Best Zorro Stories

David Lawrence
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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Since the first official adaptation of Zorro in 1920, the masked hero has returned to the screen dozens of times. From TV shows and feature films to the earliest serials, Zorro stories are regularly being remade, adapted for the modern era, or the inspiration for an homage.

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Whether you love them for their particular take on one of the earliest masked avengers, for their cheesiness, or how well they adapt the stories, which Zorro shows or movies are the best ? It uses substantial stock footage from earlier... more on Wikipedia Zorro, The Gay Blade is a 1981 feature film.

Former Marvel Studios... more on Wikipedia Zorro's Black Whip is a 1944 Republic Pictures film serial starring Linda Stirling. It was the eighth of the... more on Wikipedia Zorro (1981) is a cartoon about a man who fights crime and saves the day.

The Velvet Swan (Disney's Zorro Fa...by Becket ha Rowdy This is the tale of a seventeen-year-old girl who was orphaned at a young age. Free spirited, stubborn and witty, Rosa takes the journey of a lifetime after deciding to...

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All grown up, Joaquin--the the oldest child of Alejandro and Elena de la Vega--has taken on the mantle of Zorro --and immediately INSU... Zorro : Burning Lovely Logan's girl Corazón Martínez is new to California Las Vegas.

Corazón meets the young Don Diego De Levaga, the care... Esteban tan various y carnies DE emotion Como SI SU Alma n...

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The Origin: This romantic novel of love, betrayal, and intrigue by the Baroness Crazy was most likely Johnston McCully's inspiration for Zorro. The Legend Begins: This serialized story by Johnston McCully first introduced the character of Zorro.

This story bends history and creates a fantasy setting in which anything can happen. Page design and original content are copyright © 2003-2020 by Jennifer White.

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In the fledgling decades of sound cinema, one of the best parts of going to the movies was to catch the latest serials before the feature. Each chapter in a serial was around fifteen minutes in length and related the exploits of some comic hero, such as The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, or even Flash Gordon.

After initial success with the silent Fairbanks film, The Mark of Zorro, in 1920, Hollywood took the character to the serials. The sets were cheap, the editing was less than masterful, and the dialogue was hardly Shakespeare, but all serials were that way, and they thrived on their endearing sense of moral innocence.

With the train barreling down on him, Zorro grabs his whip just in time and manages to snag the switch and release his foot. Zorro jumping from his horse onto a truck. Besides the whip action, other elements of this serial inspired the adventuring archaeologist as well.

All right, so Zorro tends to sing like a troubadour in some riding sequences, he wears his holsters backwards for some strange reason, and he sounds like Dark Helmet from Space balls, but any Indiana Jones fan will get a kick out of watching it.

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