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• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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All One Piece fans know very well about Monkey D. Buffy and his journey to becoming king of the pirates. Along his journey, Buffy recruited several unique and colorful characters to his crew.

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One pirate of the Straw Hats is first mate and skilled swordsman, Corona Zero. After being saved from death by Buffy, Zero became the first member to join the crew.

Zero is not only a loyal member of the Straw Hat crew, but has a strong desire to become the world's greatest swordsman. With one in each hand and one in his mouth, the vicious pirate is able to cut down his enemies with ease.

Zero was gone through a lot of serious training and has fought in many tough battles with the scars to prove it. It is always spectacular to see Zero silently put his hand on his sword handle and chop down his opponent in the blink of an eye.

With his swords already gripped in his hand, it's pretty clear no matter who the enemy is, the fight will end in Zoro's victory. Zero was a swordsman for most of his life, but before he was the extremely strong warrior currently in the anime, he was only an average fighter before the time-skip.

It was apparent that Zero still had a lot to learn when he went head-to-head with the “Strongest Swordsman in the World,” Dracula Mohawk. One Piece has been airing for so long that it's nice to see cosplay like this that take you back to where things started.

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This cosplayer pulls off a serious-looking Zero not only by wearing the bandana, but also by getting ready to fight with the three sword style. From Along Park to Dresses and many other wild places, Zero has picked fight with opponents around the world.

The adventure-loving Straw Hats have gotten a few losses from strong, vicious pirates, but have received many victories. After those victories, one thing that these silly pirates like to do most is throw a party.

The crew has fun eating, dancing and laughing with each other and the people they meet along the way. This part in One Piece shows how once again in anime how important the connection between student and mentor is.

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As stated previously, Zero is the first member to join Buffy's Straw Hat crew. The two may have argued and fought over the course of the series, but they are still close friends who always watch each other's back and believe in each other.

They truly resemble the goofy Straw Hat captain and the serious moss head, three sword style fighter. He is a graduate of Mean University and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English writing.

He specializes in creative writing and is working on stories to be published as novels. He has a blog, FictionMadness, that talks about his interests in anime, cartoons and video games.

Some of his favorite anime are Death Note, My Hero Academia and Gantt. He joins the Straw Hat Pirates very early on in the series and is one of the strongest characters, with a lot of determination to become the most powerful swordsman on the planet.

But the really attractive thing to an expert cosplayer is getting to recreate all of his scars, and many people have done so to great effect. In this Zorocosplay, they’ve dyed their hair green to match Zoro’s iconic hairstyle, wearing a black bandana over it the way the swordsman also does.

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It’s feminized, with a slit up the side to make the robe into more of a skirt, along with a longer wig instead of Zoro’s green buzz cut, but the details of the fabric are right on the money. They’ve done a great job with the details on this one, like the wooden toggles on the robe, giving the otherwise pretty Japanese-style kimono a more European look.

They’re so often shouting and running around and fighting, causing chaos and getting into enough trouble to get bounties put on their heads. She sits against a brick wall with her eyes closed, her swords still at the ready leaning against her shoulder, should any trouble pop up.

Here, the use of photo editing has allowed the sword to have an otherworldly appearance, like it’s actually sparking as it comes out of the sheath because it’s so fast and dangerous. It is likely not easy to get one’s hands on one sword, let alone three, so they’ve photoshopped the weapons under the sash of their costume to give the sense that they’re there.

This cosplayer has focused a lot on the details of the actual costume, making it look almost like a functional piece of clothing. All the details of the cosplay seem very well put together and thought out, like the toggles on the robe, which seem like they would actually hold the top together, and the very precise tie on the armband, which looks exactly as it would in the anime.

Here, Zero poses with Buffy on a crumbling brick wall, looking ready to get down to business or like they’ve already caused a great deal of trouble. This is one of Zoro’s more classic looks, with black pants, a wide green belt, and a white shirt.

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The really impressive parts of this cosplay are the makeup work on the scars, both over the left eye and across the chest. In her free time, you can find her eating hummus, riding the Haunted Mansion, or being suffocated by her cats, Moo and Mai Tai.

But the first member to join Luffy’s crew, Zero, is someone special. This makes Corona Zero costume one that’ll bring in the nostalgia.

It has that old look to it but stays true to the Bushido style. Of course, he was a beast even before that but the eye’s not the only thing missing here.

This is so Zero like since the guy would spend money on food and booze. This makes the Zero One Piece Costume stand out from the get-go.

The cloth looks like it’ll be comfortable to wear even while unbuttoned. Cons The buttons look hard to deal with since it’s a style we aren’t usually familiar with.

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This prevents the Corona cosplay outfit from shining at its best. We all know that it’ll be a long journey, but we’re sure to arrive at our destination one day.

This makes him stand out as a character everyone would love to cosplay in. A lot of people would be coming your way so don’t get nervous all of a sudden.

Sure the previous version of the Zero one piece cosplay costume was cool. It’s safe to say that the Corona Zorocosplay dress is incomplete without them.

If the sword is not there, the One Piece Zorocosplay costume is far from complete. Better get the sword but don’t start slicing people out there.

Having come from a village where the art of the blade was everything, Zero didn’t have much. He learned swordplay all day and practiced the entire night.

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She was strong and made him look pretty weak at times. Having pledged loyalty to Monkey D Buffy, he’s someone who never backs down from anyone.

Zero is usually cool and calm and won’t draw his blade unless it’s needed. He isn’t a stray beast who’d slice anything that’d come his way.

That would make the photography something you won’t be forgetting for an eternity to come. Keep all that in mind, and you’ll bring the best Corona has to offer.

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