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Edit Credited cast: Sean Carlson ... Athens Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Paul Richard Allen ... Exploratory Chris Banks ... General Scapula Adam Board ... Animus James William Cooke ... Geminis Ben Hammer ... Prasutagus Lucas Leigh-White ... Roman Lieutenant Sally Fittingly ... Barmaid Stuart McNeil ... Marius Michelle McTiernan ... Lu cilia Ella Peel ... Bodice Simon Legally ... Scale Guillaume Rival ... The Questioned Traveler Darren Swain ... Option Marcus Richard Tunney ... Prius Scales View production, box office, & company info.

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Click Bait Movie The movie poster shows Bodice in battle dress and the promotional material talks about epic battle scenes. Well the whole movie takes place before Bardic actually becomes queen, so she's never actually in battle dress or the head of an army and the epic battle scenes consist of poorly acted skirmishes between 5 or six people. I was watching this movie waiting for the preamble to end and the main movie to start when the closing credits came up.

I watched this movie earlier today, and it lacked pretty much everything that would make a movie good and enjoyable. Complete let down even for die-hard fans of the genre I bought this for £3, having been impressed by the DVD cover and story on the back.

I have to say this film does not live up to the hype at all. Poor lighting that made everybody look like they were under a spotlight.

Were more like a few slaps and tussles with as much grace as a bunch of drunk teenagers. Only at the end when she actually took up the position of warrior queen.

The sad thing is this could have been brilliant even without a big budget. But it seems they wasted their mediocre budget on the costumes instead of actually writing a decent storyline.

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Learn from my mistake and don't be fooled by the impressive cover and avoid this like the plague. This is going to be about the powerful queen of yore.

They spend most of the time in the woods before she is ever a Queen and except for one scene she is portrayed as weak and fragile. Kind of an affront to her name and history IMO.

Totally fictional insult to a Great woman The only historical records of Bodice where written by the Romans who had no interest in her until she become Queen so this is pure fiction. Because the actual historical events that have been written about would make a fantastic epic move, but I guess that would have required a budget.

One of the things that annoy me the most about moviemakers of today is they love to replace traditional male roles with women but there are many great woman like Bodice that great movies could be made about but all they get is low budget, badly written with nobody actors movie made about them ... if you have any interest in QueenBoudica don't bother with this insult to her Great film, don't believe negative reviews This was actually a pretty good film, perhaps not entirely what you'd expect from a film about Bodice but definitely an interesting historical film, a bit more of a focus on drama than on warfare perhaps. It's definitely worth a watch if you like historical films and don't mind that it's not constant action and fighting, although there's definitely some fighting in there.

Rebel, queen, warrior, widow, mother, woman– Bodice had many roles in her life despite only appearing in two historical sources, both written by Roman historians. Her leadership of a massive uprising in A.D. 60 not only ensured her a central place in history, but also revealed the complicated relationships between the colonizing Romans and the local population of ancient Britain.

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View Images Queen Commands Her People Bodice urges the Britons to defend their country against the Roman invaders. Although himself a member of the Roman elite, Tacitus was not an admirer of dictatorial government, and he uses the rebellion to question the manner in which the province was being managed.

Who directed the conduct of the entire war, was Buddha , a Briton woman of the royal family and possessed of greater intelligence than often belongs to women. Standing on a platform, grasping a spear, an unbound mass of “tawny” hair falling to her hips, she rallied her people to fight against Rome.

His depiction of her loose hair and colorful clothing was meant to shock audiences of his time, but he had no idea how later generations would embrace it. Writers, artists, and poets found inspiration in Bodice as a symbol of freedom, rebellion, courage, and the strength of Britain.

Boudica’s husband died, and Roman officials were upset to learn that he had not bequeathed his holdings to Rome. You have learned how great a mistake you made in preferring an imported despotism to your ancestral mode of life, and you have come to realize how much better is poverty with no master than wealth with slavery.

This settlement was the principal cultural symbol of Roman power in Britain; here, Claudius had accepted the surrender of British kings in A.D. 43. The massive and impressive stone temple, built in classical Roman style and sacred to the cult of Claudius the Emperor, had been constructed at Camulodunum to commemorate his conquest.

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The bronze statue of the emperor Claudius that probably stood in a public space such as the forum in Camulodunum was furiously decapitated by the Britons. After ambushing and defeating a unit of the Roman Ninth Legion sent to protect the colony, the Britons moved southwest toward Continuum.

Swiftly established on the banks of the Thames after A.D. 43, the future British capital city was the second most important urban center in the developing imperial province. The Roman governor of Britannia, Gains Suetonius Pauli nus, marched to Continuum but decided not to engage the Britons in battle there.

Tacitus described how the next settlement to fall to the ire of Boudica’s troops was Verulamium, a Roman town near what is today St. Albany in Hertfordshire. Whereas the already attacked Camulodunum was a colony of Roman citizens, and Continuum was the main port of the province with a population including many overseas traders, Verulamium was a “native” town.

View ImagesRising From the Sheathe construction of the second-century theater at Verulamium took place when the city was rebuilt after Boudica’s devastating attack. Across London, Colchester, and St. Albany, archaeologists have uncovered thick layers of burning dating to A.D. 60, a testament to the fury of the British reaction to Roman domination.

Tacitus wrote of the barbarous treatment of the townspeople by the Britons, remarking that it had been reckoned that a total of 70,000 Romans and provincials were killed at Camulodunum, Continuum, and Verulamium. Shortly before Boudica’s rebellion, Suetonius Pauli nus had been called away to Mona, a druid stronghold on the large island of Angles off the northwestern coast of Wales.

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When word reached him of Boudica’s revolt in southern Britain, the governor was then compelled to withdraw and head southeast. He chose to deploy a force of around 10,000 men drawn from the 14th and 20th Legions, supplemented by auxiliary soldiers, in a valley backed by woodland.

The contest that followed was heated, as Did Cassius described: “They contended for a long time, both parties being animated by the same zeal and daring. Detached parties and loose battalions displayed their numbers, in frantic transport bounding with exultation, and so sure of victory, that they placed their wives in wagons at the extremity of the plain, where they might survey the scene of action, and behold the wonders of British valor.

Following their victory, the Roman military probably disposed of the British dead in large pits or incinerated their bodies. From the 16th to the 19th century, generations of antiquarians searched for the burial place of the warrior queen, with targets including Stonehenge and even Sharing Cross Station in London.

The Roman reprisals for the British rebellion were severe, and Tacitus described how settlements were ravaged by fire and sword. Although archaeological evidence of Roman actions after Boudica’s defeat has been difficult to find, recent excavations in London have located a fort in the city’s financial district.

It was constructed to serve as the base for troops brought in from Germany to assist Suetonius Pauli nus in his campaign to restore order to the province. A letter from A.D. 62, referring to a consignment of goods to be transported from Verulamium to London, indicates that the market at Continuum had been swiftly rebuilt after its destruction by the rebels.

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In the aftermath Emperor Nero may have considered withdrawing Rome from Britain altogether, although he evidently changed his mind. The Romans failed to conquer the Scottish Highlands and by the second century the province of Britannia came to comprise the area to the south of Hadrian’s Wall.

View Images” Bodice and Her Daughters” 19th-century statue designed by Thomas Thorny croft, near London's houses of Parliament Anthony Harley/Alamo/ACI Boudica’s story may well have been forgotten were it not for the rediscovery of Tacitus’s writings in the 16th century during the European Renaissance of the arts.

Bodice, the Warrior Queen of Britain, leads her tribe into rebellion against the Roman Empire and the mad Emperor of Rome Nero. The film has been released as A Rain ha the Era do Bronze in Brazil, as La Ran DE Los Guerrero in Argentina (video title) and as Warrior Queen in the United States.

Bodice (also written as Boadicea) was a Celtic queen who led a revolt against Roman rule in ancient Britain in A.D. 60 or 61. As all the existing information about her comes from Roman scholars, particularly Tacitus and Cassius Did, little is known about her early life; it’s believed she was born into an elite family in Camulodunum (now Colchester) around A.D. 30.

When he died without a male heir in A.D. 60, the Romans annexed his kingdom and confiscated his family’s land and property. Like other ancient Celtic women, Bodice had trained as a warrior, including fighting techniques and the use of weapons.

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In the clash that followed–the exact battle site is unknown, but possibilities range from London to Northamptonshire–the Romans managed to defeat the Britons despite inferior numbers, and Bodice and her daughters apparently killed themselves by taking poison in order to avoid capture. Though her rebellion failed, and the Romans would continue to control Britain until A.D. 410, Bodice is celebrated today as a national heroine and an embodiment of the struggle for justice and independence.

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