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• Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
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A place for funny, cool, and/or useful background images for Zoom meetings. After a while, though, talking in front of a bland screen can get quite boring, so the best way to lighten things up a bit is to use a funny Zoom background.

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This new world of social distancing has brought with itself a lot of changes. Luckily for us, the time of long and boring boardroom conferences has become a thing of the past.

Not only have apps like Zoom made huge progress in connecting colleagues, but they are also crucial for interaction with friends and family. While some of us would much rather be with our friends at a bar while chatting over a nice cold beverage, most of the time it’s not possible.

During this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to limit social interaction to a minimum to keep each other safe. Most of us are already familiar with Zoom and are using it constantly, but after a while talking to friends, colleagues, or family over a bland background can get quite boring.

After a while, everyone needs a bit of cheering up after being isolated for so long. When you hear someone’s familiar voice it brings with it much needed emotional and social connection.

For example, you may want to remind your friends or colleagues with some inside jokes you share, or simply let your personality color the mood of the conversation. That is why having a funny Zoom background that will speak for yourself matters so much.

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Thanks to the modern pop culture and the internet with its inexhaustible capacity to make fun of everyone, you won’t have a problem finding a funny photo you can put as your Zoom background image. That is why we have rounded up 28 of the funnies Zoom backgrounds on the Internet, which will resonate with anyone’s sense of humor and if you don’t like it, heck, we will even give you tips on how to make your own.

First things first, though, you should check if your processor can handle virtual backgrounds. Once there, scroll a bit down until you see the virtual background option and make sure to select it.

You can use pretty much any kind of image ratio, but it would be best to adjust it to fit your camera. If you really want to make the most of cool virtual backgrounds in Zoom it’s best to have the green screen set up.

That’s because the image will be projected onto the screen behind you and you will achieve total immersion. Chances are it won’t cut it, so it’s best to head over to Amazon and order a green screen for yourself.

Take a lot at our collection of best backgrounds you can use on Zoom, which we found on every corner on the Internet, Reddit included. The last episode may have aired, but the show hasn’t faded from our memories.

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Place yourself on the Iron Throne and rule the Zoom meeting from your spiky chair! One of the most iconic and popular games in the last 15 years with millions of people still playing it each day.

You can simply expect Kramer to barge in through that door any second now! The iconic confession wall from one of the funniest TV shows that has hit the air in the last decade.

If not, you should check out this Netflix miniseries about the strange lives of wild animal trainers. Seeing this will remind everyone about the bizarre life of zookeeper Joe Exotic.

When you have some important things to share with the rest of the public. You select from a range of background templates or create one of your choices, choose an image from Glorify’s free image library, and personalize it with a variety of customization options.

It includes various categories, such as music, arts, quotes, nature, HD images, sports, cars, bikes, and many others. It allows you to create a basic, and fairly customized Zoom background in around a couple of minutes.

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Choose a photo from Glorify’s extensive library with millions of images or simply upload your own Add your own touch with custom fonts, colors, and shapes Once you’re satisfied simply download it and use as a Zoom background. We are forced to stay in, maintain social distancing, and work from the comfort of our homes.

In the grand scheme of things, working from home is, without a doubt, the least of our concerns. Working from home is almost synonymous with remote conference calls.

From Microsoft Teams and Skype to Zoom and Bluejeans, there is a bunch of options to choose from. Yet, when it comes to mindless customization options, none of them can hold a candle to the app we’re discussing today: Zoom Meetings.

Today, we’ll take a look at how you can add a dash of spunk to your online meetings with the help of Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. Find a collection of photo and video backgrounds for your next Zoom meeting hand-picked by us.

To download the Happy Birthday Zoom backgrounds from the gallery above, tap on the image to expand it, and then right-click (or touch and hold) on it to get the download image option. To download the Happy Jurassic Park Zoom backgrounds from the gallery above, tap on the image to expand it, and then right-click (or touch and hold) on it to get the download image option.

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To download Hilarious Zoom backgrounds from the gallery above, tap on the image to expand it, and then right-click (or touch and hold) on it to get the download image option. To download a wallpaper, tap on it in the gallery above to enlarge it, and then right-click (or touch and hold on a phone) to get the save option.

To download a wallpaper, tap on it in the gallery above to enlarge it, and then right-click (or touch and hold on a phone) to get the save option. Actually, you can turn yourself into a potato on a Zoom call, but for that, you need to install the snap camera software on your PC which will apply the potato filter on your face when the webcam is being used.

Let’s see first how to enable the Virtual Background option in your profile settings on Zoom. Then click the In Meeting (Advanced) option, and enable Virtual Background by toggling the slider.

After you’ve successfully performed the steps above, fire up the Zoom desktop client. If you’re not happy with the presets, click on the little ‘+’ icon to load your own image or video.

If you want to change your background during a Zoom Meeting, click on the upper arrow just adjacent to the Stop Video icon. Click Choose Virtual Background to pick a new image or video.

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As mentioned, Zoom allows you to pick the popular image and video files. So, as long as you have the media file on your PC, Zoom will happily entertain your request.

Although there aren’t staunch restrictions, there are a few things to consider before using Virtual Backgrounds. For your convenience, we have created a small bullet-list, containing the points Zoom recommends.

Depending on if you're chatting for work or play, you can choose from traditional virtual backgrounds to mimic a West Elm showroom, or step into your favorite movies and TV shows with backgrounds inspired by The Golden Girls, Hallmark Channel, and Disney films. Step into Hope Valley (When Calls the Heart), Chesapeake Shores, or Middleton (The Good Witch).

Or if you can't choose a favorite, go for one of their seasonal virtual backgrounds, complete with Hallmark staples like gazebos, twinkle lights, and freshly picked flowers. While you wait for Yellowstone to return for season 3, play around with these virtual backgrounds to live your best Button Ranch life.

You can even pretend to take a seat in The Millennium Falcon or Spoke's Star Destroyer, which is a big win for any Superman. You may not have been in the office to recap the Schitt's Creek series finale, but these backgrounds won't let that stop you from reliving the good of' days with the Rose family.

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Call your own Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose, and then give them a good laugh with one of these Golden Girls -inspired backgrounds. And now, for your big moment: Even if your voice isn't up to par, hop on the American Idol stage with this virtual background.

Pretend you're hard at work at Scarlett Magazine with these backgrounds inspired by the fashion closet, storyboard, and beauty room from the hit Free form show. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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