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She later appeared in The Bill in two roles: as Emma Gilmore (1996) and Irene Murray (1998), and also in My Hero (2002) playing a female customer. After being spotted in Les Misérables by Fasteners casting director Kat Collins, she was given the part of Jane Beale.

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On 15 March 2012, it was announced Brett would be joining the BBC's ongoing drama WaterlooRoad as Christine Outgrew, a new English teacher hired by headmaster Michael Byrne (Alec Newman). For the first time in Brett's career, she spoke in her native accent as the show had relocated to Scotland.

Brett confirmed via Twitter that she will continue filming on WaterlooRoad in late spring 2014 and stayed in the role until the show ended. On 24 December 2018, Brett took part in a one-off celebrity special of All Together Now, and was crowned winner after receiving a score of 92.

In January 2020, Brett starred as DC Gemma Darlington in the C4 crime drama Dead water Fell. This is the second time Brett has reverted to her own native Scottish accent while playing a character.

She was often causing all kinds of mischief with her BBF Maxine Barlow, and pals Chloe Grainger and Dante Charles. 2 of 24CREDIT: InstagramSince leaving WaterlooRoad, Chelsea joined the cast of Holly oaks as Goldie McQueen in 2016.

More recently, Chelsea appeared on Celebs Go Dating in 2019, where she sadly didn't end up finding the love of her life (but who does, TBH? Tom was also stepdad to Chloe and Mikey Grainger after his romance with fellow teacher Izzy (he had numerous love interests with school staff).

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4 of 24CREDIT: ShutterstockJason starred on the show until 2015, enduring the big move from Rockdale to Scotland. His character Tom died in series 8 after falling from the roof of the school trying to help troubled student Kyle Stack.

5 of 24CREDIT: Grumpy Grandly Budget was part of the furniture at WaterlooRoad and had a number of emotional as well as downright hilarious storylines. Despite her reputation as a bit of a gossip, Steph's big heart and caring nature saw her take in troubled student Maxine Barlow.

8 of 24CREDIT: Shutterstock Denise has stared in a number of other TV shows and soaps including Baker Grove, Coronation Street and Holy City, and is a regular on the Christmas Pantomime circuit. She's also a regular panelist on ITV's Loose Women and mum to 1975 frontman Matt Heavy.

9 of 24CREDIT: BBCKind-hearted Kim Campbell bore the brunt of the kids' troubles as original Head of Pastoral Care at WaterlooRoad. 10 of 24CREDIT: ShutterstockSince leaving WaterlooRoad for good in 2010 (she took a break at the end of 2007, returning in 2009), Angela has starred in a number of TV dramas including Netflix's White Lines, ITV's Lewis and Isomer Murders.

12 of 24CREDIT: ShutterstockEstablished actor and comedian Neil recently spoke out about how much he hated working on WaterlooRoad. Since finishing on WaterlooRoad, Neil's starred as Line of Duty baddie Nigel Morton and is the voice of many cartoon characters, including Farmer Pickles in Bob the Builder.

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Lizzie was involved in a love triangle with fellow teachers Lorna Dickey and Tom Clarkson. 16 of 24CREDIT: Shutterstock Jill won the first series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2004, while she was playing Kate on Fasteners.

Chloe made up one half of our fave TV couple ever, marrying her childhood sweetheart Done Charles as soon as she turned 16. 18 of 24CREDIT: ShutterstockAfter Chloe and Done's departure to Manchester in series 4, Katie went on to take roles in Casualty and Father Brown.

Done cleaned up his act after spending time in jail for the accidental death of his friend Adam. 21 of 24CREDIT: After winning Britain's Got Talent in 2008, George went on to join the WaterlooRoad cast in 2011 as troubled student Kyle Stack.

22 of 24CREDIT: InstagramDancer and actor George Sampson underwent a hair transplant procedure in summer 2017. 23 of 24CREDIT: BBC/YouTube're not going to lie, we had a pretty big crush on bad boy Bolton Smile when he joined the cast for series 3.

Born (1982-12-21) 21 December 1982 (age 38)Education Royal Central School of Speech & Drama OccupationActorYears active2007–presentSpouse(s)Parent(s)Jeremy PayneRelatives Will Payne (brother) In January 2007, he first appeared in WaterlooRoad for the BBC, playing sixth former Brett Spinal. Payne began dating singer Jennifer Ackerman in late 2013.

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The two stars are currently leaving the nation gripped with their television projects with Bridger ton on Netflix and The Serpent on BBC. Yet Phoebe and Jenna both look almost unrecognizable in the 2009 clip from former BBC school drama WaterlooRoad, where they started their careers aged 14 and 22.

In the unearthed clip, it sees their characters Siobhan and Lindsay get into a playground fight with their other school peers. WaterlooRoad followed the lives of troubled high school students and teachers in Lancashire, it ran from 2006 until 2015.

As well as Phoebe and Jenna, the series also had show regulars such as Chelsea Healey, Adam Thomas, Denise Welch, Angela Griffin, Jill Halfpenny and Neil Morris. The series debuted on Christmas Day and has remained in the top spot on Netflix's most-watched list for the last two weeks, proving to be a mammoth success.

As well as this, the story of Daphne and Simon Basset's marriage would continue, as well as the developments of Lady Portia Feathering ton following her husband's death. The actor, 31, and actress had led some fans to believe they were a couple in real life due to their intimate on-screen relationship in the hit Netflix series.

Bolton Smile decides to get his own back on rival Granola Budget, but his mischief gets him in trouble as he takes a tumble and nearly falls off a cliff! After her long absence Chloe finally returns to school and encounters a very angry Done Charles.

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Jasmine Qureshi has read a version of Matt's script for the school musical, and she is NOT a fan, now she's roped in to put her money where her mouth is and rewrite the whole thing. Sally Frigate is left to care for her young brother and when the child-minder doesn't show she has to escape from school to look after him herself... but with an extremely vigilant Rachel to contend with, she isn't likely to succeed.

Brett feels it's his duty to fall on his sword and change schools, but can anyone talk him out of it... or does everyone agree? Granola Budget slips up and accidentally lets his gambling addiction be discovered by his students and Rachel Mason.

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