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Christina Perez
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
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After you sign in to a Zoom call, look for an icon that says “Stop video” in the bottom left corner of the window. These festive Zoom backgrounds are straight from movies of Christmases past, including last year's Christmas Town.

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Fill your background with fresh pine, red bows, and a light dusting of artificial snow. Heat up some hot cocoa, throw on one of the Christmas movies on Disney+ to calm your sugar-crazed kids, and chat away on Zoom with this cheery background.

Along with pulling out your ugly Christmas sweater and making holiday food and drinks, decorate digitally with one of our free ChristmasZoombackgrounds ! If there's one thing we can help you with (aside from hiring virtual party entertainment such as a Santa, Christmas carolers or musicians for your online holiday party), it's making sure that even your laptop is decorated with Christmas cheer.

Use this sparkly Christmas tree background as decor for your home office over the holidays. This simple, festive Zoom background is perfect for your virtual Christmas hangout.

Enjoy the powdery snow from home with this beautiful winter wallpaper. Put yourself in a snowy village setting you'd expect to see in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Featuring a romantic gazebo decorated in lights, this will give you all the holiday feels. So I use virtual Christmas tree wallpaper as my desktop background to compensate.

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A dramatic Santa Zoom background for anyone who can't wait for gifts this Christmas ! This nostalgic Christmas -themed Zoom background works great as a desktop wallpaper too.

This fun Christmas virtual background might inspire you to mix it up this holiday season and decorate something besides a pine tree! If my house could smell like gingerbread cookies all year round, I'd be really, really happy.

This rustic Christmas spread makes for a lovely festive Zoom background. A beautiful baby Jesus Zoom background for your virtual Christmas celebration.

If you live or work in the city, this whimsical image of Santa flying overhead is sure to build up anticipation for December 25. Better yet, amaze your guests and hire Santa to make a virtual appearance at your Zoom gathering.

Let this serene Christmas background remind you to relax this holiday season. Greet them with this cute graphic featuring “Merry Christmas in multiple languages.

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Pro-tip: place an order with a local restaurant to deliver Christmas dinner to your door. If your skills are not up to snuff, you could hire a local caterer to guide you and your guests through a virtual baking workshop.

Show up to your Zoom call in style with this illustration of a dapper deer sporting glasses, a bow tie and a jacquard sweater. Choose this Felix Naiad background to greet your guests with an adorable vintage illustration.

Bonus: check out these 60 Virtual Holiday ZoomBackgrounds including Felix Naiad, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year's designs. Transport yourself to the North Pole with this adorable Santa's workshop Zoom background.

If choosing a Christmas tree is one of your favorite holiday activities, then this is the design for you! If you stand back from the camera, you could even give the illusion that you're inside this cute Christmas scene.

Invite some colorful characters to join you on your Christmas call with this Nutcracker Zoom background. Choose a classic Christmas children's book like The Polar Express to read at your virtual event.

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You could even hire a virtual storyteller or costumed character to bring the story to life. Send a message of joy, hope and optimism with this beautiful ChristmasZoom background.

When you’re logged in, click the More tab and tap the Virtual Background option. Brittany Barber, lover of books, dogs and romance, graduated from Bishop’s University with a Communications and Theater degree.

After spending some time working abroad in the theater world, she is now a freelance writer covering a range of lifestyle topics including wedding and event planning for The Bash, WeddingWire, 2life and Flutter. Unfortunately, many of us will be unable to spend the holiday season in proximity with family and friends this year as a result of the pandemic.

From present unwrapping to Christmas dinner, it's likely that holiday celebrations will be held virtually instead, over video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. To help make your virtual festivities feel a little more like the real deal, we’ve compiled a selection of ChristmasZoombackgrounds that are bound to get you in the holiday spirit.

You can do this by accessing your account page via your web browser, navigating to Settings in the left-hand bar, clicking on In Meeting (Advanced) and toggling Virtual Backgrounds to on (the slider will turn blue once the feature has been activated). To configure your Zoom background, log into the desktop application and click on the settings' icon in the top right corner.

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Whichever background you select in the settings panel will automatically be applied when you next log into a video conference. Your ChristmasZoombackgrounds won’t perform quite as well in partial darkness or glaring light, which can both result in unwanted distortion.

Whether you feel a little silly with his shiny face over your shoulder, or it’s exactly what the older kids in your extended family need to see, it’s all about entertainment. Source: UnsplashMaybe you haven’t decorated your home to the nines this holiday season.

Source: Unsplash you’re looking for something that you can use for longer than the days leading up to Christmas and the holiday itself, you can opt for this snowy winter wonderland background. It’s especially perfect for anyone who doesn't live in a climate where snow-covered Christmases are a thing, and they desperately need to see snow during the winter, even if it’s not real.

Source: Hallmark No one is saying your own house isn't picturesque enough to be featured in the Hallmark movie about a big-town reporter who travels home and takes over the local failing bakery. Source: Unsplash can totally do it up with an elaborate Christmas tree background for your holiday Zoom calls too.

Source: FreeformYou could go a totally different route and show off your favorite Christmas movie thanks to these Free form Zoom backgrounds. Add a background from Home Alone to your Zoom call, or opt for a Santa Claus background to express your favorite Christmas movie and maybe, just maybe, strike up a conversation about why Kevin McCallister’s parents are actually the worst.

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If you had planned to finally visit New York City and see Rockefeller Center for the first time ever, complete with the coveted tree, you can add it to your Zoom background instead.

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