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A master craftsman like Ray Charles on top of his game. Dan Abroad and John Belushi were nobody’s idea of great vocalists, but they were stellar performers.

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John Belushi ... Joliet Jake Walter Levine ... Prison Guard Frank Oz ... Corrections Officer Dan Abroad ... Elwood Kathleen Freeman ... Sister Mary Stigmata Cab Calloway ... Curtis Donald Dunn ... Donald 'Duck' Dunn (as Donald 'Duck' Dunn) Alonzo Atkins ... Choirmaster James Brown ... Reverend Clothes James Dhaka Khan ... Choir Soloist Southern California Community Choir ... Choir (as James Cleveland's Southern California Community Choir) Armand Ceramic ... Trooper Daniel Steven Williams ... Trooper Mount (as Steve Williams) View production, box office, & company info.

Edit After the release of Jake Blues from prison, he and brother Elwood go to visit “The Penguin”, the last of the nuns who raised them in a boarding school. They learn the Archdiocese will stop supporting the school and will sell the place to the Education Authority.

The BluesBrothers want to help, and decide to put their blues band back together and raise the money by staging a big gig. According to Abroad, John Belushi enjoyed it the most, and felt that it enhanced his performance.

Goofs After the Blues mobile comes to a stop on the edge of the unfinished overpass, Elwood guns the car in reverse. The close- up shot shows the front wheels climbing back up on the freeway.

Quotes Prison Guard #1: Yeah, the Assistant Warden wants this one out of the block early. Prison Guard #1: Hey come on, it's time to makeup.

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Some cues were re-arranged and re-edited to accommodate for the added scenes and a bunch of sound effects were replaced with more modern ones. It even goes as far as to use an alternate vocal recording for Sweet Home Chicago during the stage performance scene.

The movie was re-released on DVD in 2005 and for the first time on the format contained the original theatrical version as well. In addition to that it still contains the alternate vocal take for Sweet Home Chicago.

From a very young age, John and his older sister, Marian where allowed to roam their neighborhood of Humboldt Park unsupervised by adults. When John was six, his family moved to the western suburb of Wheaton, Illinois, where two more sons, Jim (actor James Belushi), and Billy where born.

The swarthy Albanian immigrant son, he became the perfect all-American boy during his high school years, quite unlike his later Wildman public persona. Co-captain of the Wheaton Central High School football team, he was an State nominated line-backer and was elected homecoming king his senior year.

In the fall of his freshman year at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, John's image radically transformed when he grew his hair long, donned a peace symbol, and took to wearing bell bottoms. While attending Dupage, John formed the West Compass Players, an improve comedy troupe patterned after Chicago's famed Second City ensemble.

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In 1971, John made the leap to Second City itself where he formed lifelong friendships with fellow performers Harold Ramps, Brian Doyle Murray, and Joe Flaherty. After a little over a year at the Second City, John was cast in the off-Broadway stage show of National Lampoon's Lemmings, a rock musical revue.

Shortly after, he became the show's creative director and immediately hired old friends Ramps, Doyle Murray, and Flaherty, and added the young Gilda Rather, a Toronto Second City alumni, to the group. John's big break came later that same year when he joined NBC's groundbreaking TV series Saturday Night Live.

In 1978, while still working at Saturday Night Live, John appeared in the movie Going' South, starring and directed by Jack Nicholson. John's character, the notorious, beer-swilling Pluto, stole the movie, which captured frat house shenanigans at a small college in the early 1960s.

In 1979, having just appeared in Steven Spielberg's financially unsuccessful 1941, Belushi and Abroad quit SNL to pursue their own movie projects. The following year, they starred alongside musical heroes Ray Charles, James Brown and Aretha Franklin in John Lands' now legendary The BluesBrothers.

In 1981, John appeared in the movie Continental Divide, playing a hard-nosed Chicago newspaperman who finds romance in Colorado with eagle expert Blair Brown. He studied criminology at Canada’s Carleton University, but dropped out before receiving his degree to pursue acting, first working as a comedian in various Canadian nightclubs and going on to gain experience in Toronto’s Second City comedy troupe.

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He became a regular on Saturday Night Live in 1975 due to his political satire, powered by flawless impersonations of Presidents Nixon and Carter. Collaboration with fellow SNL cast members led to the creation of such memorable duos as Two Wild and Crazy Guys (with Steve Martin) and The BluesBrothers (with John Belushi).

Joe Friday in Dragnet (1987), hit man Grocer in Gross Point Blank (1997), and break-in expert ‘Mother’ in Sneakers (1992). He recently appeared in the films Stardom (2000), The House of Mirth (2000), Pearl Harbor (2001), Bright Young Things (2003), 50 First Dates (2004) and I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry (2007) with Adam Sandler.

He has been inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame and maintains his Canadian roots as a longtime resident of Kingston, Ontario. He played James Woods’ spacey DJ buddy, Dr. Rock, in Oliver Stone’s Salvador; the mentally handicapped dishwasher befriended by Whoop Goldberg in the Andrei Konchalovsky film, Homer and Eddie; and the defiant high school principal standing up to drug dealers in The Principal.

In 2000, Belushi co-starred in MGM’s Return to Me, directed by Bonnie Hunt and starring David Duchy and Minnie Driver, and he received rave reviews for his work with Gregory Hines in Showtime’s Who Killed Atlanta’s Children? He not only keeps busy acting in films but also performs with Dan Abroad as ZEE Blues, one half of the legendary BluesBrothers.

Jim has recently added authorship to his repertoire, with his first book entitled Real Men Don’t Apologize. A dedicated husband and father, he resides in Los Angeles with his wife Jennifer, his sons Robert and Jared, and his daughter Jamison.

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Wayne Catalonia is an established and respected musician (AFM), actor, and creative writer with a career spanning four decades. Wayne Catalonia is an established and respected musician (AFM), actor, and creative writer with a career spanning four decades.

Joining ACCRA as a character actor, he was cast in numerous feature films, television shows, and international advertising campaigns. Wayne’s charismatic and animated physical style were instrumental in forming a persona that now complimented his achievements on the live music stage.

Wayne has recently worked with Keaton, Judy Belushi Piano, and Anne Beats (Saturday Night Live, Square Pegs) to write the pilot for an action/comedy/musical TV show based on the further adventures of Jake & Elwood Blues. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Keaton Daugherty was influenced by the great acts that played at his father’s nightclub, The Electric Circus.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Keaton Daugherty was influenced by the great acts that played at his father’s nightclub, The Electric Circus. Following the footsteps of his mentors, he began a career as a musician, playing in the Toronto blues /rock circuit where he gained a solid reputation for his soulful vocals and melodic harmonica lines.

Well-received by critics, the tracks ‘Thankful’ and ‘Money Speaks’ earned steady airplay in Canada and over the next few years he toured with his band E-KEY & THE HEAD. As an actor Keaton has had roles in a number of films including The Stem, by Alan Royal, and Synchronicity, a mockumentary by Bob Connolly.

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Keaton wrote the film score and with the help of Eric Sherman (Spin Doctors), those sessions evolved into a CD of eclectic blues called Boomtown. Venturing into musical theater in 1998, Keaton joined the cast of the award-winning Las Vegas show ‘Legends in Concert’ as Elwood Blues.

He absentmindedly rubbed his Buddha belly; even on a diet of jail food and Chesterfields, Jake had gained weight. Even back in the Rock Island City orphanage (that sweaty kid factory with the black windows) Jake and Elwood were saved by the music.

He wore these sinister midnight shades, a narrow black tie and a pork pie hat that he kept pushed back on his head. Curtis wrapped his waxy brown hands around his guitar neck and played the most dangerous blues this side of Robert Johnson.

And Joliet tore that voice from some hidden darkness, twisting his chubby body, snarling at the heavens, a born sinner. They used the basement because it was secret and because the echo gave them a nice dirty sound: Howling’ Wolf and Little Walker, slapping like a bad dream around the chilly room.

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