Black War Torn

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 18 May, 2021
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“Before colonization life was good,” Andy Sculthorpe from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Center told The Point. The majority of the conflict occurred between 1824 and 1831, during which period the Black Line was established.

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It remains to this day, the largest domestic military offensive in Australia's history, and it was a complete fiasco. You had 2300 soldiers, settlers, and convicts in an enormous human wave that lasted 3 weeks,” historian and author of Backward, Dr Nick Clements said.

“It cost the entire annual revenue of the colony, and it was a complete disaster.” By the end of the war, it's estimated that over 1000 people were killed both black and white.

Although in Mr Sculthorpe's opinion, the Backward and the Black Line can be described as nothing other than genocide. “I feel that the shameful lack of commemoration and acknowledgement of Frontier War is something that will eventually be rectified,” Dr Clements said.

Mike Parr will live without food in a small container under Macquarie Street in the city's CBD for three days next month as part of the Dark Mono festival. Dark Mono creative director Leigh Carmichael said the work would make a poignant statement about the Backward.

Governor George Arthur in 1826 declared martial law against Aboriginal Tasmanian's to push them out of settled areas. Tasmanian Aboriginal Center (TAC) CEO Heather Sculthorpe told AAP she agrees with the artist's intentions but not his method.

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But Michael Man sell, a TAC spokesperson, released a statement on Tuesday saying the Aboriginal people of Tasmania support the work. “Instead of Tasmania putting its head in the sand it needs to openly talk about the past and how it affects people today.

In 2017, the festival copped criticism from animal rights groups over an animalistic sacrificial ritual that included a bloody bull carcass. Last Updated Jun 30th, 2020 at 7:16 exactly 123 years to the day that it was dedicated, the Shaw Memorial, a monument honoring the first all-volunteer black regiment of the Union Army in the Civil War, was defaced by rioters demanding justice for African-Americans.

On May 31, 1897, the monument was erected on Boston Commons to honor the 54th Massachusetts Regiment of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, who bravely attacked Confederate forces at Fort Wagner. Liz Pizza, the executive director overseeing the public garden where the monument is located, was shocked that a memorial to black soldiers was defaced by rioters.

In 1975, Lebanon descended into a violent civil war that destroyed this once vibrant and prosperous country. However, throughout my childhood, my family’s lively kitchen table discussions put me right into the struggles of the Lebanese civil war.

I’ve also traveled there a few times and witnessed first hand the insanity of going about one’s day as bombs are blasting less than a mile away. Indeed, fueled by outside forces, the various groups forming the Lebanese population turned against each other and became mortal enemies.

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A headline about Americans believing that the country is edging towards a civil war. Partly due to this knowledge, I’ve been warning for years against the division agenda taking place in the United States. Although mass media is downplaying or completely ignoring some recent developments in the U.S., there are clear signs that some actors want the country to be torn apart by hatred and division.

So, here’s a (very simplified) story of how a once open and prosperous Lebanon descended into a brutal civil war. PRE- war Lebanon. Due to its strong economy and cultural diversity, Lebanon used to be known as the “Paris of the East” and the “pearl of the Orient”.

Modern and open to the world, Lebanon was a cultural and financial pole of its region and attracted droves of tourists and businessmen from the West. A graffiti echoing the anti-refugee sentiment in Lebanon. However, a series of events during the 1960s and 1970s greatly soured the social climate in Lebanon.

This massive wave of refugees deeply destabilized this small country of about 2 million inhabitants. Outside forces saw in this climate of instability an opportunity to meddle in Lebanon’s affairs and to advance their interests inside this influential country strategically placed on the Mediterranean.

Through the involvement of foreign agents, religious groups who previously coexisted peacefully radicalized their positions and began fomenting hatred against the others. Through a vicious cycle of bloody massacres and bloodier retaliations, the country spiraled into horrific, chaotic, and extremely violent civil war.

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Backed by Iran and the Soviet Union, Muslims sided with left-wing groups that sought to include Lebanon inside a wider pan-Arabic state. On the other side, right-wing nationalist Christians sought independence for the Arabic world and openness to the West.

To make things even more explosive, Lebanon’s neighboring countries Syria and Israel got involved in the war, supporting various groups according to their own interests. Civilians were the first victims of the chaos and destruction happening in Lebanon. In the early stages of the war, militias functioned in a mafia-style matter and secured funding through neighborhood checkpoints and black -market business.

However, as the stakes of the war grew, outside forces provided the militias with funds, training, weapons, and intel. The army was equipped with armor, artillery, commando units, a small Navy, and a highly advanced Intelligence branch.PLO backed Fatah militia parading in Beirut. The civil war spanned from 1975 to 1990.

However, the country remains highly unstable, deeply divided, profoundly corrupted, and fully subject to outside meddling. In fact, one can say that Lebanon underwent a crude and primitive version of what we are currently witnessing in the United States.

During the recent BLM protests, some bizarre events occurred which appear to be custom-made to generate division. On June 3rd, heavily armed protestors claiming to be The New Black Panther Party gained lots of attention in Atlanta. According to the SPEC, the New Black Panther Party is a “virulently racist and antisemitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers”.

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Ha shim Nina, the current leader of the New Black Panther Party stated on his Facebook page that this group was likely an “FBI front”. Despite the (barely mediatized) confession from these actors, the media circus reached its goal: To fuel division and the polarization of positions.

“The BLM (more likely some white leftist handlers) are using actors to pose as Black Panthers to help market the trend of arming one ethnogroup in a polarized multiracial society.” Fueled by COVID-19 lockdowns and civil unrest, they’ve found a reason to exist and to garner support.

Not unlike in the early stages of the Lebanese civil war, various armed groups are appearing in the public space. While most of them are currently poorly organized and barely funded, they are ripe for the picking by forces who wish to meddle in the affairs of the United States.

The parallels between Lebanon’s descent into a civil war and the current situation in the United States are difficult to ignore. For years, I’ve been warning readers against the potentially devastating consequences of hatred and division within a country.

Once this hatred is established, a single event (whether it is artificially manufactured or not) can quickly spark a cycle of violence and retaliation. Division also makes a country vulnerable to entities seeking to advance their interests through the funding of radical groups.

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If you asked the ordinary soldier or citizen, mother or child of a country in conflict, they would almost certainly say no good will come of war. Killing and dying over money, power, religion and territory; the war machine rages on, as it has since the beginnings of civilization.

Tensions in the Middle East are again reaching a heightened state; Russia and the Ukraine are in conflict over territory and civil wars in Africa and South America are still being fought and seemingly have no end. After three military coups in a period of a year, Sierra Leone settled into just over a decade of peace before an 11-year civil war broke out in 1991.

The war led to over 55,000 deaths and millions more wounded and displaced a figure that would have been much higher if not for British and American intervention. The conflict was, as is the case in so many African wars, over natural resources, specifically diamonds in the eastern and southern parts of the country.

Fought over religion and oil, most scholars agree that the first conflict never ended and instead an 11-year cease-fire kept tensions at bay, until the Second Sudanese Civil War erupted in 1982, lasting until 2005. The conflict in Sudan is one of the most devastating in African history, with places like Darfur becoming synonymous with massacres and human suffering.

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When South Sudan finally broke away and formed an independent government in 2011, it was thought that violence in the utterly devastated region would subside. Another African nation utterly devastated by war, the conflict in Congo was precipitated by the Rwandan genocide.

With marauding guerrillas lead by warlords roaming the country, Congo descended into horror, with people being routinely shot, hacked and starved to death, children taken to become soldiers, and entire villages being wiped off the map. Engulfed in a civil war between various warlords and would be rulers from 1991 until 2006, the west pulled out of Somalia in 1995 amidst large numbers of casualties and no hope for restoring a centralized government.

When the French left their colony of Vietnam in 1950 the country split into two opposing factions; the communist government recognized by the Soviet Union and China centered in Hanoi in the north, and the remnants of the French installed government in Saigon in the south, backed by the United States and Great Britain. All told, over 3 million people died in the conflict, and Vietnam is still experiencing the debilitating effects of the war nearly 40 years later.

Conflict in Colombia has been ongoing since 1964 between the government, paramilitary groups, left wing armed revolutionaries and various criminal organizations. Essentially, it is a free for all with a central government doing little to stop the violence that has claimed over 200,000 lives, the vast majority civilian, and forced over 5 million people from their homes.

Though peace talks opened in 2012, rebels quickly thwarted any hope for resolution by killing over 20 people in July 2013. Known officially since 1989 as Republic of the Union of Myanmar when the ruling military government changed the country’s name from Burma, either way you call it, the nation has been engaged in an ethnic civil war since 1948.

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Though 25 separate groups have signed ceasefire agreements with the military government, violence still occurs in certain areas of the country. While various groups vie for power in Iraq against a weak central government and military, the west has yet again decided to enter the conflict in the Middle Eastern nation to quell the violence.

The mountainous, largely inaccessible and opium rich nation of Afghanistan boasts some of the most beautiful geography in the world. Following a period of 60 years of relative peace, the Soviet Union attempted to conquer the mountains and waged a vicious war against the guerilla fighters, the Mujaheddin, until massive losses forced the Red Army to withdraw leaving the nation ruler-less.

A period of civil wars followed culminating in the rise of the Taliban, before a post-9/11 coalition invaded the country, where western forces and Afghan military still fight a violent insurgency today. The conflict has spilled over Chechnya’s borders and into neighboring Islamic territories within Russia as well, meaning there may be no end in sight to the violence.

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