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8018 Data ID 860013 Element Dark Gender Male Rarity 3 Max LV. 40 Cost 6 Arena Type 2 Colosseum Legality Stats HP ATK DEF REC Base 2,125 885 792 702 Lord 3,235 1,038 1,019 965 Anima 3,528 1,038 1,019 887 Breaker 3,235 1,116 941 965 Guardian 3,235 1,038 1,097 926 Oracle 3,235 1,038 980 1,082 Rex3,723 1,097 1,078 1,024 Final, in-game stats may differ slightlyUnit Types also provide special passive bonuses.

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Where do you hail from? Fusion There's much more to be mastered. I'm not satisfied just yet. Unit Lore An orphan found and adopted by Legal who went on to become commander of the Elysian Army. With the swordsmanship Legal taught him, Xenon was selected to join the Royal Army at the tender age of 15.

8401 Data ID 860018 Element Dark Gender Male Rarity OFNI Max LV. 150 Cost 60 Arena Type 2 Colosseum Legality Stats HP ATK DEF REC Base 6,048 2,371 2,660 2,246 Lord 8,640 3,387 3,800 3,208 Anima 9,758 3,387 3,800 2,910 Breaker 8,640 3,685 3,502 3,208 Guardian 8,640 3,387 4,098 3,059 Oracle 8,640 3,387 3,651 3,655 Rex10,503 3,611 4,024 3,432 Final, in-game stats may differ slightlyUnit Types also provide special passive bonuses.

64 combo grand dual attack on all foes (damage relative to remaining HP), boosts ATK, Def, Rec, OD gauge, OD gauge fill rate, 100% damage reduction, 100% Dot reduction, negates critical and elemental damage, activates Light barrier & purges LS disable and Dot effects For more information on the unit's Dual Brave Burst (including buff values and frame data), please check their respective DBB pages.

Was it Uncle Ken? Evolution This curse has marked me forever, but I will use its power to ensure nothing evil befalls ESTIA ever again! Unit Lore Although Xenon wished that they had never stumbled across the witch who cursed ESTIA and himself, Xenon was pragmatic enough to embrace his new powers in order to better serve and protect his princess, the person most precious to him. Xenon was able to cope with his own issues by focusing on helping ESTIA while she struggled with her burdens.

Together they would work to heal each other and find ways to bequeath the legacy of Elysian to Grand Gaia. Xenon's fusion quote is a reference to the August 1962 issue of the Amazing Fantasy comic series of Spider-Man.

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8018 Data ID 860013 Element Dark Gender Male Rarity 3 Max LV. Unit Lore: An orphan found and adopted by Legal who went on to become commander of the Elysian Army.

He started working for the royal family as Princess ESTIA's playmate and pageboy. With the swordsmanship Legal taught him, Xenon was selected to join the Royal Army at the tender age of 15.

Belated Friday the 13th edition and that seems like a good time as any to write up Xenon, the latest global exclusive unit released in the vortex. We'll be looking at Xenon vs. some of his shadowy friends today, and then we'll see if being a global exclusive (and therefore likely capped at 5* for a long time) stops him from having a role to play in future content.

His HP is solid, if not spectacular (pretty good for a Dark unit though), his ATK is really nice and his DEF isn't bad either. His Leader skill is pretty terrible, not really useful in many situations at all but his hit count is above average at 8.

It's ST which isn't ideal in a lot of cases, but it also carries an ATK buff with it, which is unique to Xenon amongst dark units, giving him a very powerful niche and since his BB is ST, its BC to fill is likely to be lower meaning more uptime of his buff. Let's begin with Logan who I've chosen partly because of his recently announced JP 6* form, but also because he also has an ST BB that's very powerful.

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Compared to Logan, Xenon sports better HP (+345) and REC (+90) but less ATK (-160) and DEF (-70). Xenon's superior HP probably out scales the minor DEF difference between the two meaning he's probably a bit bulkier overall, but Logan hits considerably harder off his very nice ATK stat.

Comparing their BB's, Logan's has a really HUGE damage multiplier and a self heal component which makes him one of the most self-sustaining units in the game. This means that Logan is probably the stronger unit individually, but if you don't have someone else to contribute an ATK buff, Xenon raises the overall damage output of the party by a larger amount.

So it's not really a stretch to say that statistically, Xenon is basically at Kikuyu level at the moment which is pretty nice. Compared to the black knight, Xenon has better ATK (+130) and REC (+350) but loses out in HP (-695) and DEF (-225).

However, Xenon has much more offensive potential, sporting a better hit count and better ATK. Comparing their BB's is again a bit apple vs. oranges, Agrees has a fantastic, DEF buff bestowing, multiple target SBB which is very nice for the frail mono-Dark archetypical units, but Xenon's ATK buff is unique and currently unreliable amongst other dark units.

Compared to the most recently crowned 6* dark unit, Xenon has better HP (+190) and DEF (+100) but less ATK (-345) and REC (-550). Certainly in this meta game, where Alice's 1.3k DEF is very useable, she has the much better stat distribution since her offensive potential is much better.

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In the future though, Xenon looks a bit more attractive (though still likely not better than Alice who is a higher evolution tier) with his bulkier stat distribution and this is relevant since Xenon, as we will see in just a moment is a unit that has quite a bit of life in him in terms of future content. He still probably loses out to Alice in the grand scheme of things though both stat wise and overall usefulness since she also has a unique niche in that she's Dark's only healer.

Not only does he have Kikuyu level stats, and while his BB is single target, his BB effect is unique to him (and will remain so for the foreseeable future) and universally useful to basically any squad, but particularly mono-dark who normally lack ATK boosting units. This makes him, not necessarily a staple but a unit that definitely has a solid argument for inclusion in any mono-dark squad and a great boon for F2P players.

While that may not have the same awe-inspiring meaning as it did a few months ago when Kikuyu was rampantly dominant, it's still impressive. There is no other dark unit in existence, Global OR JP that can boost ATK.

Statistically, Xenon is already not at the top of the pyramid in terms of dark units, with Alice and probably Agrees already ahead of him and Kikuyu and Lira also sporting similar but probably better stats. Kikuyu and Lira's 6* forms are monstrous and will outstrip all units available at the time once they arrive, even Lemma from the next batch (a few weeks to a month away most likely) will probably do in Xenon statistically.

Mentioning Lunar is (I refuse to submit to the name Paris, WTF) and Zephyr isn't worth it since they're obviously also going to be statistically better units. There are damage augmenting dark units that are probably better than Xenon is (e.g. Zephyr who can ignore defense and also boosts dark damage with his SBB) but since those buffs stack with Xenon's ATK buff they don't really affect his role much at all.

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For rainbow squads/other squad archetypes, ATK buffs are common and are better provided by a plethora of other units: Michele, EZE and Vargas already sport ATK buffs that are likely larger than Xenon's and are thus much better suited to BB spam/Rainbow teams. Submarine's just going to be flat out superior once his 6* arrives (and probably already is so even currently), Lancia carries a heal and soon, a regent effect with her ATK buff which is probably more useful than Xenon's ST attack and Lucia from the most recent batch of rainbow units probably outclasses everyone except perhaps Michele.

If you look at other elements, Xenon's severely outmatched, so count your blessings that he is a dark type unit. So in summary, while Xenon's pretty solid statistically at the moment, that's not going to last for very long.

However, his role as Dark types only ATK buffer is untouchable, so he'll always have a use for the foreseeable future, if only on mono-dark squads. If you want to get any sort of longevity out of him, it'll be to do with his support characteristics rather than his offensive characteristics which means survivability is very important and his ATK takes the hit pretty well anyway, 1.4k ATK is still very much useable in the current meta and his offense isn't going to be impressive in future content regardless of the typing you choose, so you might as well invest in his defenses.

The only reason I didn't put it first is because his REC borders on low with this typing which can be annoying. It's still pretty salvageable with spheres, and it's not unusable by any means which is why Anima still ranks highly, but I think you'd get better mileage out of Guardian overall.

He's got really nice, almost ideal natural stat distribution, so it's always going to be a good typing on him. However, Breaker gives him pretty nice offensive power, at least for the time being, but the DEF drop really hurts his most important niche (as an ATK buffer).

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(BraveFrontier’s special attacks are called brave bursts for those who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about) That lance homages is a unit that can negate all damage to 1 with its brave burst and can boost its own defense to extreme levels.

Each unit in BraveFrontier has a set of stats that determine how effective they are in combat: The Type determines how the unit’s stats scale as they level.

Higher rarity monsters tend to have more useful or powerful Brave Bursts When units Evolve, they tend to move up to the next tier of Rarity.

Each unit has a “cost” attribute, which is a way of limiting the overall power level of your squads. One of the side effects of leveling up is the maximum cost of your squads will increase.

BraveFrontier Tip If you fuse with monsters of the same element, there is an additional multiplier to experience gained. There’s a chance that any given fusion will grant bonus experience.

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Apparently, fusing at max level doesn’t follow the “standard” fusion formula, and is significantly cheaper by comparison. Do note that if you plan to evolve them, evolution resets this level back to 1, so it’s best to max out evolution first before Brave Burst level.

BraveFrontier Tip “Metal” monsters are prime fusion food. Many units can evolve into a stronger form once they reach the maximum level.

In order to do this, you’ll need a specific set of monsters to fuse with. BraveFrontier Tip Evolved monsters reset to level 1, and remember that they have any Brave Burst upgrades removed.

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