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Forbidden by Icicles Snow The rivalry between the Felines and the Canines have been going on for years. Right Next Door by Icicles Snow Zero has fallen head over heels his neighbor.

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Adore You by Icicles Snow Sanji's neighbor has just moved in not too long ago. ONE PIECE AOI One Shots Anika various stories and ships; Law Lu, Zulu, Zoran, ACLU, ... Mostly fluff, maybe I'll add some smut here and there...

Remorsefully Raven net Zero has been having some strange behaviors lately and his mind has been really absent the past week. Two Single Hearts by Icicles Snow Demons based off the seven sins.

Mi Niño Innocent (Law Lu) Okras: (Z...by Regina ¡Bienvenidos y Bienvenidas! Ester BS Questran primer historian, create en collaboration Abbas: -Rogisaca.

La historian contra con varies paras Que SE i... Entire Verde y Amarillo (Zoran)by Mini pant era Se dice Que hay UN video Que five en la Luna Que Busch spirits fines Que Tongan also Que ensnare all Otto disputes Los ATA con UN Hilo Tojo y Los Amanda à la Terra...

The falling snow || Zoran by GARY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ usually the weather in the grand line is unpredictable or annoying in some cases, but when the weather stays the same it's like gift from the gods TH... Two Single Hearts by Icicles Snow Demons based off the seven sins.

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The Priest's Sacrifice by Icicles Snow Sex is nice but falling in love is so much better. Kanji has wooed a high priest knowing his little secret.

ZoroxSanjiby Alex Goldstein A one shot following the aftermath of when a certain moss head steals food from under the chefs nose, and what happens when the chef tries to get revenge. San doujinshiby Lulu FGAO CO Fandom: One Piece Pairing: San (Kanji x Zero, not Zero x Kanji) Translate + Edit: Lulu Tong hop doujinshi CUA San MA to a rich.

Series Language: English Words: 195,280 Chapters: 32 /36 Kudos: 61 Bookmarks: 8 Hits: 2245 Tags Summary “You know, you're in pretty deep debt with me, Mr. Corona.” Name remarked. “And what's it to you other than good news.” “Well, we could arrange an alternate way for you to work off that debt.” She leaned back in her chair to appear casual.

Zero is in deep debt and falls further into her clutches after accepting an offer he can't refuse. Language: English Words: 15,817 Chapters: 8 /8 Kudos: 35 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 474 Tags Summary Kanji is invited back to the Invokes for the holiday to spend Christmas and the New Year there, and he absolutely doesn’t want to go back there, but he can’t refuse (read: he can't refuse Rahu) and decides to go, but he knows his siblings –sans his sister- will make the days there feel worse than hell itself, so he decided to get a date to come along.

Kudos: 157 Bookmarks: 23 Hits: 2530 Tags Summary a collection of multiple bottom Zero shots. The swordsman answered in chopped Russian, before killing the man who was brave enough to say it to his face.

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Series Language: English Words: 791 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 35 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 465 Tags Summary They've left Fishman Island, but things just aren't working out like they should. Language: English Words: 3,688 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 77 Bookmarks: 19 Hits: 792 Tags Summary A blood stained hand wraps around her arm, stopping her in her tracks.

The scene continues to play out in the archway, but Vivid finds her gaze pulled to Zero. Blood trickles freely down the side of his face and fire finally returns to his eyes.

Her lips twitch up as Zero links their hands together, grip tight and determined. After the Straw hats are massacred, an unlikely duo travel back to save their hakama and change the course of destiny.

Language: English Words: 157,129 Chapters: 28 /28 Collections: 1 Kudos: 606 Bookmarks: 219 Hits: 12022 Tags Summary After a storm rocks the Thousand Sunny, Zero and Kanji are lost at sea and wash up on a tropical island somewhere in the grand line. Kudos: 126 Bookmarks: 13 Hits: 1305 Tags Summary Ishmael is a navy recruit grandson of navy officer however due to scandal he has to proof to the world government that his nothing like his grandfather and to restore his family name and getting one of the straw hats who somehow sneak in will prove his worth.... Only he didn't fully do his research that the captain has eaten a devil fruit...and now he stuck with the straw hat pirates ...only it seems that it seems that his black and white world...about to add some grey.

His shoes had been removed, and each ankle had a sea-stone shackle secured snugly against his pale flesh. The two manacles connected by a length of chain that was only two feet long, certainly not enough slack to get a good kick with.

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On top of that, the chain connected between the restraints was also bolted to the wall he'd been leaning against, his wrists tethered to each other with a thick set of cuffs. His lip twitched up into a sneer at the thought of an enemy being so close to his precious hands.

He tore his gaze away from his bonds when his ears picked up the minute scrap of metal against stone from outside his prison. The blond drunkenly stumbled to the bars that separated him from the dimly lit corridor, face pressing against the sturdy poles in an attempt to see into the dark cell directly across from his own.

Something within the shadows shifted, the movement accompanied by that grinding noise he'd previously heard. The familiar baritone growl had Sanji's grip on the solid bars tightening, relief and fury swirling into a perplexing mix of adrenaline and solace.

Collections: 1 Kudos: 301 Bookmarks: 47 Hits: 4146 Tags Summary Kanji doesn’t respond, so he keeps on talking, “So you really do have it, huh?” You can’t just go around assuming things like that–“ Kanji is fuming with anger, his cheeks burning red.

You made it kinda obvious, Cook,” Zero calmly interrupts and Kanji shuts up immediately. Kanji shifted forward and the swordsman sprung into action, he rushed at them and tackled the blond to the hard ground.

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Zero made a harsh sound in the back of his throat, grabbing Sanji's ankle and yanking the chef closer to him. The moss head climbed on top of the thinner male, pushing the blond underneath his muscled chest in a protective maneuver resembling a threatened animal.

Name stumbled back when Zero outright snarled at her, a strange and unnerving haze in his lone eye. “Name, just back away slowly and go find Chopper...” Sanji's voice was carefully calm from where he was forcefully smashed against Zero.

Series Language: English Words: 39,810 Chapters: 34 /34 Kudos: 490 Bookmarks: 51 Hits: 11516 Tags Summary Kanji has always been interested in only three things: cooking, women, and the supernatural. Ever since a chance encounter with a demon as a child, the unexplainable has become sort of a secret obsession for the chef.

Language: English Words: 6,601 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 17 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 625 Tags Summary Sequel to Same Song, Different Verse: Kudos: 733 Bookmarks: 212 Hits: 18162 Tags Summary When Kanji was young, he would spend his free time on deck, staring at the sea.

He would sit and daydream about All Blue, how the water would be crystal clear and the fish would be plentiful. Their colors vivid and elegant, the swirls of color beneath the waves incomprehensible to any man; but there was another reason he wanted to find All Blue...there were legends of beautiful women, with long hair and pale skin.

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The only thing separating them from us was the fishtail below their waist that glimmered like colorful diamonds under the waves. Series Language: English Words: 52,132 Chapters: 39 /39 Kudos: 842 Bookmarks: 101 Hits: 11967 Tags Summary Kanji breaks his leg in a fight and can’t walk on it until it heals, and Zero is under strict orders from Name to be a wheelchair for him until then.

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