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Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
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Step into Hope Valley (When Calls the Heart), Chesapeake Shores, or Middleton (The Good Witch). Or if you can't choose a favorite, go for one of their seasonal virtual backgrounds, complete with Hallmark staples like gazebos, twinkle lights, and freshly picked flowers.

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While you wait for Yellowstone to return for season 3, play around with these virtual backgrounds to live your best Button Ranch life. Satisfy your wanderlust without even packing your bags: Choose your dream destination, and then download a virtual background that'll take you there.

You can even pretend to take a seat in The Millennium Falcon or Spoke's Star Destroyer, which is a big win for any Superman. You may not have been in the office to recap the Schitt's Creek series finale, but these backgrounds won't let that stop you from reliving the good of' days with the Rose family.

Call your own Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose, and then give them a good laugh with one of these Golden Girls -inspired backgrounds. And now, for your big moment: Even if your voice isn't up to par, hop on the American Idol stage with this virtual background.

Pretend you're hard at work at Scarlett Magazine with these backgrounds inspired by the fashion closet, storyboard, and beauty room from the hit Free form show. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

In this time of social distancing, with millions of people on lockdown across the world, video chats have taken on a new importance. And for a lot of people, Zoom has become the video chat app of choice.

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Over the past months, as Zoom calls have taken the place of meetings for many newly remote workers around the world, a lot of those people have been coming to Pixels to download background images for their calls. The top-downloaded Zoom backgrounds on Pixels include both horizontal and vertical images, perfect for use on desktop calls and on your phone when you're dialing in on the go.

Backgrounds also have the added bonus of hiding your messy office, the fact that you're actually dialing in from the comfort of your bed, or that pile of laundry in the corner that you keep forgetting to put away. Video backgrounds offer some particularly entertaining, and sometimes funny, possibilities for every type of Zoom call.

Video makes your island getaway background feel even more realistic. Fake a neat and tidy living room with this pleasing interior shot.

A waterfall scene makes a great beautiful, but not too distracting, background video. But, since we’re not at the office, or working from coffee shops and Reworks these days, we’re bringing those public workspaces into our home with Zoom.

Upgrade your remote set-up or hide your messy room with these backdrops that won’t have you feeling like it’s another day at the (home) office. From a Starbucks patio to Under Mifflin Scranton and that Airbnb you *wish* you were taking calls from, these backgrounds are sure to give you the change of scenery you’ve been longing for after months of working from home.

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Simply download one of the images below and upload your favorite pick under “Virtual Background” in your Zoom call preferences. Whether you choose to work like Johnny Rose at Bob’s Garage or in a Hallmark Channel living space, these Zoom backgrounds will no doubt kick start the virtual water cooler chats.

It's handy if you have a messy room or cluttered environment you want to hide during a video call. Even Disney and DC are fans of Zoom's virtual background feature, as they've now shared free images for people to use.

Regular people have been doing the same across social media, which has resulted in some pretty hilarious and fun Zoom background ideas. @feralcreachre If your boss doesn't think this is an appropriate background for a meeting, just remind them that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

@feralcreachre We could all use a little pick me up throughout the day, so it can only help your self-confidence when you log in to your next video conference only to see someone's boyfriend checking you out. Disney/Pixar Disney tweeted out backgrounds from some of Pixar's biggest hits, including this one from Inside Out, plus Toy Story and Finding Nemo ones.

Ru Paul's Drag Race @feralcreachre Attend the next meeting live from the moon! Monterey Bay Aquarium digital Let co-workers know you think Carole Basin definitely did it, or that you're a fan of the Tiger King on Netflix, with a Joe Exotic background.

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Legendary Pictures Intimidate your co-workers by showing them the king of the monsters has your back. Legendary Pictures tweeted this image along with a few others for Zoom backgrounds, including one with King Kong.

@ThatGuy3002 One of the best running gags on The Simpsons show is the ridiculous sayings on signs of different locales the character visit. The official Star Trek Twitter account tweeted a few more images you can use as well.

@YorkshireTea If you can't get enough of Yorkshire Tea and the rolling hills of the north of England, then this background is bound to please. A quintessentially English view complete with a big red flying machine.

Schitt's Creek Schitt's Creek might be at an end, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some recognizable locales as your Zoom backgrounds. @parksandrecnbc Parks and Recreation is another solid favorite show and one with instantly recognizable scenes too.

How about this awesome backdrop from one of our favorite PC games Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Set in a much simpler time, long before working from home was even a thing, these backdrops show a wonderfully medieval landscape.

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Fox There's no real danger of Stevie or Brian wandering in while you're on a Zoom call and that might well be a shame, but that doesn't make this Family Guy background any less cool. Jasmin Kessler on Unsplash This one might be a bit timely and may require an understanding audience, but we like the tongue-in-cheek idea of having a massive pile of toilet rolls as our meeting background.

These include all manner of works of art, from the classics to more modern photographs. Charles O'Rear/Microsoft Windows XP might well be long dead, but that doesn't stop Bliss, the default wallpaper for the operating system being an instantly recognizable classic.

CD PROJECT RED Set off your Zoom call with a view of an ancient crumbling ruins. It's the perfect contrast to your modern video conference call and a reminder of what the outside world looks like too.

Check out our video on how to use these backgrounds and turn yourself into other fun items using Snap camera below: Zoom, the videoconferencing app, has achieved popularity as working from home becomes even more commonplace.

What makes Zoom especially acclaimed is its ability to let you substitute backgrounds instead of having to tidy up your house before you can get started on a conference call with colleagues or clients. In a previous article, we outlined the specific steps you need to take to substitute backgrounds in Zoom.

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Note: If your camera is set to a 16:9 aspect ratio, an image of 1,280 × 720 or 1,920 × 1,080 pixels works well. No matter how much you try, your place is never going to look like Mods’s updated redesign of Friends, Sex and the City, Fraser, Will & Grace, or Golden Girls dwellings.

Disney offers backdrops from all their best Pixar films in a high-resolution format that’s simple to install. You can select scenes from Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, Cars 3, and even the secret marine depths of Finding Nemo.

If you just need a background and aren’t interested in editing it or saving it to a Canva account, simply select your preferred background thumbnail (unless it’s a Canva Pro premium template) and then choose Use This Template on the following screen. You’ll find a veritable treasure chest of free stock images with Unsplash that you can utilize with several applications, including Zoom.

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