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• Thursday, 29 July, 2021
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Spend a memorable evening at the 2020 Hancock Whitney Zoo -To- Do, Audubon Zoo's signature fundraising event celebrating its 43rd year. Your ticket purchase includes live entertainment, premium cocktails and delicious cuisine from local restaurants.

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(Source: www.wroclaw.pl)

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The safety and well-being of our guests, staff and animals are our priority, and we have put in place the necessary Safe Management Measures, so everyone can enjoy a meaningful wildlife experience in a safe and healthy environment. While not all activities will be immediately available, there is still much to enjoy in the wide open spaces of our parks with our animal family.

Buy your admission to Singapore Zoo online & enjoy local discounts! prices shown are discounted based on Regular dates (Mondays to Fridays), in Singapore dollars & inclusive of 7% GST.

(Source: www.wroclaw.pl)

Tickets are valid for 14 days from first visit date and for one-time entry to each park. All prices shown are discounted, in Singapore dollars & inclusive of 7% GST.

Park Hopper Plus tickets are valid for fourteen (14) days from your first visit and for one-time entry to each park. ^ Youth tickets are available for Park Hopper Plus and River Safari + Singapore Zoo 2-Park Admission bundle.

Dine & Shop Start the day in the company of our orangutans in the world's first breakfast experience with animals. No matter where you’re starting your journey from, there are several quick and convenient ways to get here.

(Payment by EZ link / NETS Flashy card)Children below 3 years old ride free If you're coming from the heartlands, Maddie Express is the convenient, affordable way to get to and from Singapore Zoo.

The Maddie Book Express to and from Singapore Zoo operates on weekends, school and public holidays. Tickets can be purchased online or on board using EZ-link / NETS Flashy card.

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The Maddie Sengkang Express to and from Singapore Zoo operates on weekends, school and public holidays. Tickets can be purchased online or on board using EZ-link / NETS Flashy card.

The Maddie Tampines Express to and from Singapore Zoo operates on weekends, school and public holidays. Tickets can be purchased online or on board using EZ-link / NETS Flashy card.

As you approach the entrance, you’ll find ample parking for cars to your left. Please ensure that your cash card has enough value when you exit the car park.

Not to worry, a cash card top-up machine is available near the entrance of the sheltered car park. For vehicles without an in-vehicle unit for cash cards, parking coupons at the cost of $10 can be purchased at the Membership/Visitor Center located at the main entrance of Singapore Zoo.

Get a wheelchair at the park entrance for your loved one or companion if he or she has limited mobility. Fret not, we have designed an itinerary that will guide you on your journey, ensuring you hit all the highlights, at the right time.

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Enjoy all that Singapore Zoo has to offer with this curated checklist. Check off the activities from this list, and you are guaranteed to having a roaring good time.

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