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Corona Zero dreams of one day defeating Dracula Mohawk and claiming the title of the world’s strongest swordsman. This is no easy task as Mohawk is a man who has shown himself to be equal to that of some of the most powerful pirates on the seas, the Yoko.

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Naturally then, Corona Zero must hone his skills and develop strong attacks to one day reach the level he so desperately craves. After training under the tutelage of the greatest swordsman in the world over the two-year time skip, Zero added new attacks to his arsenal.

Zero assumes a stance with two of his swords held horizontally across his body, before launching himself at his opponent at an insane speed. This is first seen in the Want arc against the supernova and member of the worst generation Basil ‘The Magician’ Hawkins.

Zero used this attack to destroy Basil's straw monster to allow himself and Buffy to evade Hawkins’s capture attempts. After receiving a ravenous onslaught from Baku, along with his disrespectful taunts, Zero begins to emit a demonic aura.

When used against Monet, she was completely split in half and temporarily lost the ability to reform her logic body. This attack is a much stronger version of Zoro's previous Torn Gary, he developed this over the two-year time skip while training on Hiragana island.

When using this technique, Zero assumes a wide stance before placing Wade Ichimonji in his hand, then stretches his arms out horizontally. This was seen when the Straw hat pirates were heading to Fishman island and encountered the kraken, Sure.

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He then performs a quick draw before twisting sharply to provide a curved effect to each of the slashes. This attack completely demolishes one of the giant tentacles of the Kraken and leaves it in fear.

Another upgraded sword technique that Corona developed during his training and debuted during Fishman Island. Shi Sushi Jonson is a quick draw and re-sheath technique that hits an opponent before they can even react.

As he begins to unsheathe his sword, he also closes his eye before quickly slashing and then resheathing his blade. Before, he always struggled with projectile type attacks but, after training, he managed to overcome that previous limitation.

As a dragon’s aura begins to appear behind him, Zero spins rapidly creating a whirlwind type slash. This is Zoro's strongest attack and was first used back in Dresses in the lead up to Pica's defeat.

Zero, after being propelled in the air at an insane speed, begins to spin the swords in arms around, interchanging them between hands, as they gather more and more momentum. This attack is strong enough to cut through Pica's reinforced rock body as if it were a knife going through butter.

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Zero started his journey with the crew back in Shell's Town with the aim of becoming the 'Strongest Swordsman in the World' by surpassing Dracula Mohawk, a feat that he is yet to accomplish. Over the years, Zero has been gradually getting closer to his goal by getting stronger both physically, and mentally.

Aura was a technique that Zero first unleashed prior to the two-year time-skip in One Piece, during the Denies Lobby arc. To make things clear, right now, Aura could easily be Zoro's strongest attack.

As expected, this technique is exceptionally powerful, which is evident from the fact that Zero was able to slice apart the Kraken's limbs with it. Daishinkan is one of Zoro's one-sword style techniques that he first used against Monet of the Quixote Pirates during the Punk Hazard arc of One Piece.

Daishinkan translates to 'Great Dragon Shock', and that's precisely what the move is, a shock wave that cuts through whatever is in its path. Interestingly, Zoro's usage of this technique could potentially change since he is no longer the user of Sushi.

Used by Corona Zero with his most precious Wade Ichimonji, Sushi Jonson is a technique that's extremely lethal, even more so when used with Heidi, as seen in Film Gold (although non-canon). This technique remains to be an extremely powerful one, especially if used with Heidi, as seen in Film Gold where Zero used it to hack Dice in half.

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More often than not, this technique defeats whoever is standing in Zoro's path in a single blow, just goes to show how strong it is. At Want Country, Corona Zero managed to use this technique with Heidi, which made it even stronger than ever before.

Simply called the 720 Pound Phoenix, this technique of Zero was first utilized during the Want Country arc. Since the numbers amount up to 720, it is, evidently, a two-sword style technique, yet deadly nonetheless, as proved when he unleashed it against Orchid.

Unfortunately for Zero, Kosher managed to interfere and, strong as he is, casually slap away the 720 Pound Phoenix as if it was a joke. However, this is largely due to the fact that this sword drains out more Heidi than intended, which in turn makes slashes stronger.

Also called 1080 Pound Phoenix, this move is easily one of Zoro's strongest and was first used by him during his clash against Pica of the Quixote family. This move is considered to be an enhanced version of the San zen Sakai and also uses Heidi to strengthen the swords even further.

Zero hasn't been seen using this technique again, and it's interesting to see if he can perform it without the airborne support that Columbus provided to him at Dresses. Corona Zero is the Combatant of the Straw hat Pirates and their strongest member after their Captain, Monkey D. Buffy.

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With the aim of becoming the strongest swordsman in One Piece, Zero is training to surpass the man who currently holds that title, Dracula Mohawk. Over the years, he's fought many capable foes and managed to surpass almost all of them, earning a bounty of 320 million berries, which is the fourth-highest in the crew after Buffy, Jibe, and Kanji.

Even though the battle took place underwater which is where Fishmen flourish, Zero was able to defeat Body Jones without any trouble whatsoever. Using the black-blade Sushi, Zero was able to deliver a deadly Sushi Jonson to Body, and defeat him in one swing of his sword.

Monet's confidence crumbled instantly as the dark aura emanating from Zero instilled fear in her. Trembling in fear, her legs gave up on her as Zero used Sushi to split her body in two using a technique known as History: Daishinkan (One-Sword-Style: Great Dragon Shock).

On clashing, Zero sliced through Pica's entire body, and in doing so, he made sure to finish him using his favorite move, Story OUI: San zen Sakai. With Kanji having worked to detach the Sea Train compartment in which T Bone was, Zero made sure to wrap up the job for him.

With unwavering determination, T Bone planned to stop Zero and the Straw hat Pirates on their track. Using Story: Yuzuki (Ox Demon) to cut through T Bone's right-angled slash, Zero proceeded to use Yuzuki (Raven Claw) to wrap up the deal and beat the Marine Captain.

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One of the best fights in the entire series, Zero vs Bartholomew Kama took place towards the end of Thriller Bark. In a fierce fight, all Zero managed was to give Kama a gash with his sword since the power gap between the two was immense.

One of the most recent fights that Zero has been in, his battle against Amazon took place in the Ringo region of Want Country. Amazon was ordered by Orchid to hunt down Too and History, and Zero stepped in to defend them in exchange for some food and booze.

By understanding what Koushirou had taught him in his childhood, the Breath of All Things, and tapping into Heidi momentarily, Zero was able to defeat Day Bones using History: Sushi Jonson. In the process of defeating Day Bones, the Pirate Hunter learned how to cut steel as well, and he gained his first bounty 60 million berries.

Just a few years after setting out on his journey to find the Strongest Swordsman in the World, Zero ran into Dracula Mohawk at Karate. Not being able to comprehend the difference in the skill between himself and the man who stood at the top, Zero recklessly challenged him to a duel, which Mohawk fought with a pocketknife.

Unsurprisingly, Zero lost the battle badly, but in the process, he won the respect of Dracula Mohawk and was thus spared by the Hawk-eyed swordsman. This form of Heidi is considered to be essential to fight against the top-tiers of the New World and so far, One Piece has shown fans a lot of powerful Haki-based attacks, with more to come in the future.

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Thanks to Columbus' help, Zero was able to fly and slash through the giant stone statue without kicking any of his blades. This technique, although strong, wasn't enough to overpower Buffy's Gear Fourth and ended up falling short by quite a lot.

King Cobra, just like Jet Culvert, keeps stretching and bending in the air, gaining more momentum all the while. After rolling towards the enemy at a high speed, Atari slams the arm into them, dealing significant damage in the process.

The strongest known technique of Buffy so far, King Kong Gun can be used by him in his Gear Fourth: Bounce man state. Coating both his blades, Emma and AME no Hawaii, in advanced You, Open was able to slice apart the Mountain God with significant ease and save everyone in the process.

By forming a cross using both Emma and AME no Hawaii and channeling the maximum output of his You in them, Open was seen slicing the nigh-indestructible Died and give him a massive scar on his torso. The force from the clash blew everyone away and lots of others lost consciousness due to the burst of Conqueror's Heidi unleashed with it.

It goes without saying that both of their attacks were equal in power and carried the strongest Armament Heidi seen in One Piece to date.

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