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He was slated to take over his father's role after Carbon's obsession with the Black Lion, coupled with aid from the Gala rebel faction called the Blade of Marmara and their allies, led to the emperor's defeat at the hands of the Vol tron team. With Carbon in a comatose state under the care of Hangar, the witch had ordered the Empire's commanders to summon the prince.

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After Carbon awoke he dismissed Motor from his duties and then declared open season on his life, even going as far as to track him down himself. With his generals turning against him and forced into a corner, Motor assists the Vol tron Coalition to win a harrowing battle at the last second and offers a truce.

After engaging in a fierce duel against Sendai, Motor lights the Oral Era and is officially coronated as the new emperor of the Gala Empire. During season 6, it is revealed that Motor was both deceiving and using Team Vol tron the entire time as well as harvesting Aliens for their quintessence.

He then tricked the paladins into helping him enter the rift between realities where he ultimately was stranded after being defeated in a battle against Vol tron, which beat his Incline Much. Upon confirmation of their child's conception, Carbon and Minerva rejoiced at the prospect of an heir to the Gala throne and empire.

It's also likely during this time, Motor had begun to harness quintessence from Altman life force from the colonists who had met the qualifications for it. After Carbon was gravely wounded in a fight with Vol tron, Hangar ordered for Motor to return, to seize command of the Gala.

As he left the ring, his generals asked about Throw, to which Motor told them to put him on an Outpost on a wasteland planet. When Allure managed to beat him however, Motor recanted the earlier statement then would go on to trick them into retrieving the Trans-Reality comet for him.

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After a near mishap with the Blade of Marmara who had infiltrated and planted bombs at the ceremony, Motor won and became the new official Emperor of the Gala Empire. As the emperor, Motor made it his chief priority to harness the quintessence from the rift so that it could be used to sate his father's old commanders.

After ACA betrays Minerva her, Motor, and the rest of the generals return to the ruins of Daibazaal where Team Vol tron had already destroyed the trans-reality gate. At this point Motor reveals to For and Third that his split from the generals had been a ruse the whole time so that he could infiltrate Team Vol tron and get close to Allure so that he could use her to get to Orange.

After a heated discussion at the ruins, the two factions begin fighting, only to stop when in crazed rage, Motor claims that he wants to get rid of all his enemies, including the Gala. He had been decimated by Voltron's Quintessence Overload Beam; all that remained of him was a melted, decomposing corpse that Minerva pledged to avenge by saying she would soon see him again.

When Minerva came to visit him, the young Motor was initially delighted and went to embrace her but stopped when he sensed that she was not his true mother. Motor and Carbon both warmly welcomed her, allowing them to at long last be the family they were never in life and find peace in the afterlife.

Motor's appearance bears little in common with that of the average Gal ran, aside from his long limbs, lavender skin, and yellow sclera. Unlike the average Gal ran, his eyes possess visible pupils and irises, which accentuate his rather cunning and snide facial expressions.

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It bears a great resemblance to the uniforms of his personal generals, being black, dark indigo, and accented with blue and orange. Rather, he prefers to amplify his strength by instilling goodwill in those under the Gala Empire's rule, sparing his enemies in exchange for loyalty and service.

As seen in Hangar's flashbacks, Motor was originally a kind and just ruler of the colonies assigned to him, pleading with Carbon to not punish them for his actions. However, Motor is also quite vindictive, as evidenced by him dropping the cybernetic arm of General Rat, who Hangar had sent to spy on him, at her feet.

Throw was a victim of a similar set of ploys: publicly he was defeated and spared from death by Motor to gain greater support from the Gala people, only to assign him to what Throw considered to be the worst post in the Empire, the item he was protecting stolen by Motor's own generals, and was then both tortured and killed by Hangar for his failure as. Motor is rather tough to read, his motives being difficult to decipher based on his fluid and changeable tactics, thus his behavior is inconsistent with his actions.

Motor is known to revere and study his Altman ancestry, hoping to find clues to solving the problem of extracting quintessence without the cost of lives and entire planets. He has been shown to consider himself unworthy of the secrets of Altman alchemy due to giving into his more violent roots, attacking the guardian of this treasured knowledge, and praising Allure for her commitment to the pacifistic ways of their ancestors.

Motor's interactions with Allure since joining forces with the Vol tron Alliance have (seemingly) been known to be diplomatic, polite, and kind. As a result, Motor went into a psychotic rage, as he claimed to want to kill all his enemies, including the Gala.

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Though this is possibly something he said at the spur of the moment, as he was upset over Allure insulting him by comparing him to his father, who had traumatized him in his childhood, and for being rejected by the woman he'd likely grown to love, which became twisted with anger and spite as he mocked Allure, declaring once he'd destroyed Vol tron he would build a new Alter, one that would never know of her, of King Alford or even of Vol tron, and that these Aliens would only know of him, their “great leader”. He showed signs of being a narcissist as well as a hypocrite, in that he excused his atrocities in draining thousands of Aliens of their Quintessence as an act for the greater good, that these people whom he'd deceived and exploited were sacrifices, “martyrs to a great cause”, and what he did was essentially the same thing his father, Hangar and the Druids did in harvesting worlds of their quintessence with the Omar, and he refused to sincerely acknowledge his crimes.

He prefers to fully understands the risks a choice could present before executing said choice. This is the case when he tests Vol tron in the beginning of season 3 as he wanted to make sure they would have the skill enough to remove the trans-reality comet from where it was stuck in the wormhole. This is seen in “Changing the Guard”, in his speech to rally Carbon's court behind him, but also in how he manipulated Allure and his generals to go along with his plans.

This skill is further portrayed in his battle against the paladins in Thayer, and later when he managed to escape Carbon's fleet in “A New Defender”. In the Quintessence field without terrain influence, Vol tron and Motor seem to be equally matched in piloting skills.

Motor has been shown to be quite powerful in terms of his strength despite his emphasis on speed and technique in his fighting style. According to series staff, Motor is 10,000 years old because he was already conceived by the time Minerva entered the rift on Daibazaal.

The exposure to Quintessence of the rift, which has become part of his DNA, allows him to retain a youthful appearance, as his body ages at a much slower rate than other Gala. Motor himself admits having intended the split so that he could get closer to Vol tron, but a later comment by ACA in season 8 implies that Martí's death was unintentional.

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There are evidence that he in fact plotted this out, as he had an easy escape from the generals initially, and ACA had let him go when he was apprehended in the trade between Carbon and Team Vol tron. But now... we, the citizens of the Gala Empire, have an opportunity to make right all the injustices set into motion by our forefathers.

Because of the sacrifice made by Princess Allure, we have been given a second chance, to come together in rebuilding the Gala Empire by joining the Galactic Coalition and ushering in a new era of peace across the universe. Guardian Spirit of Fire Orphaned at a young age before enlisting in the Galaxy Garrison, Keith is somewhat of a lone wolf.

Considered to be the most talented pilot of his generation, he refuses to live by other people’s rules, instead choosing to carve out his own path. He has Gal ran heritage rooted in the Gala rebel faction called the Blade of Marmara, which he decides to join, leaving Team Vol tron so that Shirt can return as the Black Paladin.

Keith has the appearance of a lean older teenager with pale skin, black hair, fairly thick eyebrows, and blue-gray eyes that seem purple in certain lighting. The rest of his hair reaches the base of his neck, wildly flaring out in curved strands that tend to sit on top of his coat collar or armor.

Of the Paladins, Keith is the second-shortest, beating only Ridge in height, until he ages in the Quantum Abyss and becomes the third-tallest alongside Lance. Strapped to the belt at his lower back is a silver-colored and double-bladed knife with a black pommel, often kept wrapped in cloth and sheathed in a gray and silver scabbard.

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While Keith normally appears to be completely human, he has displayed Gal ran traits such as yellow sclera, feline pupils, and sharpened teeth during moments of extreme stress and emotion. ” Normally reserved, quiet, and calm, Keith is quick to give sarcastic quips and blunt commentary.

He is a competitive and pragmatic person who favors following his instincts above all else and will take the initiative regardless of the danger and challenge, leading to impressive accomplishments. While a grounded and logical thinker, he is susceptible to his honest emotions: his rebellious and impulsive nature leads him to be foiled by his own frustration, temper, and unwavering desire to defeat the Gala Empire ; he often must reel himself in with patience and focus or allay input to cool his head.

He is capable of loosening up and enjoying a good bout of fun, happily engaging in or instigating some of the team's playful antics. He places as much value on his team members as he does his mission and makes an honest effort to connect with them no matter how often he scolds someone for their lack of focus.

He is not fond of the idea of abandoning a teammate, even if he considers thinking as a Paladin to weigh the greater good over single life. Keith is highly observant of his team's well-being and will rush to protect or avenge them when needed, even if it means putting himself directly in harm's way.

This self-sacrificial nature is something he extends to the Red Lion to prove his worth and when he confronts the mystery of Gal ran heritage. Keith is equally able to accept that one evil is not the representative of all of its kind but does not fault Allure's shunning of him for his Gal ran heritage and only uses it as fuel to prove he has a rightful place on the Vol tron team until they make amends.

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Following his brief experience as leader piloting the Black Lion, his decision to leave Team Vol tron only occurs so that “Shirt” may return as the Black Paladin, as Keith constantly compares himself to Shirt, who guided him in his youth, and feels the man is a better leader than himself. It is only after meeting his mother, Kaolin, and bonding with her for two years that Keith stabilizes and matures as a person, returning to the mantle of Black Paladin once “Shirt,” truly a clone, turns against the team.

Keith has an immense sense of justice, selflessness, and the desire to fight alongside his team to bring light to the darkest time of the universe despite what costs may come. Paladin Armor that allows for safe travel in space; it contains a highly advanced computer system, a communication system, a laser gun, a grappling hook and tether, holographic capabilities, an energy shield for defense, breathable air, and a jetpack for brief sustained flight.

Combat Keith's specialty lies in close-combat with martial arts and bladed sidearms, using a fighting style said to be more Gal ran than human. He is a skilled and aggressive martial artist able to take down Garrison technicians in mere moments with a few powerful strikes.

Keith's agility stats are officially the highest; his battle strength lies mainly in his physical speed, trust in his instincts, quick adaptation to changes on the battlefield, and his sheer determination to succeed. While Keith's instincts allow him to react quickly, it makes him less observant of his surroundings and more susceptible to surprise attacks.

It should be noted that, although reverted to normal by the healing power of Quintessence, Keith's hand becomes an oddly-discolored and patterned purple-gray when he is injured by the dark magic of a Gala Druid.

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