due to capacity restrictions we must adhere to the ticketing policies which were stated prior to purchase.

This includes the terms and conditions acknowledgment that all sales are final and there are no revisions for credit, refund, rescheduling, exchange or cancellation. If you cannot make your scheduled time, we recommend sharing your non-member tickets with a friend or family members to use.

In order to manage the park capacity and allow for social distancing, all guests, including WCS Members, must have a timed ticket for entry. Reservations for your free member tickets must be made online in advance.

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Please use promotional code MILITARY for active personnel and VETERAN for Veterans during checkout. We offer a complementary Limited Admission to NYC undergraduate college student.

ADVANCE RESERVATIONS REQUIRED for all schools, camps and groups of 10 or more people. Museum Council Pass holders are eligible for two complementary Limited Admission tickets.

Sections may be used seasonally and not available at all times. All of these locations enter/exit from the Bronx River Gate. For the safety of all our guests, we need drivers to always follow staff instructions on parking.

With these premier spots, guests can enjoy the utmost convenience and have easy access to their car throughout the day. FREE parking at this exclusive location is a new benefit for Conservation Fellows and Partners.

April – October, the zoo grounds closed at 5pm Monday through Friday, and 5:30pm on weekends and holidays. You will be prompted to select an entry time window during the ticketing process.

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Based on the available exhibits and amenities, we expect the average visit to be 2-2.5 hours. In addition to limiting the number of tickets available each day, we’ve made some changes inside the park to allow staff and guests to appropriately social distance.

You will see markers in queuing areas as well as signs throughout the zoo to remind you to follow these guidelines. Additionally, we have indicated a recommended path, with a few select one-way only areas, to help control traffic flow.

Wild Smile Face Masks are available for purchase from our website when making your ticket reservation. We require every visitor age 3 and up to wear a mask or cloth face covering for their visit, in order to support public health and safety in our community.

People without a mask or appropriate face covering could present a direct threat to the health and safety of others. In order to limit this direct threat, making masks mandatory is required for safe operation of our parks.

Of Health, a face shield is an appropriate alternative face covering and may be worn at the park; For those guests who are unable to continuously wear their mask for the duration of their visit but who are able to wear a mask for short periods of time, the park has available visit tips for planning a route with frequent rest stops at Outdoor Seating Areas. These locations provide picnic tables or benches with appropriate social distancing where guests may remove their masks when seated.

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If you have a medical disability that prevents you from being able to wear any type of acceptable face covering, we will not be able to have you visit with us at this time. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate these unique and unprecedented safety challenges as responsibly as we can.

While we expect all exhibits and attractions to be open on our regular schedule, there are always unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to, weather, capacity and animal-related issues. For a complete list of exhibits, check the map posted on the Know Before You Go page.

We will not have printed map handouts, but have a mobile site for all the info you need when you visit! Go to BronxZoo.com/today for park map, GPS way finding, and up-to-date status on exhibits and amenities.

Stroller rentals are available, with expanded cleaning procedures for our operations. Guests are also welcome to bring their own stroller to better monitor your children and help maintain social distancing with other groups.

Regular mobility equipment rentals will be available, with expanded cleaning procedures for our operations. We only allow working Service Animals, in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Under the ADA, “a service animal is a dog that has been individually trained to work or perform tasks for assisting a person with a disability.” Service dogs are working animals, not pets. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.

Thank you for your cooperation to ensure a safe and successful visit for yourself, your service dog, the animals cared for at the zoo, and other park guests. *As stipulated by the ADA, Zoo staff may request that a service dog experiencing difficulty or demonstrating problematic behaviors, such as barking or lunging, be removed from the Zoo immediately.

This is a significant safety problem, and we need all guests to comply with our rules that prohibit scooters/skateboards/rollerblades from the park. Our main locations for food and gifts at Dancing Crane Plaza will be open daily, with adjusted operations.

Dancing Crane Café will be open for take-out only, and we’ve rearranged the expansive Plaza seating area for plenty of picnic tables at appropriate social distancing. Several other food service and snack locations will be open throughout the park, based on weather and daily attendance.

Yes, picnic areas and tables for boxed lunches are provided at the Dancing Crane Café and throughout the park. Please abide by the posted rules in exhibits where food and drink are prohibited.

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The BxM11 express bus is a fast and inexpensive way to travel between the Bronze and Manhattan. It makes stops along Madison Avenue, between 26th and 99th Streets, then travels directly to the zoo's Bronx River entrance.

Spring and summer are naturally high-attendance seasons, but we encourage guests to visit during fall and winter as well. When the weather cools off, many animals are more active, and you'll encounter fewer crowds.

Yes, our Lost and Found is located in the Security Department in the Education building on Astor Court. Commercial photography or filming is prohibited without express permission of WCS Public Relations.

Every year, the Bronze receives many inquiries from people who would like to donate wild animals or exotic pets; however, the zoo is not able to accept them. If you have an animal in need of a new home, please contact local and regional rescue organizations that specialize in caring for unwanted pets, such as the ASPCA.

Our Wild Encounters programs offer amazing up close animal experiences and are the best way to learn “insider information” about the Bronze. These programs provide exclusive access, but do not go into keeper areas or restricted zones.

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